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C6 Wife Phone

The next morning, Lin Yu left early for work.

However, just as he reached the entrance, Lin Yu's eyebrows twitched and a sharp object stuck onto his back. "Brat, if you don't want more holes on your waist, then come with me."

"Big brother, if there's anything you want to say then say it out loud. Don't act recklessly." Lin Yu took the initiative to raise his hand and said with a smile.

"Cut the crap!" "Follow me!" The silhouette pushed Lin Yu, then pushed Lin Yu into an alley.

Lin Yu followed the hoodlum into the depths of the alley and saw someone he knew.

"Kid, do you still remember me?" Chen Lee stared fiercely at Lin Yu, the ferocious smile on his face was scary.

His hands were wrapped in bandages and boards, tied around his neck, and his face was pale.

Beside him stood seven or eight vicious looking hoodlums. Beside Chen Lee was a burly man with his head lowered as he played with his cellphone.

"I don't know him after hanging up the gauze." Lin Yu shrugged. He was so angry that Chen Lee almost gasped for breath when he saw Lin Yu asking for a beating.

"Brat, I hope that you can say such words when you're half dead!" Chen Lee gritted his teeth and his voice came out. He quickly looked at the man beside him, "Brother Pang, this is the brat that crippled my hand!" I want you to break every inch of this kid's bones in his limbs! Let him become a cripple! "

Lin Yu actually dared to attack him. Chen Lee will make this arrogant kid suffer a miserable death!

"No problem, as long as I have enough money." "Brother Pi grinned and lifted his head.

"Pata." Brother Pang's phone fell to the ground as he stared at Lin Yu in shock.

"Oh?" It's you? "

Seeing the other party's face, Lin Yu also smiled. Isn't this the usury that the previous genius came to his house to ask for interest?

"How … Why is it you? " Brother Pang's expression immediately froze. The proud smile on his face gradually turned into an expression that was about to cry.

F * ck, what bad luck did I have? I actually bumped into this grandson again!

He did not forget what happened in Lin Yu's room that day!

Just a single sentence was enough to control his consciousness and his movements. Thinking back now, he was terrified!

"Yes!" It's him! " Chen Lee laughed out loud. So this brat had actually offended Brother Biao before. The heavens were truly on my side!

"Kill him for me!"

"I will trample a horse to kill you first!" Brother Pang turned around and fiercely slapped Chen Lee in the face, causing Chen Lee to turn around, making him completely dumbfounded.

"I want you to hit him! I'm not asking you to hit me! " Chen Lee roared.

"Then I'll hit you!"

Brother Biao was so angry that he almost exploded. He kicked Chen Lee over and pulled a few of his brothers over to give him a good beating.

He was so close to f * cking messing with a monster like Lin Yu.

Lin Yu could control a person's consciousness. If he really wanted to kill someone, Pang Ge's way of dying would probably show signs of blooming.

"Why did you hit him? Hit me, and my money … " Lin Yu looked at Pang Ge with a faint smile. This world was really small.

"I don't want it, I don't want it!" Great deity, how could I dare to do anything to you! " Pang Bo's face was full of embarrassment, and he couldn't wait to retreat, "I … "I remember that there's still soup cooking at home, so I'll be leaving first. Great deity, feel free to do as you please!"

"Then this person …"

"Beat him up! Beat him to death! "You don't have to give me face!"

After saying this, Brother Pang gave his little brother a meaningful glance and quickly ran away. He looked like he wanted his parents to give him two more legs.

It was good to provoke anyone, he would rather die than offend a great deity like Lin Yu!

F * ck? He left just like that? What should he do? Chen Lee was dumbfounded.

"I remember that I told you not to provoke me again." Lin Yu's expression gradually returned to indifference. In his emotionless eyes, there was only a flash of killing intent.

Lin Yu never showed mercy to anyone who wanted to harm him!

Seeing the coldness in Lin Yu's eyes, Chen Lee felt a burst of fear in his heart. Gradually, the stench of urine rose up from under his crotch.

