Super Upstart System/C6 Can You Make Money?
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Super Upstart System/C6 Can You Make Money?
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C6 Can You Make Money?

"How can it be six?"

Wang Ba suddenly felt like a deflated balloon. He just shook it for a while. How could it be six? He didn't even have the chance to hear or count.

The onlookers were also a little shocked. This kid actually won!

The new book hadn't been developed yet, but the ten shops were all over a hundred square meters. Each shop was worth a few million. They had earned tens of millions!

"I'm sorry, my luck is a little good. When are we going to make the handover?"

Guan Fei felt a little pleased in his heart. He had earned it so quickly. What was the shop doing?

"You... what can I do if I don't give it to you!"

Wang Ba's temper flared up. He really didn't believe that Guan Fei would dare to go against him. The background of the Wang family wasn't something that a brat who came from nowhere could offend.

"Is that so?"

Guan Fei turned around. He nodded at Liu Fei. "Did you record what happened just now?"

"I guarantee it will be clear!"

Liu Fei was a smart person. He had used his phone to record the bet from the very beginning.

Although he didn't know what Guan Fei's background was, he knew that it wouldn't be a bad bet to see that he wasn't afraid of Wang Ba.

However, he didn't know if he would regret his decision today if he found out that Guan Fei was just an illegitimate child one day.

"You... just wait."

Wang Ba pointed at Guan Fei fiercely with his hand and made a phone call helplessly. The content was nothing more than asking the company to draft a store transfer agreement.

"Director Liu, tell the chef to bring all the specialties of the restaurant. We need to treat Eighth Brother Wang to something good... Those who come to eat today don't need to pay, I'll treat."

Guan Fei waved his hand. He had won quite a bit of money from the other party, so he had to express it no matter what.

Liu Fei nodded and instructed the staff to start working.

The onlookers were no longer looking down on Guan Fei. They started to guess Guan Fei's family background.

"Eighth brother Wang, why aren't you eating? The dishes are good!"

The dishes were served in a short while. Guan Fei started to move the chopsticks, but Wang Ba did not react at all.

The red-dressed Zhao Ying hid behind him, trembling with fear. She did not even dare to breathe loudly.

"I'm full!"

Wang Ba impatiently waved his hand. Why was the efficiency of the law so low? It had been half an hour.

Beep! Beep!

Finally hearing the familiar sound of the car, Wang Ba hurriedly waved his hand.

"Boss, the agreement is done!"

The legal officer held the two agreements and respectfully placed them in front of Wang Ba.

"Take a look. If there are no problems, sign it."

Guan Fei threw the agreement to Liu Fei. Seeing him nod his head, he directly signed on it.

"Kid, if the green mountains don't change, the river will continue to flow. Let's ride a donkey and read the script. We'll wait and see."

Wang Ba could not sit still any longer. He dragged Zhao Ying out of the restaurant.

Because this was sold, he had to pay tens of millions for it. If he did not earn it back from this woman, he would be letting himself down!

Guan Fei's excitement passed. There were still two million left to complete the mission.

The system had originally ordered him to squander, but he had earned tens of millions. What should he do?

He had to spend it in order to not be punished by the system. The system's personality had changed too quickly, and it could not keep up with the pace.

"Liu Fei, I'm going to renovate those ten shops. Do you know anyone?"

Guan Fei had a preliminary idea of how to make use of them.

"I know a few good renovation companies. What do you want to do?"

Liu Fei was also a little curious. Could it be that he wanted to be a chain store or something? The price for renovation was also quite high.

"Since all ten shops are connected, there are four rooms, one big living room, one game hall, one movie, one swimming pool, one fitness room, and one parking lot."

He had to maximize the value of the shops.

Liu Fei was a little confused. Every shop was more than 100 square meters. How much would it cost to renovate it?!

"Please don't save money for me. I want the most luxurious equipment and the most exquisite furniture."

Guan Fei thought for a while. He estimated that more than 20 million yuan would be enough for the renovation. The rest was to buy a car. As a tycoon, how could he not have his own car?

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