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C1 Split marriage

Jade Sea, western suburbs.

The sun was setting, and the sunset was setting. It was a beautiful red color, as if it was about to spill out. The dazzling red light illuminated the brand-new white villa on the west coast. It was very eye-catching and unique.

Yan Duoduo was wearing white diamond wedding shoes that were eight centimeters tall. The lace diamond inlaid dress with a trailing tail was especially beautiful under the last ray of the setting sun.

"To the north. Have the money been transferred to the account?"

She was shouting with all her might, her voice melodious and melodious, causing those on the other end of the line to be unable to hear her clear yet low voice.

After a while, there was no response from the communicator. Yan Duoduo began to feel irritated. She touched the beads of sweat on her forehead and frowned, squinting her watery eyes. She raised her pointed chin and shouted, "Has Zhou Yufan's money been paid?" This is such a hot day, I don't want to make a deal without a basis! The marriage hasn't been completed yet, I'm already dead from the heat.

"Lower your voice, you nearly turned deaf …" On the other end of the line, Bei Bei could not help but rub his ears and sigh as he continued, "Sigh …" Zhou Yufan's assistant just called. He only transferred half of the funds when you walked into the villa. Duo Duo, you have to do your best. This is our salary for several months. "

What a cunning merchant, he doesn't believe in my strength! If it wasn't for the money, sister wouldn't have come out to pick up a job in such a hot weather.

Yan Duoduo grumbled in her heart as she looked at the brightly lit villa under the dark sky. She let out a long breath of hot air, tidied up her wedding dress, and slowly walked towards the brightly lit villa.

The interior of the villa was decorated in a festive manner. There was a blood-red colored exquisite silk fabric, and bright red roses that covered the ground. The rich fragrance assaulted the nostrils and made people feel as if they were standing on a 'bloody' battlefield.

Yan Duoduo didn't really agree with the rich man's taste as she held her small nose and walked quickly. If this continued, perhaps the main character would have already been sent to the bridal chamber.

Not too far away from the platform, under the camphor tree, she stopped. Not many people would pay attention to this place.

Yan Duoduo looked around and looked at the graceful silhouette of the bride. She was walking towards the altar happily. The back of the middle-aged man in the bride's arms looked familiar, but she didn't think too much about it. Seeing that the bride was about to approach the groom with her back facing the guests, she quickly went around to the podium.

The wedding host was trying his best to praise the bride's beauty and elegance. He was shocked by the sudden appearance of the bride. The microphone in his hand slipped down, and the bride quickly leaned forward to catch it.

"Yufan, don't marry her. You said, you only love me, you can't leave me … and our children. "

Sad, pained, and coquettish voices echoed in the air. Yan Duoduo was disgusted by her own voice and felt a chill behind her back. She couldn't help but shiver as she gazed lovingly at the man who was standing on the altar looking straight at her.

Did Zhou Yufan look like this? How come it doesn't look like it's in the magazine at all?

Yan Duoduo was puzzled. She had spent more than an hour investigating Zhou Yufan's background in order to double the results of the investigation. She had also done some research on his appearance. However, the person in front of him …

Ye Zichen looked at the man with the cold expression, and felt the voice in his heart through his eyes!

He was not Zhou Yufan!

Mind reading. Yan Duoduo had a different ability compared to others. This was the reason why she was engaged in the business of breaking off marriages.

But the bridegroom was not there, and had sent someone of no consequence to replace him, so what did she come here for? Yan Duoduo intends to keep peeping into a man's heart...

"Yan Duoduo, what's the meaning of this!" The bride suddenly abandoned her father and rushed to the altar, screaming hysterically at Yan Duoduo.

Yan Duoduo was so preoccupied with her own doubts that she completely ignored the bride who had yet to approach her at the foot of the platform, as well as the middle-aged man who had rushed over with the intention of pulling her down.

Eyebrows... Seeing the bride's face, Yan Duoduo was stunned. She looked at the middle-aged man next to the bride and found that she couldn't utter a single word.

Why did no one tell her that today was a joyous occasion for the Xiang Family, and that it was rare for such a slip to appear without personally checking in on the list?

This little bastard from the north, no wonder he refused to follow in. He already knew the feeling. When he returned, he had to properly deal with him. Yan Duoduo had already unloaded a few pieces from her heart to Peking University, but she still did not understand.

For the sake of the studio's reputation, she had to continue acting.

Forget it, she might as well offend him. At this moment, she didn't have the time to think about it anymore.

The guests on both sides suddenly clamored. At this moment, no matter how magnanimous or elegant they were, it was impossible to conceal the anger in their hearts.

"Yan Duoduo, what right do you have to ruin my wedding? Little Three? Yufan, your foresight isn't so bad. "

He smiled towards the south, pretending to be relaxed and graceful as he glared angrily at her. If looks could kill, Yan Duoduo would have been chopped into powder.

"South!" She pulled at her daughter who was about to make a move and scolded her unhappily.

The expression in Nan's eyes became vicious. He put his arms around his waist, completely disregarding his father's embarrassment. He roared at Duo Duo like a hustle and bustle woman:

"Yan Duoduo, you shameless woman. My brother only fell for you because he was blind. "

Yan Duoduo lightly pursed her pink lips, smiling faintly. Were her eyes from the north that good? Why didn't she notice!

As their eyes swept across the seats of the guests on both sides, many of them were cursing in their hearts while others were gloating and watching the show.

This was the world of the rich. In their eyes, saying the wrong things and doing the wrong things were all jokes! It was a liveliness that could be enjoyed.

Suddenly, she felt a gaze from the crowd that was fixated on her. It was very different from the feeling that the guests expressed.

"Pa ~ ~"

Before she could find the owner of the gaze, she heard a sound by her ear. Then, her left cheek started burning, and she felt a little dizzy.

She had been beaten up. This was the first time she had been so caught unawares since she became a marriage breaking expert. She had been knocked out of her mind due to the heat, resulting in her losing her usual wariness.

The guests were scared silly by this slap and wanted to stop Yu Lin, but her wife stopped them. Unlike the Fang Clan's female counterparts, the Fang Clan was calm and unperturbed, and no one spoke a word.

"Young miss Xiang's self-restraint is truly shocking, no wonder Yufan didn't like it. A normal man probably wouldn't be able to stand a woman like Miss. "

"Xiao San?" Everyone has the right to choose love, but just because you're a rich young miss, we can't just buy off this marriage. Yufan and I are truly in love.

"If you're not willing to give up even like this, I can give you a suggestion. After Yufan and I have been together for a hundred years, you can buy the tomb next to him. If you can't live together, you'll have to rely on being his neighbor. I will be merciful and give you a chance. "

Yan Duoduo kept smiling, her mouth was a little stiff. However, her mood was even more joyous than she had expected as she had always been domineering as she faced south.

A high and mighty young miss was usually proud and arrogant towards others, but at this moment, she was speechless. Many people were definitely as happy as her, after all, there were definitely many who were angered by her.

Under such a tense atmosphere, even Yan Duoduo was slightly impressed by herself. She was still able to make wild guesses and was truly bored to death.

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