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C9 This Is a Pill

Fang Junjie and Pei Wenwen were like a swarm of stars surrounding the moon as they were escorted inside. The others didn't even look at Lin Yu.

Between a diaosi and a young, rich and handsome man, even a fool would know what to choose.

As soon as they entered the room and saw the luxurious attire inside, everyone cheered.

"Wah!" This is a diamond house! I heard you can't order it without some skill, young master Jie. " Someone cheered.

"It's just a small matter. It's good for everyone to have fun tonight. The money is all mine!" Fang Junjie waved his hand magnanimously.

"Young Master Jie is mighty!"

Very soon, the wine and fruit platter were served. A waiter came in with a dozen glasses of wine that were gifted by KTV and passed one to each of them.

Everyone was having fun, while Lin Yu was sitting alone in a corner, drinking quietly.

"Look at how he looks. Wenwen, how did you see that good-for-nothing back then?" A girl glanced at Lin Yu and sneered in a low voice.

"I was ignorant when I was young, I was just blind." Pei Wenwen snorted lightly. Her gaze towards Lin Yu was filled with disdain.

How could a loser be worthy of having a goddess like him? Ridiculous.

"Wasn't young master Jie pursuing you at that time? If I knew earlier, I would have been better off with him than with that diaosi. "

"It was a close call, but we didn't even know how he had the face to stay here."

The girls chattered on, showing no intention of hiding their voices.

Seeing Lin Yu remain silent, Fang Junjie smiled sinisterly and took the initiative to add fuel to the fire.

"Oh right, I heard that he got married right after graduation. He's eating his woman's soft food."

"Are you for real?" Everyone immediately widened their eyes.

"I'm going to the bathroom." Lin Yu put down his glass and stood up from his seat.

He had once been a classmate, but in the end, he wasn't able to keep up with society. From this group of people, he could no longer sense any classmate friendship, only showing off and trying to curry favor with them.

"Hey, don't run away. It's just a joke. I'll be back in a while."

Fang Junjie purposefully shouted out, causing the entire hall to burst into laughter.

"Definitely come back." Lin Yu turned around with an evil smile on his face.

After exiting the room, Lin Yu looked at the corridor on the left. There was a man dressed as a waiter, with his back facing Lin Yu as he walked into the washroom.

Lin Yu whistled as he followed him in.

Seeing him enter, the other party looked at him for a moment before calmly untying his belt and pouring water into the toilet.

Lin Yu glanced at him, then twitched his mouth, "Bro, your cannon is so small."

The waiter was speechless.

"Did you poison my wine just now?" Lin Yu suddenly said after putting the bottle in the water.

"What do you mean?" The waiter averted his eyes.

"You just brought in a dozen glasses of wine. I'm the unremarkable one, yet you're the first to give me the wine. This is unjustifiable. Tell me, where did your poison come from?"

The waiter immediately pulled up his pants in an attempt to escape.

However, he reacted quickly and Lin Yu was even faster. Just as he moved, Lin Yu's hand had already brushed past his chest and a sharp knife was pressed against his neck, piercing a little bit of blood on his neck.

"Either die or speak!"

Lin Yu's gaze was as cold as it had never been before. He knew the taste of alcohol and poison better than anyone else!

That smell was the poison in Lin Xiaoxiao's body!

A waiter poisoned him, and it was exactly the same as the poison Lin Xiaoxiao was infected with!

"Big brother, have mercy!" Big brother, please spare our lives! " The waiter immediately kneeled down in fear.

"Someone asked me to poison him and gave me a lot of money. I'm just taking money for a job!"

Lin Yu raised his knife and stabbed down fiercely. Suddenly, he passed by the waiter's fingers, and even the floor tiles were penetrated!


The waiter took a deep breath and was almost scared out of his wits.

"You're lying." Lin Yu looked up coldly.

"I'm not lying! I heard that person, okay, it seems like it was someone from the Yan Family who told him to do it. "

"You were talking about Yan Family?"

The atmosphere around Lin Yu changed. The waiter felt a huge mountain crashing down on him, causing him to be unable to even breathe.

Yan Family... Yan Qinglong!

The mad killing intent condensed in Lin Yu's eyes. Yan Qinglong was the son of Yan Family, and the person who wished for his death the most!

He was the only one who could poison Lin Xiaoxiao and end her future troubles!

