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C8 Have Face

However, when Lin Yu arrived, the corner of his mouth twitched.

At the moment, in the kindergarten, Lin Xiaoxiao was puffing her lips and looking angrily at the little fatty in front of her. Her cute little face was flushed red.

"You are the wild one, you don't have a mother and father!" Tears flickered in Lin Xiaoxiao's eyes, but she did not admit defeat.

"You just don't have a mother and father! "You're a little bastard!" Little Fatso pursed his lips and made a face.

"Who is this little bastard talking about?" Lin Xiaoxiao snorted.

"Little bastard is talking about you!" The little fatty shouted loudly. As soon as he finished speaking, he was stunned.

"So it turns out that little bastard is scolding me. What a pity." Lin Xiaoxiao let out a pretentious sigh.

"You … "You're crazy!" The little fatty was actually angered by Lin Xiaoxiao to the point that his face flushed.

"Are you sick? "There's no other way. Let's quarrel again next time." Lin Xiaoxiao waved her hand. Zhao Yaya, who was beside her, didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. This little girl's mouth was truly amazing.

Who was bullying who?

"I... I'll kill you, you little bastard! " Little Fatso was so furious that he shouted loudly and rushed towards Lin Xiaoxiao.

Lin Xiaoxiao screamed in fright as she hurriedly put her hand in front of her to protect herself.


Lin Yu's figure flashed and appeared right on Lin Xiaoxiao's face. With a wave of his sleeve, the little fatty was blown down by the wind and fell heavily onto the ground, wailing loudly.

"Wuu!" "Little bastard, bully him!

"I forbid you to talk about me, little bastard!" Lin Xiaoxiao bared her fangs and brandished her claws in Lin Yu's arms while tears welled up in her eyes.

She was trying not to cry. She had her parents, so she wasn't a little bastard!

Lin Yu tapped her forehead and smiled lovingly, "Alright, isn't daddy here?"

"That, Mr. Lin."

Zhao Yaya stood at the side, at a loss of what to do. Without waiting for her to continue talking, Lin Yu explained in a considerate manner.

"It's fine. Tomorrow, her mother and I will send her to school."

"It's good that it's true, because all the children in kindergarten have …" Zhao Yaya looked worriedly at Lin Xiaoxiao, unable to bear the sight.

Lin Yu nodded and left while carrying Lin Xiaoxiao. On the way, he saw that Lin Xiaoxiao was still pouting, so he couldn't help but smile. "What's wrong?" You're still mad at that little fatty? "

"I'm just a fairy. Fairy wouldn't want to get angry at those bad kids." Lin Xiaoxiao angrily turned her face away.

"Aren't you also a little kid? Don't worry, Daddy will be back with Mommy in a while." Lin Yu didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Really?" Lin Xiaoxiao looked at Lin Yu with tears in her eyes.

"Really." Lin Yu smiled gently.

He lowered his head and a cold light flashed across his eyes.

Yan Family, you owe me four years, I want to repay you!

Lin Yu brought Lin Xiaoxiao back to the door and saw her.

"Xiaoxiao, you go in first." Lin Yu rubbed Lin Xiaoxiao's head.

"Oh …" Lin Xiaoxiao walked over sensibly and gave Soong Ya a hug. She greeted Soong Ya and entered the house.

The moment Lin Xiaoxiao left, Soong Ya quickly said, "Lin Yu, I'll go with you …"

"There's no need." Lin Yu rolled up his sleeves gently, while his long hair flowed behind his shoulders.

"I will bring Qingyu back, just take care of Xiaoxiao for me."

With that, he turned around and walked away with the wind.

Looking at Lin Yu's back, Soong Ya was stunned for a moment. At this moment, she suddenly felt that the Lin Yu in front of her had become a stranger.

It was so strange that she felt some fear!

She suddenly remembered what Lin Yu said when they met.

He was going to snatch his woman back, even if … stepping on the Yan Family to shatter to pieces!

On this day, Lin Yu came to City J, a first-tier city that was close to the Huahai City.

Lin Yu stood under the eaves with a depressed look on his face. Even the corners of his clothes were slightly wet.

He had not expected to be so unlucky as to encounter a torrential downpour the moment he left the hotel.

"Lin Yu? Is that you? "You're back?"

The one called Lin Yu was a quiet male student who wore glasses. He was in his twenties. Seeing him, Lin Yu was also stunned.

"Squad leader?"

"It's me!" "I haven't seen you in five years, where have you been?" The class rep laughed out loud and ran over with his umbrella.

