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C12 I Came to Avenge Myself

The man's pupils contracted. In an instant, his words were stuck in his throat as his entire person became suspended!

"Scram!" Lin Yu raised his hand. The man's neck shrunk as it rose higher and higher!

"Quick... Hurry and do it! " This bunch of idiots!

"Everyone, hurry up! Kill him! "

The dozen or so people finally reacted. They all rushed up with angry roars, raised the metal rods in their hands and smashed down towards Lin Yu's head!

They had already received orders that if they ever met Lin Yu, they would beat him to death here. They definitely could not let him go in and meet Yan Qingyu!

"Die!" A burly man roared and smashed down the stick. Seeing that Lin Yu actually extended his hand to receive the stick, his mouth curled up into a sinister smile.

This idiot actually dared to use his hand to catch his stick?

The big guy seemed to see Lin Yu's arm being broken and screaming, but when the stick fell down, his expression froze.

Lin Yu held his iron rod with ease and then squeezed it fiercely. The solid rod actually twisted into a lump of metal paste in an exaggerated manner!

The big man was shocked. He raised his head in fright and saw Lin Yu roll up his sleeves and wave towards both sides.


The two of them were heavily injured and they crashed into the walls on both sides. Their bodies were stuck in there!

The surrounding people were all dumbfounded, this …. Was he even human?

He crushed the metal rod with one hand and sent two people flying with two palm strikes, was Lin Yu still human!?

"Everyone, don't be afraid of him! He could not hold on any longer! Young Master Long has said so! Whoever can kill him will be given 100,000 yuan! " At this moment, the middle-aged man suddenly roared loudly.

A generous reward of a brave man! As expected, with this roar, the remaining people's eyes turned red. This was a hundred thousand yuan!


"Kill him!"

"He is a juggler! Everyone, don't be afraid of him! "

All the men rushed forward. Seeing this scene, the man revealed a cruel smile. Lin Yu, no matter how strong you are, you can't deal with this much …

F * ck me!

The man's eyes almost popped out of their sockets as he could not believe what he had just seen.

Lin Yu was like a god that descended from heaven. His terrifying palm landed on a person's face and that person immediately vomited blood. The person flew along with a trail of blood and crashed into the courtyard wall with a loud bang.

One palm, one fist, one leg. One move!

Everyone was stuck in the wall, and their blood dyed the entire yard red!

[I can't let this fellow in, I absolutely can't let this fellow in!]

"Hello? Brother Biao? Come out here to the yard! Right! Dozens of people were brought over! This Treading on the horse has been reincarnated by Lu Bu, what the f * ck! "

The man quickly made a call, his face contorted in fright.

Who would have thought that Lin Yu would be so terrifying!

… ….

Yan Qinglong stood at the entrance of the hall, beside him stood two middle-aged men in long robes.

"I'm sorry we came late, I hope Young Master Yan doesn't scold us." The two men's tone were humble, but in reality, they had their heads held high, with a haughty look on their faces.

"I dare not, you two are martial arts masters with Zheng Family, how could I dare to blame you?"

Yan Qinglong smiled as he cupped his fists together, his expression respectful, "On the contrary, I would like to thank the two masters for coming."

These two were great warriors of the Zheng Family, how could he dare to be rude?

"Then take us in." The two of them quickly waved their hands.

Yan Qinglong nodded his head. Just as he was about to open the door, his phone rang.

"He settled the matter with that kid?" Yan Qinglong asked. At this time he had called him, this could only be related to Lin Yu.

"This is bad, Young Master Long!" That brat has rushed in! "

"They're charging in?" Yan Qinglong burst out in laughter as if he had just heard a hilarious joke.

"That useless trash who can't even kill a chicken? Where are the dozen or so people I gave you? "

"He threw them all into the wall!"

Yan Qinglong was stunned, what the hell was it if he went into the wall?

"Then what about the dozens of people that A-Biao brought over to watch the show?"

"He also flew into the wall! Young Master Long, quickly retreat! That brat chased after the rest of them and killed his way in! "

"How many people did that good-for-nothing bring?"

"Just one!" It's just one person, and he's going to kill dozens of us by himself! "

The phone was cut off and Yan Qinglong was completely dumbfounded. Even his head was buzzing.

Lin Yu was going to kill dozens of people by himself? Did he hear wrong?

Just at this moment, Yan Qinglong saw over a dozen people charge in from outside. All of them looked as if they had seen a ghost, their faces filled with fear.

"Run!" "Run!"


A few figures flew in from the outside while screaming in pain, knocking them to the ground with a loud thud.

Yan Qinglong and the two martial arts masters were dumbfounded as they looked at the entrance in a daze. There, a long haired man slowly walked in with his hands behind his back.

"Young Master Yan, long time no see." Lin Yu had his hands behind his back, while his eyes were filled with coldness.

"Trash, you still dare to come back?" Yan Qinglong gave a cold laugh, if there was a road to heaven then you would not walk it, but if there was no door to hell you would throw yourself in!

"Didn't you push me down the mountain and I'm here to take your life?" Lin Yu walked over step by step, and the aura he exuded was extremely menacing.

Inexplicably, Yan Qinglong retreated half a step.

Weird, am I scared of Lin Yu?

Right at this moment, a voice sounded beside him, "So this is the useless son-in-law that your Yan Family had before? "It seems like it's the right decision for your sister to marry our Young Master Zheng."

"Yes, that's him. Grandmasters, I'll be troubling you!" Yan Qinglong reacted and immediately cupped his fists. He looked at Lin Yu with a cold smile, "I want him to watch my sister marry someone else, but he can't do anything!"

These two were martial arts experts! No matter how powerful Lin Yu was, how could he be a match for them?

"Simple." The two of them smiled calmly and jumped down from the stairs, jumping towards Lin Yu, "Brat, die!"

"So noisy."

Lin Yu waved both of his hands and a powerful force shot out. The two of them were still in the air and felt as if their internal organs were struck by lightning. They immediately spat out blood and flew back.

"Impossible, how can he be so powerful!?" Panic was written all over their faces as they turned around to run!

The two of them knew that they were no match for Lin Yu.

"Expert?" Yan Qinglong's face changed. He turned his head and saw that Lin Yu was already in front of him.

"Young Master Yan, I'm here to take revenge!" Lin Yu's voice did not contain any emotion.

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