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C11 Knife Ejection

Huahai City, Yan Family.

As one of the top families in Huahai City, the fame of Yan Family and Zheng Family could be said to be known by everyone.

And as a famous family with a name like the sun in the sky, it was unknown how many people squeezed their way out of their skin just to have a connection with Zheng Family.

What's more, today was Yan Family's number one beauty, and Zheng Family's future Young Master's wedding? The wedding hadn't even started, and the villa entrance of Yan Family was already filled with people.

"Congratulations Young Master Yan."

"The marriage alliance between two families, this time it's really a strong alliance!"

"Young Master Zheng and young miss Yan are both male and female. In my opinion, they are a match made in heaven!"

"I wish you all the best in life!"


Outside Yan Family Palace, many people had brought gifts to attend the wedding. On the walls of the villa's entrance hung bright red satin, exuding a joyous atmosphere.

A man dressed in formal attire stood at the door, continuously welcoming the crowd. "Welcome everyone. The guests are not well-received. Everyone has a good time eating and drinking!"

The man wore a European style bangs with a small mole on his forehead. If Lin Yu was here, he would definitely be able to recognize this man. This man was Yan Family's First Young Master, Yan Qingyu's brother, Yan Qinglong!

He was also the person who pushed him off the cliff five years ago, the person who almost killed him!

"The six o'clock wedding is starting right on time. Everyone, quickly go in." Yan Qinglong had a brilliant smile on his face as he welcomed everyone inside.

"Young Master." Only when there was no one by Yan Qinglong's side did a middle-aged man walk up to his side.

"Have you dealt with that little bastard?" Yan Qinglong turned his head, his eyes turning ice-cold.

"The poison in that little bastard's body is about to erupt. When Master Zheng and Second Miss get married tonight, I will send someone to get rid of that Lin Yu." The middle-aged man respectfully said, "It's just that tonight …"

"It doesn't matter, if that good-for-nothing dares to come, then bring some people to block him out for me, and deal with him in death." Yan Qinglong gave a cold smile.

He hadn't killed that good-for-nothing five years ago, yet this good-for-nothing didn't hide properly and still dared to come back?

"As per your orders, your subordinate will definitely not allow him to enter and cause trouble." The middle-aged man hurriedly nodded his head.

"Remember to place something in the wine tonight. As long as Young Master Zheng and Qingyu can cook the cooked rice, our clan will have a chance to rise up!" Yan Qinglong waved his hand and let the middle-aged man go down, the depths of his eyes flashing with ferocity.

No matter who it was, he wouldn't let them ruin this wedding. This was the only chance they had to climb up the Zheng Family!

These few years, Yan Family had already started to decline. It was just sacrificing a woman, in exchange for a collaboration with Zheng Family.

At the same time, in a certain room in the Yan Family, a beautiful figure was staring blankly at herself in the mirror.

The reflection of her face in the mirror was very beautiful, her exquisite facial features were like natural carvings, her snow-white skin was like condensed jade, her soft and beautiful long hair was tied up high with a bun, and what captivated the most was her pair of gentle and charming phoenix eyes.

Just this face in the mirror was enough to mesmerize countless men.

Yan Qingyu wore a gorgeous and beautiful wedding dress. Her entire demeanor was like a fairy that descended from the heavens. Her beauty was extraordinary, causing the two maidservants behind her who were helping her arrange the wedding dress to look in embarrassment from time to time.

Today was clearly a day of great joy for her, but today, she could not feel the slightest bit of happiness.

This was the second time she wore such clothes, but it was different from the first time. At this moment, she only felt a stabbing pain in her heart.

"Sister Qingyu, why are you crying?" Seeing the sorrowful expression on Yan Qingyu's face, the two maidservants panicked.

"It's nothing. I just remembered something." Yan Qingyu smiled gently and wiped her eyes with her jade-like hand.

"Then elder sister must be overjoyed. After all, she was able to marry such an outstanding person as young master Zheng!" The two maidservants heaved a sigh of relief.

"That's right. Elder sister is such a gentle person. If I stay with young master Zheng, my family will definitely be happy."

"Young Master Zheng's handsome family background is so good that I want to marry him!"

The two maidservants chattered on and on, and the surrounding women of Yan Family and Zheng Family also congratulated him.

