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C7 Let Go of Me like a Fart

4S store.

Guan Fei had always wanted to have his own Porsche. When he arrived at the store, he couldn't help but feel a little excited when he saw all kinds of cars.

"Sir, which one do you like?"

When the salesperson Xiaomei saw a boy in student uniform coming to the shop, she wondered if he was from some prestigious family.

"Show me the most expensive ones in your shop."

Guan Fei thought for a while. Since he was here, he had to buy a car worthy of his status.

"Handsome, would you like to take a look at this model? The price is 900,000. It is a new product this year and is very suitable for students to drive."

Actually, Xiaomei didn't want to waste her time. She wanted to see his ability to buy first. For a high school student, driving a car worth nearly a million yuan was already extravagant enough.

"Why? Do you think I can't afford it?"

Guan Fei frowned. He was still a student, and he couldn't wear a suit. Why was he always like this?

Xiaomei felt a little awkward. She didn't answer him or not.

At this time, a male employee came over with a frown. He looked at Guan Fei and said, "Our car is more than three million yuan expensive. If you can't afford it, don't waste everyone's time."

Another grandson!

Guan Fei sneered. "Can you afford it? It's not what you say. " If you can't serve me, ask your boss to come out and talk. "

He didn't believe that he couldn't buy a car with money.

Handsome, please follow me! "

Xiaomei sighed helplessly. Today was her first day at work, and she had encountered such a tough customer. Anyway, it would at most be a waste of a few hours. If she were to expose herself to the boss, she wouldn't be able to get her prize money.

"I want to see."

The male salesperson, Xiao Gao, had decided to see Guan Fei embarrass himself. Of course, he would follow behind.

"You deserve to do this for the rest of your life."

Guan Fei turned around and replied with disdain.

"Little bastard, if you can afford it, I will slap my own mouth."

Xiao Gao sneered. Just by looking at your attire, he could tell that you were pretending to be rich. If you can't afford it later, if you don't get hurt and cry for your mother and father, then all these years of sales would be for nothing.

"Let's wait and see."

Under the lead of the salesperson, Xiaomei, Guan Fei finally arrived in front of the most eye-catching cars.

"This is 911 Turbo S. The price of this series is 3,000,000 RMB. It is a new product that has just been listed. " This card offer is 2.8 million, and this offer is 2.5 million. "These three are the best three cars in the shop..."

Xiaomei explained the three most expensive cars in the shop to Guan Fei one by one. She had finished her work and the rest was up to the boy.

Guan Fei looked around the three cars and liked them more and more. "I want all three cars."

Xiao Gao, who was next to her, was stunned when he heard that. He actually wanted to buy three cars?


Xiao Gao subconsciously shook his head. How could a student like you have such high spending ability!

"What did you say just now... you want to buy everything?"

Xiaomei also couldn't help but confirm that three cars cost about ten million yuan. Who exactly was this person!?

"Card card!"

Guan Fei stared at Little Gao and knocked on the card. He turned around and handed the card to Little Mei.

It must be fake!

Lil 'Gao kept cheering for himself. It was the last straw.


A notification suddenly came from the card reader.

"Sir, you did not..."

Xiaomei wiped her sweat. She didn't know if the password was wrong or if there was no money in the card.

"I let you show off..."

The grievance in Xiao Gao's heart disappeared in an instant. "You failed to act cool, didn't you?"

Guan Fei took out his card and took a look. F * ck, why did he give his card to someone else? How embarrassing!

"Sorry, I took the wrong card!"

Guan Fei handed the card Wang Cong gave him to Xiaomei.

Xiao Gao sneered, but his face slowly became worse and worse. In the end, he did not get the hint that he did not have enough balance. Guan Fei had already completed the handover.

"Can you send the car to my house?"

Guan Fei did not want to drive back by himself. He could not drive three cars.


Xiaomei nodded happily. This kind of service could still be provided.

Even if the shop did not provide it, she was willing to spend money to find someone. The commission was enough for a few years of her salary.

Guan Fei turned around and looked at Little Gao seriously.

"Did you forget what you just said?"

Lil' Gao was a little embarrassed. He cupped his fists and said in embarrassment, "Handsome, I'm sorry. It's all my fault that I apologize. You don't remember me. Just treat it as a fart and let me go!"

"Do I look like someone who's easy to talk to?"

Guan Fei shook his head. "Do you want to do it yourself or do you want me to help you?"

Lil 'Gao looked at Lil' Mei who was staring at him from the side. There was no need to mention how much face he had lost.

"Kid, if I don't do it, what can you do to me?"


As soon as he finished speaking, Xiao Gao felt a slight pain in his face!

He only reacted after a long time. This bastard actually dared to slap him?


Xiao Gao's fist was about to counter attack, but he was immediately pulled back by Xiao Mei who rushed out.

"If you dare to fight, I promise that no 4S shop in Beijing will take you in."

Guan Fei curled his lips. This is what you do. There are only a few 4S stores in Beijing. Whoever dares to hire him will buy a car. The condition is that you must fire him. It is nothing more than spending more money.

"Wait for me..."

Xiao Gao struggled free from Xiao Mei's hand and angrily left the shop.

Lil 'Mei sighed helplessly at the side!

When they were doing sales, they had to look at other people's expressions. When others scolded you, you had to stick close to them. If you didn't have any results, you would have to pack up and leave in less than three months.

She wasn't an idiot. Of course, she wouldn't offend a prodigal for the sake of her colleague.

"Handsome, this is my business card. If you need anything in the future, you can call me. 24 hours of service."

Xiaomei respectfully handed the business card over with both hands.

"All services?"

Guan Fei couldn't help but raise his eyebrows.


Xiaomei didn't know what to do. She lowered her head and thought about how to explain it.

However, when she looked up again, she found that Guan Fei had already left the shop. She suddenly had an idea. It would be good if she became his woman.

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