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Super Stay-home Dad/C1 Return of the Sect Master
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C1 Return of the Sect Master

On a street in the Huahai City, a man with long hair stood in front of a house, his eyes revealing memories.

He was finally back!

Five years ago, Lin Yu was pushed off the cliff, fell into the space-time whirlpool, and crossed into the cultivation world.

In order to survive there, he crushed his bones with his feet and became a proud genius. Only then did he obtain the Divine Throne and sit on the throne of the Lord of Ten Thousand Sects.

Unexpectedly, he was ambushed by the people closest to him. His cultivation was nearly crippled, and all that was left of him was a wisp of his soul. He escaped into the spacetime vortex, almost falling!

"Who would have thought that I would be blessed with misfortune, and instead return to Earth. 50,000 years have already passed in a blink of an eye …"

Lin Yu smiled and muttered to himself. Then, an extremely cold look flashed across his eyes.

Although he almost died, his supreme dan bead was still there.

When his cultivation recovered, no matter if it was the person who pushed him off the cliff five years ago or those trash in the cultivation world, none of them would be able to escape!

"Mom!" Wife, I'm back! "

Lin Yu gathered his thoughts and walked out of the room in big strides.

He took an old key out of his pocket and started to open the door, but then his hand stopped.

Did the lock change?

Lin Yu smiled and took out a tiny hairpin from his pocket. " I am a locksmith, handsome and powerful. "

Ka-cha. The door lock clattered to the floor.

"Sister Soong Ya, is he the thief on TV?"

At this moment, a tender voice sounded from behind Lin Yu.

Lin Yu looked embarrassed. He turned around and wanted to explain, but when he looked back, he was shocked.

Behind him, a tall and slender woman was pulling a cute little girl along.

The woman had a perfect oval face, and was wearing a miniskirt that was the color of flesh. Her protruding front and back figure was vividly outlined, and her snow-white long legs were completely exposed.

On the outside, there was a bright red leather windbreaker and with slightly curly long hair, the woman looked sexy and mature.

Beside her, there was a four year old girl leading the way. The little girl was very cute. She had a delicate baby face and looked like a doll. She was a perfect beauty and her big eyes were curiously looking at Lin Yu.

When the little girl looked at Lin Yu, Lin Yu also looked at the little girl in shock.

A feeling that came from the depths of his heart arose in Lin Yu's heart. A beautiful face gradually overlapped with the little girl's in front of him.

Too similar, really too similar!

"What are you doing?"

The mature woman spoke up. The way she looked at Lin Yu became unfriendly. Why was this guy staring at that little girl?

"Uncle, are you a thief?" The little girl asked curiously, smiling very adorably.

"I …" Lin Yu looked at the little girl in a daze. That feeling of being connected by blood couldn't be wrong!

This cute little girl was his, Lin Yu's, daughter?

"You are... Lin Yu? Yan Qingyu's husband? "

Suddenly, Soong Ya's beautiful eyes slowly widened. She quickly took out a photo from her bag and carefully compared it with Lin Yu's.

The more she looked at the photo, the more excited Soong Ya became. She let go of Jing and walked towards Lin Yu with quick steps.

"Right, right!" It's me! "

Seeing this, Lin Yu immediately welcomed her happily. This beauty actually knew the news about his wife?


With a crisp smack, Soong Ya walked over and directly slapped Lin Yu's face.

Lin Yu was stunned.

He was stunned by the sudden slap. It wasn't because he couldn't dodge, but because he didn't expect it at all!

This woman ran over excitedly just to give him a slap?

Only then did Soong Ya scold angrily, "Ungrateful bastard! You're a bastard who runs away just because you have a big stomach! "

"Ungrateful person?" I've done this to you before? " Lin Yu was dumbfounded. How could he not have this memory?

Soong Ya's beautiful eyes widened when she heard that. This guy had a stubborn personality and he even wanted to take advantage of her!

She immediately raised her jade-like hand and was about to give Lin Yu another slap.