"The Zheng Family is a Wealthy Class in the Huahai City! With your marriage, our Yan Family will have a turn for the better. "

"What are you talking about? Qingyu and young master Zheng are naturally compatible. Why are you saying this as if we sold you?"

"Ah, yes, yes. They are golden children and beautiful women, well-matched!"

Everyone was talking among themselves with a joyous and joyous expression on their faces. Compared to them, Yan Qingyu's lonely expression looked out of place.

Yan Qingyu gritted her teeth as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her expression gradually turned resolute. "Yu, I won't let you down!"

A woman should be gentle, but strong when she is a mother. If she is a wife, then she is loyal.

She was Lin Xiaoxiao's mother and Lin Yu's wife. Even if she died to show her sincerity, she wouldn't let another man touch her in the slightest!

"Second Miss, the wedding is about to start. Let's go out." The two maidservants looked at the time.

"Let's go." Qingyu's hand lightly pulled up her dress and stood up.

A few dozen tables were set up in the hall. Other than the people from Yan Family and the people from Zheng Family, everyone who came was a well-known person in the Huahai City!

Seeing that Yan Qingyu had arrived, the entire audience burst into thunderous applause and cheers.

"The bride is so beautiful!"

"Best wishes for a hundred years!"

In the center of the stage, a man in a bridegroom's uniform was also smiling. He was handsome, stood upright, and had a neatly groomed face.

He was Zheng Family's future Young Master, Zheng Tianyong!

"It's been five years and you're finally mine." Zheng Tianyong smiled brightly.

"Next, let's welcome the groom and give his opening speech. Tell us about his love experience with the bride!"

When the host said this, the entire audience burst into thunderous applause.

… ….

Lin Yu arrived outside Yan Family door. It was already 6: 30, and the wedding had already started a while ago.

"Brat, what are you doing?!" Ask for food and go somewhere else. " Just as Lin Yu reached the Yan Family entrance, he was stopped by two guards.

The two of them looked at Lin Yu in disdain. Where did this beggar come from?

"Scram." Lin Yu frowned.

"Aiyo?" "I recognize him, isn't he Master Lin Yulin?" Suddenly, the two guards' eyes lit up. They looked at each other and their smiles became playful.

"Why is Eldest Young Master Lin here?" Your wife is already getting married! "

"What nonsense are you talking about? He just remarried. Marrying Young Master Zheng is much better than him!"

"Do you want to go in and see the Divine Moment? The former young master who was taken in by Yan Family, hahaha! "

"He must be dreaming! Young Master gave the death order, how could you let this good-for-nothing in? "

The two of them sang together and laughed at the same time. Seeing Lin Yu's expression darken, the two of them were even more cocky. A guard even walked forward and grabbed Lin Yu's collar, laughing mockingly.

"What is it? You, a good-for-nothing who's been running away for five years, actually dare to be unconvinced? "

"Let go." Lin Yu said lightly.

"Huh? Trash! Louder! I can't hear you! "

Such a good-for-nothing who couldn't even lift something heavier was actually thinking of fighting against him?

Lin Yu did not say anything else. He directly grabbed his wrist and pulled forcefully!



A blood-curdling scream instantly resounded through the Yan Family door as the guard's entire arm twisted backwards in an exaggerated posture!


Lin Yu's body twisted like a whip and his right leg instantly collapsed into a straight line!

It was as if a bomb had exploded in the air. The guards didn't even see Lin Yu's leg clearly before a mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth and his entire person flew into Yan Family.

"You …"

The other guard had just spoken a single word when he saw a shadow of a hand being sent flying by a palm, following the same man's footsteps.

The chaos here quickly attracted the attention of the people inside. Lin Yu walked into the Yan Family, the moment he entered, he saw more than a dozen people staring at him with fierce eyes. All of them held sticks in their hands, and the one leading them was the middle-aged man.

"Brat, you're still back." The man smiled sinisterly. With a wave of his hand, dozens of people surrounded Lin Yu.

"Disappeared for five years and went up to the mountain to learn martial arts?" The man glanced at the two guards who were sent flying. Lin Yu's strength was quite extraordinary.

"Scram." Lin Yu looked coldly at the man, not even looking at the ten odd hulks around.

"You're a wimp, you shouldn't have come back. Yan Qingyu must marry Zheng Tianyong today. If you dare to barge in, you must die here!" The middle-aged man gradually pulled out a knife from his pocket and glared at Lin Yu fiercely.

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