"Lin Yu!" What do you want? I warn you! I'm the deputy manager of your company with your cousin! Do you believe that I can get your sister off duty with a single word? "

"Are you threatening me?" Lin Yu slowly raised his hand and two streams of crystal clear spiritual energy started to revolve between his fingers.

If he wanted to kill someone, he had at least a hundred ways to make Chen Lee Hui disappear from the face of the earth!

"You don't have that kind of ability, because from now on, you're no longer our company's vice manager."

At this moment, a voice sounded from behind Lin Yu.

Lin Yu turned his head and saw an old man in a suit wearing a leather suit walking towards him along with another beautiful figure in a white dress.

"Young man, we meet again." Lin Yu raised his eyebrows. This old man was the uncle that he saved on the street yesterday.

As the old man walked past Lin Yu, Lin Qingxue walked to his side and whispered to him with a smile. Her beautiful eyes curved like crescent moons, "Yu, are you alright? And how did you get to know Chairman Qin? He came to me early this morning to find out about you. "

"It's a long story. Cousin, you seem very happy?"

"Of course, because my dear cousin is going to be promoted." Lin Qingxue giggled.

"Dong …" Chairman? " Chen Lee sat on the ground and looked at Qin Fang in a daze.

"Chen Lee, I will now officially announce that you have been fired by the company. The company will recycle all the cars, power, house and reputation that you have." Qin Fang said coldly.

"Chairman Qin!" Are you joking with me, Chairman Qin? You can't do that! "

Hearing this news, Chen Lee immediately got up from the ground and hugged Qin Fang's leg with one hand as he cried.

Without this position, Chen Lee would be nothing!

"I've heard all about you. Threatening your subordinates to sell information about the company. Scram for me!" Our company does not need people like you! " Qin Fang stepped on Chen Lee's face and kicked him away.

"How did you know!?" Chen Lee was shocked. He had been hiding this matter well!

"It's you!?" Chen Lee looked at Lin Qingxue angrily.

"I'm the one reporting you, and the evidence is conclusive." Lin Qingxue chuckled.

Qin Fang snorted. He looked back at Lin Yu and said politely, "Mr. Lin, I would like to invite you to take over the position of vice president of our company. What do you think?"

He had never doubted his gaze, ever since he saw Lin Yu yesterday, he knew that Lin Yu was not an ordinary person.

Sure enough, he and Lin Qingxue had already watched the entire scene from the outside.

"I don't have the ability. If you want to be one, then just let my cousin be one." Lin Yu shrugged and looked at Qin Fang with interest.

This old man was an old cunning fox. He could tell that he was different from the others and wanted to pull him onto the boat.

"That's fine too, I already had that intention." Qin Fang laughed.

"Ah?" "No, I can't!" Lin Qingxue quickly waved her hand.

"Cousin, you have the ability." Lin Yu smiled.

"That's right. Qingxue, don't be modest." Qin Fang also laughed, his eyes flashing.

It didn't matter who was the Deputy CEO, he just wanted to be friends with Lin Yu.

"In that case... I won't be disrespectful. " Lin Qingxue hesitated for a moment before making up her mind.

Things were settled. No matter how hard Chen Lee cried, Qin Fang would not ignore him. Immediately, someone from the police department came to take Chen Lee away.

Lin Yu didn't need to care about the subsequent handover. He stayed at the office until after work. The moment he left the company, his phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number.

"Hello?" Lin Yu answered the phone.

There was silence on the other end of the phone for three seconds before a sobbing sound could be heard.

"Yu... I knew you would come back! " A clear and melodious female voice entered Lin Yu's ears.

The moment he heard this voice, Lin Yu's body trembled and tears could not help but rise in his eyes.

He, who had not cried for tens of thousands of years, cried at this moment.

He would never forget this voice for the rest of his life!

"Light …" Qingyu? " Lin Yu said with a trembling voice and his eyes glazed over.

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