This time, Lin Yu finally grabbed her wrist. His gaze turned cold, "Woman, you're courting death!"

"What are you doing back here? You've harmed so many people, do you still want to harm your daughter too?! " Angry and flustered, Soong Ya struggled desperately, but could not free her hand at all. All she could do was curse angrily.

"Caused harm to my daughter?" Lin Yu was dazed for a moment, then his face changed greatly: "Qingyu and my mom are fine, right? Who are you? "

"I'm President Yan's assistant." Soong Ya clenched her fist and bit her lips.

This was the man who had ruined Yan Qingyu's life for such a heartless man!

"President Yan was brought back by her brother four years ago. As for your mother, she passed away a year ago."

Soong Ya struggled with all her might and pulled her hand out. Her eyes were frosty.

Yan Qingyu was born of a noble family. As the prettiest woman in the Huahai City, she was even the youngest entrepreneurial genius in the decades of the Huahai City.

"President Yan has already gone back to Yan Family. The family arranged a new wedding for her. It's a good match. You came back too late."


Hearing this, a strong chill suddenly arose around his body. Lin Yu's long hair fluttered in the wind. A terrifying aura that seemed to be able to destroy the world spread out crazily!

The chill was gone in a flash, but it still made Soong Ya's pupils shrink.

What was going on? At that moment, she actually had the feeling that she was already dead!

"A coward?" Five years ago, Lin Yu had just passed by Soong Ya by. That arrogant tone of his sounded as if he wanted to crush everything in his path!

"I will personally destroy Yan Family's gate and snatch her back!"

Soong Ya's body stiffened, unable to recover from the deep fear for a long time. However, he had more important things to do right now.

Break Yan Family? Lin Yu was insane!

Lin Yu walked in front of the little girl and asked with a smile, "Little cutie, what's your name?"

He was so happy. Who would have thought that Yan Qingyu would give him such a cute daughter after he came back?!

However, he did not reveal his identity immediately. Otherwise, he was afraid that the little girl would not be able to accept it.

"My name is Lin Xiaoxiao." Lin Xiaoxiao said in her childish voice. She wasn't afraid of Lin Yu at all.

"Good boy, do you know where your mother is now?" Lin Yu touched Lin Xiaoxiao's head, with a doting look in his eyes.

"Mother, she … Cough, cough, cough! "

Just as Lin Xiaoxiao was about to speak, she violently coughed out a few drops of bright red blood.

The dazzling bright red light instantly stimulated Lin Yu. He hurriedly held the little girl and probed with his Spiritual Sense. His face immediately changed.

"President Yansheng had a difficult birth when she was young, so her small body was not well. She was diagnosed with congenital lung injury, and once she got excited, she would cough up blood."

Soong Ya walked over and explained as she looked at Lin Yu in disgust. If it wasn't for Lin Yu leaving without saying goodbye that year, everything wouldn't have been like this. Lin Xiaoxiao wouldn't have been so pitiful.

"Xiaoxiao, be good. If you don't want to say it, then don't say it." Lin Yu smiled lightly and ignored Soong Ya. He used his sleeve to wipe Lin Xiaoxiao's mouth and patted her back.

However, killing intent surged in the depths of his eyes.

Lin Xiaoxiao wasn't sick at all. She had been poisoned, and it was a very mild type of chronic poison!

Who would poison such a young child?

No matter who it was, he would make the other party suffer a fate worse than death!

"Let's go in first." Lin Yu smiled and pulled Lin Xiaoxiao into the room. However, the moment they entered the room, Lin Yu was dumbfounded.

The room was completely empty except for a few broken chairs.

He didn't go through the wrong door, right?

"The things in your house have already been sold out. In order to gather money for a small treatment, you have to sell your house and all your furniture." Soong Ya said coldly.

"Yes, and the money hasn't been paid back yet."

A voice suddenly sounded at the door, as three menacing men walked in from outside.

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