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C7 Come Right over

"Qingyu …?" Lin Yu's voice was trembling as tears rolled down his cheeks.

After so many years, he finally heard this voice again.

"It's good that you're fine, it's good that you're fine …" Yan Qingyu also couldn't control her emotions. It had been five years, and after five years, she finally heard Lin Yu's voice.

She was such a gentle person, she didn't even blame Lin Yu for disappearing for five years. She just said gently, "Yu, you have to take good care of Xiaoxiao, so that she can grow up properly, okay? I... I might … "

"Miss, the master called you over, someone from Zheng Family came and said that they want to talk about the wedding."

At this moment, the voice of a maidservant sounded from afar, interrupting Yan Qingyu's words.

Yan Qingyu pursed her red lips and opened her mouth, "Lin Yu, you must look after our child."

She was already very satisfied to hear Lin Yu's voice.

"Qingyu! Qingyu, what happened to you? " Lin Yu was immediately worried. He called back, but the other side had already shut down the phone.

Lin Yu's eyes became colder and colder. Zheng Family!

Zheng Family was a large clan with the same level of Yan Family. In comparison, Yan Family had already started to decline, and its prestige was like the sun in the sky.

A Zheng Family marriage, a Yan Family person truly had a good plan!

Selling his wife to someone else to be his daughter-in-law in exchange for his own family turning over?

Lin Yu took a deep breath and the killing intent in his eyes slowly dissipated.

After calming himself down, Lin Yu returned home first. The moment he entered the door, he smiled and said, "Xiaoxiao, daddy is back."

"Ah!" "Uncle Lin, wait a moment." Lin Xiaoxiao quickly wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and hid her hands behind her back. She looked at Lin Yu with a flushed face and stuck out her tongue.

"Uncle Lin, I'm your daughter. No matter how good-looking I am, you can't have any thoughts towards me."

"Humans are big and ghosts are big. You even have thoughts about me." Lin Yu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He walked up and gently rubbed Lin Xiaoxiao's head.

How could he not see that Lin Xiaoxiao was thinking about her mother?

"Little brat, call me daddy." Lin Yu picked up Lin Xiaoxiao.

"I don't want it, Uncle Lin is Uncle Lin." Lin Xiaoxiao made a face at Lin Yu. Seeing that Lin Yu wanted to kiss her again, she quickly laughed and struggled.

With this cute girl accompanying him, Lin Yu was not bored at all during the night. The next morning, he specially got up early to prepare breakfast for Lin Xiaoxiao before running to the mirror to properly organize his image.

"As expected of me." Lin Yu rubbed his nose and chuckled.

Now, when he organized himself, he looked like a beautiful man that had walked out of a painting.

Emma, this is the first time I, Lin Yu, sent my daughter to kindergarten, and I'm so excited!

"Good morning, Uncle Lin..."

Lin Xiaoxiao yawned as she brushed her teeth with a toothbrush in one hand. The moment she walked into the bathroom, she saw Lin Yu practicing in front of the mirror.

After looking at Lin Yu blankly for a bit, she naturally turned around and walked out, "I'm sorry handsome brother, I had mistaken you."

"Oh, unfilial!" You don't even know your dad anymore! " Lin Yu immediately wailed.

… ….

"Uncle Lin, how did you manage to catch up with mother back then? "Sister Soong Ya said that mother's beauty was extraordinary, and you only managed to coax her to do it with a spoonful of soup."

After sending Lin Xiaoxiao to the kindergarten's entrance, Xiaoxiao blinked her beautiful big eyes and looked at Lin Yu without blinking.

Lin Yu's mouth twitched, he immediately lowered his head to rub his little head, while his gaze turned serious.

"Your sister Soong Ya is just spouting nonsense. Your mother was a beauty, and your father was a handsome man. The two of us are in love with each other, as can be seen from the sun and moon."


Lin Xiaoxiao stuck out her tongue, clearly not believing Lin Yu's words.

Lin Yu was anxious. This was impossible! He had to change this girl's impression of him, this father, to become so tall and grand!

"Hello, mister. About that …" Are you a little father? "

At this moment, a beautiful female voice sounded behind Lin Yu.

Lin Yu turned around and saw a beautiful figure standing behind him.

The girl looked to be in her early twenties. Her facial features were quiet and pretty, and she wore a simple plain white robe. Her pretty short hair naturally fell behind her ears, and she wore a pair of small glasses on her face.

"Teacher Yaya!" Seeing who it was, Lin Xiaoxiao ran over to hug the girl.

"Little Jun, be good." Zhao Yayawen smiled quietly and looked at Lin Yu with her beautiful eyes. She took the initiative to extend her hand, "Hello, my name is Zhao Yaya. I've just graduated two years ago. I'm a small teacher."

"Hello, teacher." "My name is Lin Yu, and I'm Yaya's father. I've just returned home recently, and I usually come to pick up Yaya for school."

Zhao Yaya's eyes lit up. Such a young and handsome father?

"That's great! "About that, let's leave a contact method. Before, it was always Miss Song who delivered Little Xiaoxiao, I thought …"

Zhao Yaya's face reddened. She looked a little embarrassed. She had always thought that Lin Xiaoxiao had no parents, so she was just a little worried.

"I'm fine." Lin Yu smiled and gave his phone number to her.

He could tell that Zhao Yaya was truly happy for Lin Xiaoxiao. She was a teacher in charge, who was both beautiful and kind.

After asking Zhao Yaya to bring Lin Xiaoxiao into the kindergarten, Lin Yu went to the company and asked Lin Qingxue for a leave of absence the moment he opened his mouth.

After yesterday's night of cultivation, his cultivation had only improved slightly.

Only now did he realize the difficulty of recovering his cultivation. Earth's spiritual energy was simply too scarce.

Originally, he could have cultivated for one night and used up all his Spiritual Qi to break through to the next realm. However, one night was clearly not enough for him to reach the small divide of the third level.

As soon as he left the company, Lin Yu received a call from Soong Ya.

"Hey, old demoness, what can I do for you?"

"B …." Old demoness? " Soong Ya was so angry that her lungs were about to burst.

"Lin Yu, I just received news that the Yan Family knows about your return. They shouldn't let you go! Take Xiaoxiao and leave the Huahai City immediately, if not … "

"Will Yan Family cut the grass from its roots?" Lin Yu laughed.

He smiled brilliantly, and the killing intent in his eyes blossomed brilliantly.

"I won't leave, even if I have to destroy his Yan Family gate, bring Qingyu back!"

"What are you crazy about? Hello? "Hey!"

Lin Yu hung up the phone. What a great Yan Family! Did he really impatiently want to marry Yan Qingyu out just because he knew he was back?

It just so happened that the old and new grudges between him and Yan Family could be settled together!

It's time to go to the Yan Family!

At this moment, Lin Yu's phone rang. It was actually from Zhao Yaya.

"Teacher Zhao, what's wrong?" Lin Yu was curious.

"Oh no, Mr. Lin!" Xiaoxiao has started fighting with other children. "


Lin Yu hurriedly jumped down from the tree. The moment he landed, his figure had already moved five meters away, "I'm coming right over!"

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