Super Naruto System's Rapid Upgrading/C6 Hey Boy Let Go of That Girl
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Super Naruto System's Rapid Upgrading/C6 Hey Boy Let Go of That Girl
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C6 Hey Boy Let Go of That Girl

Early in the morning, in a familiar park …

Lee Jiexuan let out a deep sigh, and the Space-Time Kunai jumped up nimbly from his five fingers. However, he was not in the mood to train Kunai to throw at them.

The task of earning money had been on his mind for three days. But in these three days, he didn't even earn a single cent …

The Hokage World in his previous life was completely different from the one he had. The only way to make a profit was to travel across a few countries. let alone the fact that the entire Ninja Realm was in battle and there was a taboo that could not be interfered with anywhere.

"Sigh …"

Lee Jiexuan let out a long sigh, "I didn't expect that, as a Transcender, I wouldn't be able to find any business opportunities. It's really embarrassing …"

However, he had already bragged about it. If he couldn't earn money, it would be too embarrassing for him to touch the medicinal bath of Might Wei and his son. Without a medicinal bath, there was no way to cultivate Body Technique. However, just as Lee Jiexuan was sighing endlessly, the sound of children fighting suddenly came from outside the park …

"No, don't come over here!"

The boy with bruises all over his body stumbled into the park. He wore a short combo suit with a red and white fan embroidered with the symbol of the Uchiha Clan.

"The Uchiha?"

Lee Jiexuan carefully hid behind a tree and couldn't help but to compare his thoughts.

Now that he was 12 years old, the status of the Uchiha family was still very high. Who could it be? He actually dared to beat the son of the Uchiha Clan like this?

At that moment, a cute little girl with yellow brown hair chased after him. However, the little loli's adorable face was filled with a devilish grin. Holding her tender little fist, she grinned evilly: "Little Bian Yu, you actually dare to speak bad of people behind my back. You must be prepared to pay the price!"

"Wahh …"

Uchiha Deyu covered the swelling on his head and cried until it was as if he was about to cry, and said grievingly: "From the start, it wasn't me who called you a weird girl, it was my cousin who called you that."

"I know, but …"

The cute little loli laughed sinisterly as she slowly raised her fist and fiercely punched Uchiha's Carrying Fish's head. "Didn't you call me that now?"

Fishing enforcement! Fishing enforcement! Fishing enforcement!

"Tsunade, don't be too arrogant. Our Uchiha Clan isn't afraid of your clan!" Uchiha dragged his neck out and brought his family out. This was the confidence that belonged to their clan of Uchiha …

Who would have thought that no one would care about his status as a member of Uchiha's family. When Tsunade heard the name, she became even more excited.

As for Lee Jiexuan, who was hiding behind a tree, he didn't even bother with Uchiha as he was shocked speechless by the little loli's identity.


This cute little loli was actually Tsunade!

In the Fire Shadow Ninja, Tsunadeji, the extremely popular Fire Shadow Fifth Generation. The princess of the Senju clan, the hero Jiraiya was secretly thinking about the beautiful woman that he had never touched even once in his entire life!

Just as Lee Jiexuan confirmed Tsunade's identity, a line of words suddenly appeared in his mind:

Newbie mission: Defeat Tsunade.

Task content: Child King Tsunade is tyrannical, as the righteous Ninja, you have to defeat Tsunade to save the bullied children from their nightmares.

Quest rewards: Endure the basic Chakra.

Quest Time: Five minutes

Seeing that, Lee Jiexuan couldn't help but get excited. Cultivating Body Technique with Kite Wei was naturally good, but Chakra were, after all, the foundation of this world!

However, to defeat Tsunade …

This was Tsunadeji, who was known as the "Three Stones of the Wood Leaf", the girl with monstrous strength!

If it was the Tsunade from 20 years later, Lee Jiexuan would definitely give up on this mission.

But now? Lee Jiexuan couldn't help but smile. Although it was difficult, it wasn't like there was no chance at all.

"Hey, boy, let go of that girl!"

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