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C4 Matkay's Grandfather

At the same time, an indescribable feeling exploded in Lee Jiexuan's head. It was as if he had countless experience and techniques of throwing Kunai s into Lee Jiexuan's brain.

After a long while … Lee Jiexuan suddenly opened his eyes and a sharp light flashed across his eyes.

He mastered it! The technique of throwing Kunai s!

Lee Jiexuan carefully savored that mysterious feeling, and his wrist couldn't help but slightly move according to his thoughts. He could feel that with the combination of strength and skill, within a hundred meters, his Kunai had become flawless …

But at this moment, perhaps Lee Jiexuan inadvertently moved too much. Might Wei noticed something was wrong and actually walked over and picked up Lee Jiexuan.

"You're awake?"

Might Wei hugged the small Lee Jiexuan, his face was full of a kind smile. Now that he had picked Lee Jiexuan up from the trash bin, he had made up his mind to raise Lee Jiexuan.

Lee Jiexuan looked at Might Wei with suspicion. The closer he looked, the more familiar this man's appearance was. The thick eyebrows, the comical watermelon head, and the bizarre purple tights gave him a strange sense of familiarity.

Was he an important figure in the Fire Shadow?

Lee Jiexuan couldn't help but frown. However, in his memory, this face never appeared in Fire Shadow.

"Child, don't cry, don't cry …" Might Wei saw the little Lee Jiexuan frown and thought Lee Jiexuan was scared by him, "Don't be afraid, I, Might Wei am not a bad person. I will definitely bring you and Little Dai up together."

Might Wei, what a familiar name!

Lee Jiexuan continued to ponder on his own, but Might Wei also continued to talk to himself.

"You're so young, I'm afraid you can't remember your name." Might Wei thought about it and nodded, "Why don't you come with my surname, Might Guy!"

"Might Guy!"

Hearing that name, Lee Jiexuan's eyes immediately opened wide like a copper bell.

Met Dai, Might Guy!

No wonder he had always felt a sense of familiarity before, because he had indeed heard of these two names before. In the Fire Shadow Ninja's cartoon, Might Guy's name pierced through the entire shadow of the fire …

The master of one of the twelve elites, Lilock, was a close friend of Kakashi. He was a strong man who almost kicked out the end result.

Of course, such a strong person had yet to be born. Because his father, Met Dai, is lying beside Lee Jiexuan with a watermelon head, snoring adorably …

"I never would have thought that Might Guy's grandfather would save me." Lee Jiexuan couldn't help but carefully examine Might Wei. One had to know, this man's son and grandson were both men who had cultivated their Body Technique to its peak.

However, the strange thing was …

In the fire shadows, Might Wei didn't seem to make any sound, not to mention that he didn't even appear at all. This way, Might Wei would most likely die in the first Ninja Realm War …

When he thought of this, looking at Might Wei's dumb and adorable watermelon head, Lee Jiexuan couldn't help but to secretly make up his mind: "Since you saved my life today, I will definitely not let you die like this."

Lee Jiexuan had decided that he must save Might Wei and change his fate!

However, at this moment, Lee Jiexuan suddenly thought of something.

Might Wei! Twelve years old!

Until now, Lee Jiexuan finally understood what 12 years of the wooden leaves really meant to him. This meant that the group of Wooden Leaf cockroaches had yet to be born, and even their parents were still infants. With such a premise …

Lee Jiexuan could change history and change the fate of many people! It was possible for him to rewrite the story of the Fire Shadow Ninja!

Thinking about that, Lee Jiexuan trembled in excitement.

Might Wei held onto Lee Jiexuan non-stop, scratching his head in puzzlement: "Are you cold? Or was Might Guy a bad name? I think it's good. "Originally, I was prepared to use it on my grandson …"

"Phew …"

Hearing this, Lee Jiexuan took a deep breath: "You should use it on your grandson. I have a name, Lee Jiexuan!"

"Lee Jiexuan..." Do you have that name? "

Might Wei was confused.

After knowing that it was Might Guy's grandfather, Lee Jiexuan couldn't help but speak a little casually. After all, Might Guy's family's nickname was' Hot Blood Idiot '…

It was better to be direct with such people.

As expected, Might Wei didn't doubt Lee Jiexuan's words at all. He scratched his head seriously, "Lee Jiexuan, it doesn't feel as good as Might Guy …"

Lee Jiexuan shook his head with a smile and jumped down from Might Wei's arms. That warm current not only strengthened his hands, but it also benefited the rest of his body. Although it was not as robust as an adult's, at least he could move freely now …

Standing on the ground, Lee Jiexuan felt as if he had completely merged with the Hokage World from now on, and he felt a sense of security and realism.

"Hokage World, I, Lee Jiexuan, am here!"

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