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C4 It's Your Turn

The car stopped not far away from him. The car door opened and Chen Lee's fat figure got out from the car.

"Brat, what are you blocking here for?"

Chen Lee walked over arrogantly with his nose raised high, "I'm going to pick up your sister for dinner now. Don't get in the way."

Chen Lee walked in front of Lin Yu, stretched out his hand and tried to push him away, but he couldn't pull Lin Yu away.

"You're asking for death! Get out of my way!"

Chen Lee used both of his hands to pull, causing his face to turn red, but he couldn't move Lin Yu at all.

"So noisy."

Lin Yu slowly lifted his right leg in front of Chen Lee.

Then, he stretched forward and lightly kicked Chen Lee's stomach.


Chen Lee's nearly two hundred jin body was sent flying and crashed into his car!

The force of the collision was so strong that the entire car was knocked back a few centimeters!

"Ah …" "Ahh …"

Chen Lee was lying on the ground. His fat body was arched like a shrimp. His whole body was twitching and foaming at the mouth. His face was completely pale.

Chen Lee's expression changed. His eyes were filled with fear. Damn, what the hell is this kid doing!? How could the strength of one foot be so terrifying?

Lin Yu slowly retracted his legs and walked towards Chen Lee with a cold gaze. With his hands behind his back, that look of contempt was like the descent of a god!

"Which hand touched my cousin? Speak for yourself. Otherwise, don't even think about using either of your hands." Lin Yu said plainly. The chill in his voice made Chen Lee tremble uncontrollably.

This poor brat actually wanted to cripple his hand?

"You dare to fucking kick me? I'll smash you to death! "

Seeing Lin Yu walk over, Chen Lee's eyes turned red. A farmer actually dared to kick him. This brat must not be allowed to live!

Chen Lee suddenly stepped on the accelerator, and the car instantly sped up like a wild horse, causing his facial features to become distorted.

His car was a sportscar, its starting speed was enough to send a person flying more than ten meters, Lin Yu was dead for sure!

"Die, monster!"

Chen Lee roared. In the blink of an eye, the car was already closing in on Lin Yu.

Looking at the car crashing towards him, Lin Yu's lips curled up into a smile. A normal person would use an egg to hit a rock.

He transferred a strand of spiritual energy to his leg and then simply lifted his leg. As if he was kicking Chen Lee, he kicked the front of the car.

Idiot brat! You're finished!

Chen Lee was about to laugh out loud. This idiot actually used his foot to kick a running car? He couldn't wait to see Lin Yu being knocked away.

"Kacha kacha!"

A series of cracking sounds could be heard, but what broke was not Lin Yu's leg bone, but the front part of Chen Lee's sportscar!

The front of the car began to collapse at a speed visible to the naked eye, first the iron, then the supporting iron, then the engine, then the other parts in the hood.

Chen Lee was completely shocked. He opened his mouth wide enough to stuff two big eggs into it.

This … The heck, is this for real?

"Oh my god."

Chen Lee opened his eyes wide. Isn't this too exaggerated? This was a fucking sports car!


A series of ear-piercing tyres sounded out and a dozen meter long imprint appeared on the ground. Chen Lee's fat body even broke the driver seat and smashed the window of the car, causing him to fly out!

His body slammed into the wall and he vomited. The red, white, and yellow were all uncontrollably spat out.


Hearing the sound of footsteps, Chen Lee immediately looked up in fear and noticed Lin Yu's pair of cold eyes.

That look … It was like a god looking down on humanity!

"You … Who exactly are you? "

Chen Lee was on the verge of tears, and his fat body couldn't help but tremble.

If he didn't feel the pain all over his body, he would have thought he was dreaming.

How could a human kick a car?

"Which hand?" Lin Yu ignored him and asked coldly.

Chen Lee's pupils constricted. Lin Yu was not joking with him, he really wanted to cripple his own hand!

"Lin Yu!" Don't f * cking think you're amazing! Your sister works in my company, so I can... "Ahhh!"

Chen Lee's face twisted as he screamed. His right hand fell onto the ground like a piece of cake.

How powerful was Lin Yu's kick? He stepped on his hand.

"Big brother! Big brother, I was wrong. Let me go, I don't dare to disturb your sister again, I beg you to let me go! " Chen Lee immediately begged for mercy, tears welling up in his eyes.

He was scared, really scared. This kid was no ordinary human! A normal human being's fart is so scary!

Chen Lee was truly scared!

"If I dare to have another chance, then my hand won't be as simple as useless."

Lin Yu glanced at Chen Lee coldly before turning around and leaving.

Not long after he left, a security guard from the car park rushed over, "CEO Chen? Are you alright, Boss Chen? "

"Quick!" Hurry and f * * king send me to the hospital. Aiyo, I'm going to die here! " Chen Lee screamed.

In his entire life, he had never experienced such pain.

… ….

Lin Yu hummed as he walked out of the parking lot.

"Is there a doctor? Hurry and save him! "

On the way, Lin Yu suddenly heard a scream for help.

He looked up and saw that not far away, there was actually a group of people surrounding them. There was even someone crying for help inside.

Lin Yu was curious. He pushed his way through the crowd and saw an old uncle with half a head of white hair lying on the ground.

The old man's face was pale, and it was hard for him to breathe. There was a young man squatting beside him, but no one went to help them.

Lin Yu took the initiative to approach him, put his hand on his uncle's wrist and started checking his pulse.

"Kid, you know how to treat patients?" The young man beside Lin Yu looked at him doubtfully.

Lin Yu's attire was too rustic, looking just like a migrant worker entering a city. With a single glance, one could tell that he was a stinking diaosi.

Sensing the disdain in the young man's eyes, Lin Yu ignored him and said calmly, "Everyone move back a bit and make room."

While he was talking, Lin Yu was going to help the old man up.

"What are you, a beggar, doing!?"

At this moment, an angry voice sounded behind Lin Yu.

Lin Yu turned his head, a young man wearing gold-rimmed glasses rushed over and dragged Lin Yu away.

"The patient should be allowed to lie flat on the ground when his illness strikes. You reckless patient, will you really save him?"

The golden-threaded man stared at Lin Yu with disdain. With his clothes, he didn't seem like someone with ability.

"I don't know how to save people, do you?" Lin Yu frowned.

If he wasn't afraid of getting the patient, how could this person possibly pull him?


The golden threaded man proudly flung his sleeves, his eyes revealing ridicule, "I am Bai Zhimin from the First People's Hospital, the Deputy Chief of the Hospital's Department! The number of people who had been saved was at least fifty! "And what are you?"

The crowd immediately burst into an uproar after hearing his words.

"I remember!" I know him! It's the genius doctor of the First People's Hospital! "

"The doctor who went to the newspapers and the news? A talented doctor who can challenge some old doctors at such a young age? "

"It's him. This uncle can be saved!"

Hearing the praises from the surrounding people, Bai Zhimin's head was raised higher and higher. He looked at Lin Yu with disdain, "Kid, what about you?"

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