Super Upstart System/C2 I'll Smash You to Death with Money
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Super Upstart System/C2 I'll Smash You to Death with Money
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C2 I'll Smash You to Death with Money

"Master, Qing Yang High School."

After stopping a taxi, Guan Fei couldn't wait to take revenge on that woman. Didn't you like money? Let me show you what money is.

"There's a traffic jam. I'm not leaving."

The driver didn't respond. He ran to the traffic jam, which cost at most ten yuan. With the current traffic situation, he estimated that he would have to take less than twenty minutes if he blocked the road.

"Is this enough?"

Guan Fei took out a few bills and threw them in front of him.

"Please do it well."

The driver drove away immediately. No one wanted money.

Guan Fei's mood gradually calmed down. He took out his phone and made a call.

Not long after, he heard an impatient voice from the other side.

"Guan Fei, I said it very clearly just now. Can you stop bothering me?"

"See you at the field in ten minutes. It's the last time we meet."

After saying that, Guan Fei immediately cut off the phone call. He knew the personality of his ex-girlfriend, Ma Yu. As long as he guaranteed that he would not annoy her, she would still come.

The driver sized up Guan Fei's attire and shook his head helplessly. Nowadays, young people all liked this kind of tune. A rich tycoon had to pretend to be a loser and test if there was any pure love. To put it bluntly, it was a pain in the ass to have nothing to do with it.


After getting out of the car, Guan Fei went straight to the sports field.

At this moment, under the stands of the sports field stood a charming woman with long hair fluttering in the wind and wearing a white dress. It was Ma Yu.

"Speak, what is it?"

Ma Yu looked at Guan Fei, who was in a sorry state, and couldn't help but look at him with disdain. Luckily, he didn't give his body to him, or else he would have died.

Liu Yan had just given him an unlimited credit card!

"Is money that important? You broke up because of money?"

Guan Fei picked a topic. Although she had chosen the latter between love and material, she still wanted to hear it from her own mouth.

"What you say is meaningless... Which girl can afford to eat six yuan of Mala Soup when others eat crabs? When others buy branded goods, she can only watch helplessly?"

Ma Yu sneered and continued, "If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for not having money. Do you see that? This is a card given to me by Liu Yan. I can swipe it however I want. Can you do that? If you can give me 100,000 yuan, even 10,000 yuan is fine. I can even kneel and lick you in front of everyone. "

At this moment, the running players from the sports field came over. Who asked Ma Yu's voice to be a bit loud? Not to mention that she was the top ten beauty in the school, and she was arguing with her ex-boyfriend. This kind of thing wasn't very common, and those who were watching didn't think it was a big deal.

"Since you like it, I'll satisfy you..."

Guan Fei curled his lips and directly tore open the canvas bag. He took out a stack of cash and threw it on her face.

"Take this ten thousand yuan as the split fee I gave you..."

"This fifty thousand is the first kiss fee I gave you..."

"This one hundred thousand yuan will be my tip to you..."

"This five hundred thousand will let you know what a rich person is. In the future, rub your eyes a little brighter. If you want to kneel and lick my father now, I will find it dirty."

Guan Fei finally threw the canvas bag on her face, waved his sleeve, and didn't take a cloud with him.

The scene stunned everyone on the field. The way he threw the money was too cool!

Ma Yu looked at the red bills flying all over the sky. His mouth could not close no matter what. Where did he get so much money from?

"Snatch it!"

"Don't push me!"


He didn't know that he was the first to make a move, but he was surrounded by people who were squatting on the ground and picking up money.

"This is my money, return it to me."

Ma Yu finally reacted. Like a mad dog, he kept hiding it in his chest.

- The content came from [Miegu Reading]

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