His name is Li Wenhao, five years ago he and Lin Yu went to the same university together.

After graduating for about a year, Lin Yu and Yan Qingyu got married not long ago and fell off the mountain to the Immortal Spirit Continent. With that, they lost their connection for five years.

"I didn't go anywhere. I was just touring around." Lin Yu smiled.

When he was in university, before meeting Yan Qingyu, he had a lot of contact with Li Wenhao, "Why are you here?"

"Isn't this just the right time for us to meet here? We just happened to catch you, and half of our class is already here, let's go together!" The class monitor said. He didn't mind the wetness on Lin Yu, so he walked away with his arm around Lin Yu's shoulders.

Even if he didn't ask the boy, he would still know how to get drenched in the rain.

"I'll go back and change first." Lin Yu said.

"I'll go with you!" Li Wen Hao laughed.

Lin Yu returned to his hotel, changed his clothes and left with Li Wenhui.

The venue for the reunion was a famous KTV in J City. It was very expensive, and most of the people who came here were not short on money.

By the time he reached the KTV entrance, there were already a dozen or so people waiting there.

Although there were some changes to their appearances, one could still make out some of the features of their previous university years.

"Everyone, look who I've brought over?" Li Wen Hao shouted loudly.

Everyone looked over and saw Lin Yu.

"Yo, isn't this Lin Yu?"

"You little brat, you're finally willing to come to a reunion that has been flippant for five years."

"You've become more handsome than before, boy."

Although it had been a few years since they last saw each other, there was still a trace of the friendship that they had with their schoolmates back in the day.

"Who are you waiting for?" Li Wen Hao was curious.

"Isn't it just the two great figures of our class, Pei Wenwen and Fang Junjie?" Everyone said.

Pei Wenwen and Fang Junjie were two of the most famous people in their class, one was a faculty member while the other was a school grass.

Pei Wenwen was a true courtesan, always working between the rich and the young, never lacking in money, while Fang Junjie was truly rich in his family.

"Pei Wenwen ah …" Li Wenhao looked at Lin Yu with an awkward expression.

Everyone knew that Lin Yu had once courted Pei Wenwen in university and could be considered his first love.

In the end, after only three months of filming, Pei Wenwen dumped him and went with someone even richer. This matter even became the news of the entire school.

"Sorry, Lin Yu." Li Wen Hao smiled bitterly, he had forgotten about this.

"I'm fine." Lin Yu shrugged.

With his current state of mind, the past was nothing more than the past.

Just as they said Cao Cao Cao arrived, two sportscar cars drove over from the distance.

Along with the sound of brakes, a Land Rover and a Ferrari came to a halt one after another in front of the KTV.

The car door opened and a man and a woman got out. The man was dressed in a white suit with famous brands all over. The girl was wearing a long, hollowed-out dress, looking charming and noble.

As soon as they arrived, the crowd burst into cheers. "Wenwen, your clothes are so pretty!"

"Young Master Jie, this is your new Land Rover!"

"It's only been a year since we last met. Wenwen, you bought a new car!"

"A perfect couple!"

Faced with the crowd's flattery, Fang Junjie and Pei Wenwen hurriedly waved their hands modestly.

"Don't talk nonsense, we're not together. Wenwen is so pretty, but she has a boyfriend who's even more capable than me." Fang Junjie waved his hands modestly.

"This is my boyfriend's car." Pei Wenwen was proud of herself. Her beautiful eyes shifted and saw Lin Yu, who was standing at the side.

"Isn't that Lin Yu? Why are you here this year? You didn't appear a few years ago? "

Seeing Lin Yu, Pei Wenwen's smile became playful.

"I went on a tour a few years ago and changed my cell phone number." Lin Yu smiled. His attitude was neither humble nor arrogant.

"You're still traveling? Young Master Lin, have you been well for the past few years?"

Seeing his reputation, Fang Junjie also approached with a smile.

At the university, he and Lin Yu had both snatched Pei Wenwen away, but they were rivals.

"Have you found a job? Do you need my old classmate to take you to work at my company? " Fang Junjie looked at Lin Yu with disdain. With a body full of goods, it was unlikely that such a diaosi would have a good future.

"Fang Junjie, what's the meaning of having a gathering?" Hearing this, Li Wen Hao felt a bit uncomfortable.

"It's not interesting. I just wanted to help him." Fang Junjie laughed out loud. "Come on, I've already booked a VIP room. You can go in."

"As expected of young master Jie, he has a lot of face. He doesn't look like a certain someone." Pei Wenwen smiled coquettishly as she teased him intentionally.

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