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The next day, a wisp of the purple sun rose from the east, and wisps of the purple gas from the east were sucked into the nose of a short-haired young man.

After an unknown period of time, he suddenly felt something in his heart. His deep eyes opened, and when he looked down, his eyes lit up.

Under the tree, a beautiful figure stood there silently.

Qian Ying wore a sexy business suit, a perfect little suit, revealing her curvy upper body, and a short skirt that only covered half her legs.

Two sexy silk stockings wrapped around her slender, delicate legs. Her slightly curly brown hair cascaded down her waist, making her seem sexy and mature.

Lin Yu directly jumped down from the roof and landed behind Qian Ying as he shouted happily, "Cousin!"


The figure turned around and saw a sweet smile blossoming on Lin Yu's pretty face. She threw herself forward and hugged Lin Yu.

Lin Yu only felt a nice virgin's fragrance seep into his nose, followed by a soft and numb feeling that came from his chest.

"Cousin, I haven't seen you for a few years. Your breasts are bigger now." Lin Yu touched Lin Qingxue's waist and giggled.

Lin Qingxue was Lin Yu's cousin who had grown up with him. She was three years older than him and treated him like a big sister next door. The two of them had always talked about everything since they were kids and as soon as Lin Yu came back yesterday, he contacted Lin Qingxue and said that they would meet today.

"Of course. Big Sis is going after the handsome guy." Lin Qingxue giggled and stared at Lin Yu. "Come, let me bring you to apply."

Yesterday, when she heard that Lin Yu just came back and had no job, Lin Qingxue immediately recommended him to the company where she works to apply for a job. She planned to let Lin Yu have a job first before settling down.

Lin Yu nodded.

The two of them arrived at Lin Qingxue's company. It was a large corporation. As soon as they arrived, they bumped into a fat man in a suit.

"Chen …" Chief Chen? " Lin Qingxue's expression turned stiff when she saw this fatty.

"Snowy, are you at work?" Director Chen grinned, taking the opportunity to lean over towards Lin Qingxue. "This is …" Your brother? "

Lin Yu's gaze turned cold. As he said that, this fatty's hand actually touched Lin Qingxue's perky butt!

As Director Chen spoke, his hand groped for Lin Qingxue's butt.

With a "pa" sound, Director Chen's mind was shaken, and he even grabbed onto something.

Hm? Why does it feel weird?

He raised his head in a daze and saw Lin Yu holding his hand with both of his hands. He chuckled, "Hello, Boss Chen."

"Who the f * * k are you?" Chief Chen stared at Lin Yu in annoyance. Where did this brat come from? How dare she spoil his plans.

"Director Chen, this is my younger brother from the countryside. He came to apply for our company." Lin Qingxue immediately reacted with a smile on her pretty face. Lin Yu was helping her.

"Hello, Boss Chen!" Cousin has always told me about you, that you are handsome and elegant, and that I have always worshipped you as an idol! " Lin Yu immediately ran up and held Chief Chen's hand again with a flattering look on his face.

"Ah?" "Yeah, this young lad is quite spirited." Chen Lee somewhat disdainfully retracted his hand, patted Lin Yu's chest like an elder, and mocked him, "Quite a sturdy body, you have to do a lot of farming work, right?"

Even though he said those words of praise, Chen Lee's eyes were filled with disdain. He came from a country and turned out to be a dead migrant worker.

"Hehe, thank you for your appreciation, Chief Chen." Lin Yu chuckled as he bowed and tried to curry favor with him, "Then Chief Chen, what position do you think I'm suitable for?"

"Qingxue, what position are you planning to take him to?" Chen Lee didn't even look at Lin Yu. He walked past Lin Yu and stomped on his foot.

This brat actually dared to spoil his plans, this kick was too light.

A cold light flashed in Lin Yu's eyes, the flattering smile on his face became even more brilliant, "Boss Chen, Cousin said that she will take me to find a job as a security guard first."

Lin Qingxue pursed her lips. It seemed that she wanted to say something, but in the end, nothing came out of her mouth.

Seeing Lin Yu's flattering look, she felt like she saw the Lin Yu of five years ago. After all, he did not change his cowardly and fawning character at all …

"Oh, security, it's pretty good. Then let's start from security. Young man, I think very highly of you!"

Chen Lee snorted contemptuously. An idiot without sharp eyes was the only one worthy of doing this kind of work.

He walked to Lin Qingxue's side and stopped hiding himself. He boldly reached out his hand to pinch Lin Qingxue's shoulder and smiled proudly, "Qingxue, are you free tonight?" I'll treat you to a meal. "

Lin Qingxue was about to say something, but Chen Lee squeezed her arm, causing her to groan in pain.

"Qingxue, there are some things in the company that I don't want to say too clearly. I've been looking for you a few times already." Lin Li moved closer to the side of Lin Qingxue's neck, greedily smelling the fragrance of her hair, his eyes revealing an evil and lustful look.

"The future of you and your younger brother is in my hands."

Chen Lee would even dream of playing with such a beautiful woman under his body.

Lin Qingxue bit her lips and struggled in her eyes. She wanted to push Chen Lee away, but …

"You should know very well whether you should come tonight or not."

Chen Lee retracted his hand, touched Lin Qingxue's pretty face, and purposely smelled it.

He turned around and glanced at Lin Yu. Lin Yu only slightly shook his head, pretending that he didn't see anything.

"All the best! I think highly of you two siblings, hahahahaha!"

Chen Lee laughed out loud. With his hands behind his back, he walked into the company with his head held high. He looked extremely proud of himself.

After he entered the company, Lin Yu walked to Lin Qingxue's side and smiled, "Don't worry, Cousin, I will cripple this damn fatty's hand."


Lin Qingxue giggled, helped to straighten Lin Yu's collar, and said gently, "It's like this in the company. I'm used to scheming. You just have to do your job well, I'll protect myself."

As she spoke, Lin Qingxue's hands froze, and her eyes were a little lonely.

"Yu, it's been five years. You should grow up a bit now. Be brave and stop bowing low. You're so weak and useless. No girl would like you. Auntie will be sad down there."

"Yes sir!" Lin Yu saluted, grinned, and made Lin Qingxue laugh again.

"Let's go. I'll bring you to the HR Department to apply."

Lin Qingxue smiled and pushed her long hair up to revitalize her spirit.

Watching Lin Qingxue leading the way, Lin Yu put his hands in his pockets and a charming smile gradually bloomed on his face.

After greeting him, Lin Yu naturally had no problems applying. After getting a simple understanding of the company's situation, he successfully got on the job.

The company was called Tianan Group. It was mainly involved in retail business, and Lin Qingxue happened to be one of the company's sales leaders.

Although she was a leader, her performance was even more outstanding than that of the vice manager. As for why her good performance was suppressed by the little leader, anyone with a discerning eye would be able to tell.

The day passed without incident, and towards the end of the evening, Lin Qingxue said that she had left in a hurry.

Lin Yu waited until it was time to get off work before he leisurely walked to the underground parking lot and leaned against a pillar.

Not long after, a car drove over from a distance. Lin Yu yawned and lazily walked out, blocking the car.

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