"Scram!" Lin Yu kicked away the waiter and left the bathroom with a dark expression.

He wouldn't let go of his grudge of wanting to kill his daughter!

Lin Yu returned to his room. While he was still outside, he heard a burst of laughter coming from inside.

"I'm not bragging. He's just a good-for-nothing. He's always been living off women."

"I heard his wife is quite pretty?"

"So what? Maybe he's always been green!"

Lin Yu pushed open the door. When Fang Junjie saw him return, he did not restrain himself, but instead mocked him even more harshly.

"Yuzi, it's great that you're back. Wenwen's boyfriend is coming over. Are you going to take us to have a seafood feast?"

"You can go too. Maybe my boyfriend is willing to give you a chance to earn some money? He's an boss! " Wenwen sneered.

"You two are too much!" Li Wen Hao suddenly stood up, he was finally unable to endure anymore.

These people did not put Lin Yu in their eyes at all!

"It doesn't matter." Lin Yu smiled faintly, "It's fine if you get barked at by two dogs."

"Who the f * ck are you calling a dog!" Pei Wenwen shouted angrily.

"Lin Yu, get lost!" We do not welcome a useless good-for-nothing like you! "

Fang Junjie waved his hand, not sparing Lin Yu any face. Since they had already fallen out, there was no need to spare Lin Yu any face.

Other than Li Wen Hao, the rest of them were also watching the show with glee as they looked at Lin Yu.

"Let's go."

Lin Yu sighed. His former classmates were now like this.

At that moment, the door to the KTV was pushed open, and a fat figure squeezed in from outside, "Baby, I'm here."

"Henny! "Why did you only just arrive? I was already bullied!" Upon seeing the person, Pei Wenwen immediately ran over and threw herself onto the fatty's body.

"Henny, he's the college boyfriend I told you about. He's poor and ugly and disgusting."

"Director Chen, it's been a long time. You have to take care of our company." Fang Junjie also stood up and walked towards Fatty.

Only with the help of Fatty could his company continue to do so.

"Who dares to bully my treasure?" The fat guy raised his nose and looked at Lin Yu. He was stunned for a moment.

"Lin …" "Lin Yu?"

"Right, his name is Lin Yu, what a disgusting name, Henny how do you know that... "Ah!

Before Pei Wenwen could finish her coquettishly, she was pushed away by the fatty with all her might and crashed into the sofa with a scream.

Fatty quickly walked over to Fang Junjie. Seeing this, Fang Junjie's eyes lit up. This was because Director Chen wanted to be on good terms with him!

Thinking about it, he was a young elite and his future was unimaginable. He was not someone that a piece of trash like Lin Yu could compare to!

"Boss Chen, I …"


The fatty grabbed Fang Junjie's face and pulled him away as if he was throwing trash, quickly arriving in front of Lin Yu.


The next moment, he actually kneeled on the ground and hugged Lin Yu's leg, crying his heart out!

"Brother Yu!" Lord Yu! I was wrong! I was really wrong! "


The entire audience went into an uproar, as if they had seen a ghost. This was especially true for Fang Junjie and Pei Wenwen. Their mouths gaped so wide that a few large eggs could be stuffed inside!

Chen Lee was actually kneeling on the ground apologizing to Lin Yu!?

The two of them wiped their eyes in disbelief.

That's right, this fatty was the CEO of Lin Qingxue's company, Chen Lee!

"Father!" Please speak to the chairman! Let him revoke the ban on me, I beg you! "

Chen Lee cried miserably. As he knelt before Lin Yu, he kept slapping himself.

Ever since he was fired from his position by the chairman, he received a ban, not to mention in Huahai City, even the companies in J City didn't dare to take him.

Now, there were even various departments that were investigating him, wanting to seal off all of his assets!

"Scram!" Lin Yu stepped on Chen Lee's face and kicked him away.

Who knew that once he was kicked away, Chen Lee would crawl back and cry even more miserably, "Father Yu! I beg you, I beg you! "

Just a second ago, he had been so high and mighty that he immediately knelt down. It was extremely comical, but everyone could not laugh at all.

Pei Wenwen and Fang Junjie looked even more disgusted, as if they had eaten shit.

They licked their faces wanting to curry favor with the flattering person, yet now they were kneeling in front of Lin Yu and begging for forgiveness?

Pills, their pills!

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