Super Upstart System/C8 Come and Find Trouble with Me
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Super Upstart System/C8 Come and Find Trouble with Me
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C8 Come and Find Trouble with Me


Guan Fei sat on a chair, anxiously waiting for the system's feedback.


The system's voice finally rang in his mind. He had been worrying about whether he would be punished for making money.

"Mission completed. Reward: 100 points and 10 attribute points. Due to the Host's excessive completion, an additional 20 attribute points will be rewarded. Do you wish to distribute them?"

He had to allocate them!

Guan Fei did not even think about it. He directly allocated 30 attribute points to Health. He instantly felt a lot more comfortable. This squandering system was indeed very useful!

Immediately, a host's information popped up.

Appearance: 50

Strength: 30

Health: 70

Sex ability : 10

Cultivation Technique: None

Skill: Light Speed Fist (Beginner Gift Bag, 1 Consumption Skill, Instant Cast 10 Fists)

Points: 200

Rich Goods Store Insufficient balance in his account, temporarily unavailable.

Guan Fei noticed that the system still did not mention anything about him earning money. He could not help but ask, "System, you want me to squander, but I want to earn money. What should I do in this situation?"

"Every hundred thousand I earn can be exchanged for one attribute point... This expense is not included."

Hearing the system's reaction, Guan Fei finally heaved a sigh of relief. As long as there was no punishment.

"System, how much is the next squandering mission going to cost?"

It just so happened that ten shops were going to be renovated soon, so it could be counted.

"50 million for one week. Mission reward 20 attribute points, 5000 points. Mission failure, random punishment."

What a crafty system!

Wouldn't this be according to your wishes?


"Look, the one sitting is Guan Fei!"

"I really can't tell that he's the second generation!"

"Luckily I didn't offend him!"

The news of the sports field using money to throw people had spread throughout the entire campus, and it had become the most influential person in the school.

Guan Fei was currently concentrating on communicating with the system, but he did not notice that many people had already started paying attention to him.


Suddenly, a basketball rolled to his feet.

Guan Fei subconsciously looked towards the basketball court. It was someone from the basketball team training.

"That person, bring the ball to me."

A stubborn and unruly voice was heard.

Guan Fei sneered. She was none other than one of the school's campus belles, Zhang Xiaoli.

Because it was a physical education class, she wore a gray sports suit, but it still could not cover up her graceful and beautiful figure, especially her pretty face, which attracted countless people.

What made people jealous was that her family background was deep. Her father was the general manager of the media company, and her mother was the dean of the school's faculty. It could be said that in school, it was a princess that boys supported their teachers and spoiled their classmates with envy.

In the past, Guan Fei had pursued her, but in the end, she was the one who asked, "Are you worthy of me? With just one sentence, she was defeated. She was ridiculed for a whole semester.

If it was in the past, Guan Fei would probably be fawning over her right now, and no one would make things difficult for a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, he was no longer that coward.

No one could order him to do anything.

"You don't have hands?"

Guan Fei curled his lips. It was better for him to use this young lady's temper on someone else. He was still a tycoon!


Zhang Xiaoli was so angry that she ran in front of him, "Pick it up for me."

She did not believe that this bastard would dare to go against her wishes.


Zhang Xiaoli raised her head proudly when she heard Guan Fei agree. She thought that Guan Fei's temper had changed, and he was still the same as before.

But who knew that Guan Fei would grab the basketball and throw it at the basketball court with all his strength!

With a loud bang, the basketball actually fell into the basket. There was a distance of about 20 meters between them.

The others on the field were shocked and looked over.

Was this still human strength?

"Do you really think you're a princess? Do you think everyone has to serve you? Sorry, I'm only a lord."

Guan Fei came up to her and sniffed her body fragrance. "It smells good."

This made Zhang Xiaoli very angry.

"You... Shameless!"

No one had ever dared to talk to her like this since she was young. She pointed at Guan Fei and started to scold him.

The boys on the field saw that their goddess seemed to have been bullied and quickly came over.

"Xiaoli, what's wrong?"

His name was Niu Ben, and he was a sports talent. He was also Wang Lin's distant cousin. He usually acted recklessly under the banner of the Wang family, while Guan Fei was often bullied.

"Niu Ben, he bullied me."

Zhang Xiaoli was a lot more stubborn this time. With so many boys present, she had to teach this bastard a lesson.

This was the first time Niu Ben had seen Zhang Xiaoli acting like a spoiled child. He was very happy in his heart. In the past, he had never had the chance to show off in front of her. Finally, he was able to guard the clouds and see the moon.

"Coward, you don't want to get beaten up. Sneaky apology."

Niu Ben ran two steps and directly stopped Guan Fei. This kid took the initiative to send himself to the door to look for a beating. He could even win the heart of a beautiful woman. It was a good thing that a pie fell from the sky!

"You idiot, get lost!"

Guan Fei pushed him away. He wanted to get back at him for bullying him in the past.

- The content came from [Migu Reading].

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