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Super Upstart System/C10 Spend Money to Buy a Beating
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C10 Spend Money to Buy a Beating

Guan Fei was just worrying about what to do, but he didn't expect them to remind him. No one would go against money these days, right?

"Don't you know who I am?"

Guan Fei put his legs on the table, shook his right leg, and looked relaxed.

"What does it have to do with me who you are? Have you been arrogant since you had some money? How dare you compete with me in terms of money?"

Niu Ben curled his lips. I have the Wang family behind me, and my family even has a father who works in movies. Who do you think you are!?

"You are gravely mistaken. I don't have a bit of money, but I do have a lot of money."

Guan Fei gave him an expression that said "you are really an idiot." He said to the nine people behind him, "Whoever punches him, I will give ten thousand. Whoever slaps him, I will give him twenty thousand. "If anyone asks him to kneel and kowtow, I'll give him fifty thousand."

Niu Ben was stunned for a moment, then he sneered. These were his brothers who he had played with for three years. Would they betray him because of this little amount of money?

He subconsciously turned his head, and suddenly realized that his subordinates were all showing a very conflicted expression.

"Don't listen to his nonsense. I have plenty of money, are you stupid?"

If he was betrayed at this time, the consequences would be either being beaten up or being beaten up.

The nine people who came with them were a bit conflicted. Niu Ben did treat them well, but it was just a small matter. If they had nothing to do, they would just eat in the internet cafe. Every month, it was only a few hundred dollars worth of pocket money.

However, Guan Fei had ten thousand yuan a punch, and twenty thousand yuan a slap. There was no upper limit. In any case, he had enough this time. It was enough for him to spend a year. At most, he could just transfer to another school. Anyway, for those who specialized in sports, cultural studies did not require much points. With their standards, it would be the same no matter where they studied.

"Do you keep your word?"

The school's second overlord, Geh Wei, finally could not resist the temptation and was the first to stand out.

Niu Ben's expression changed. "You are tired of living."

In terms of strength, If it wasn't for Niu Ben's background, he wouldn't be willing to follow him.

"If you do it, I will transfer the money to you immediately."

Guan Fei took out his phone and opened the bank interface of his phone.

The others looked at the several zeros on the screen and immediately swallowed their saliva.

"Boss, no one will go against money. Just bear with it. It will be over in a while."

As soon as he finished speaking, Geh Wei was the first to punch. The remaining people started to punch and kick each other.

Five minutes passed.

Niu Ben was beyond recognition at this moment. He secretly regretted that he should have spent more money on them.

He didn't know how many kicks he had been kicked. Anyway, he couldn't stand up anymore.

"You did well. I'll give you one hundred thousand each."

Guan Fei finished transferring the money to them. He sat on the table and looked down at Niu Ben, whose face was swollen and swollen. "I told you I was rich. Do you believe me now? Don't say that you are not a member of the Wang family. Even if you are a direct descendant of the Wang family, I will still beat you up. "

50 million worth of mission minus 1 million! The mission was arduous, and the squandering had yet to succeed. Comrades still had to work hard.

The nine people saw that Guan Fei's anger had also dissipated. They carried Niu Ben out of the classroom.

The dozens of classmates at the door subconsciously moved aside. They had never thought that this would be the end.

Nine hundred thousand!

They sent it out without batting an eye. If they had known earlier, they would have kicked it a few times too!

Ma Yu, who was mixed in the crowd, stared at Guan Fei. Why did this fellow suddenly become so rich?

She felt very uncomfortable in her heart, although she was with Liu Yan now. But he treated her as a cannon fodder. Other than being useful at night, she could not even see him for the rest of the time.

There was always a fantasy in his mind. If he went back to look for him, would he accept him?

However, this idea was immediately suppressed. You made me lose face in school, and I won't let you have a good time either.

He must have used some shady method to be so rich? I'm going to call the police!


Pop, pop, pop!

Hearing the sound of the siren, Ma Yu's lips curled up.

Not to mention where you got your money from, at least the fact that you hired someone to beat someone up won't escape you.

Ma Yu seemed to have already seen the scene of him being caught in a sorry state. Suddenly, his chest felt a lot more comfortable.

Not long after, a beautiful woman in police uniform came out of the car.

She was about 1.75 meters tall, and her figure was very full. The places that should be protruding were protruding, the places that should be concave were concave, and the temptation of uniforms was nothing.

Niu Ben, who had been carried downstairs, saw that a police officer had come. He hurriedly broke free and immediately hugged her thigh.

"Police sister, you have to help me make the decision. I was beaten up."

He cried with snot and tears.

Liu Yan frowned. It was fine if you cried. Don't rub snot on my clothes!

She received a call from her brother, Liu Yan's girlfriend, and came here to investigate the case. Not long ago, there was a problem with the bank system near the school. A huge amount of money popped out of the ATM, causing millions of dollars to be lost.

Just then, someone had reported that there was a student called Guan Fei in the school who had suddenly turned from a loser to a tycoon. Perhaps it had something to do with this matter, so she had come over in a hurry.

But who would have thought that the moment she got off the car, she would be hugged by a fat man whose face was swollen and swollen, refusing to let go.

"Classmate, who hit you?"

Liu Yan tried to make her tone as gentle as possible. There were so many people watching but she could not make a move.

"Guan Fei... That's him."

Niu Ben turned his head and found that Guan Fei had also gone downstairs. He hurriedly hid behind Liu Yan and pointed at him fiercely.

"You are Guan Fei?"

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