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C9 If You like Money Then It's Easy

Niu Ben took a few steps back and looked at the others who were covering their mouths and laughing. His facial expression immediately changed. He was actually pushed away by this brat, and he was still standing in front of his goddess. This was too disgraceful.

"Get back here!"

Niu Ben went forward and wanted to grab Guan Fei's collar.

Guan Fei frowned and kicked him a few meters away.

"Let's settle the old scores."

The others were stunned. Wasn't Niu Ben going to teach them a lesson? Why was he kicked to the ground like a dog, barking?

Zhang Xiaoli also did not expect this ending, "You guys aren't going?"

The surrounding boys' expressions were a little awkward. The girls had already said so and hurriedly went forward to surround Guan Fei.

"Kid, you are really ruthless."

"Didn't your mother teach you not to bully women?"

The few of them started to shout at each other, making Guan Fei impatient.

"You asked for it!"

If Guan Fei had not launched a sneak attack just now, He would not have been a match for Niu Ben, let alone a few basketball players.

However, he had a skill that he had obtained from the novice gift pack: Light Speed Fist!

He instantly opened the control panel and released the Light Speed Fist. A golden light flashed, and like a spider web, it shot towards the few of them!


One figure after another fell to the ground. The Light Speed Fist actually hit all of them. Their faces were swollen and their faces were swollen. How could they still have the appearance of a normal person?

Guan Fei rubbed his hands together and threw a few of them in front of Zhang Xiaoli like trash.

"If you want to teach someone a lesson, remember to find a few more powerful ones. What's wrong with these few trash? Don't think that even if you are beautiful, others will surround you. In my eyes, you are just a vase."

Guan Fei turned around and was about to leave when he suddenly thought of something. He took out his wallet, took out a stack of money, and threw it beside Zhang Xiaoli. "I will pay for the medical expenses of these few people for you. No need to thank me."

Zhang Xiaoli gritted her teeth and bit her lower lip. Humiliation, humiliation. There were no words that could describe her current feelings.


In the end, it could only turn into an angry shout.

Niu Ben, who was lying on the ground, had his eyes filled with blood. He swore that he would not be a human if he did not get his revenge.

A physical education class lasted 40 minutes. Guan Fei immediately returned to his class.

When the students who were chattering away noticed that Guan Fei had come in, they all stopped what they were doing.

They thought that he was a pushover who could be easily bullied, but who would have thought that he would suddenly become the second generation's favorite? Using money to smash his face? Scolding people in the sports field? He was simply a god-like existence.

Not to mention he even dared to beat up Wang Lin's nephew, Niu Ben. He couldn't help but attract everyone's attention.

At this moment, a freckled woman whispered to the people next to her, "You guys don't know, I was at the field, and five hundred thousand yuan was flying in the air. It was a spectacular sight."

At this time, a thin man interrupted her words and interrupted to explain, "That's nothing. Just now at the sports field, Guan Fei instantly sent four sports students flying by himself. He even pointed at Zhang Xiaoli's nose and said, in my eyes, you are just a vase."

Guan Fei was not deaf. Hearing the whispering of his classmates, he did not express anything emotionally. Anyway, it was all his own doing. There was nothing to be surprised about. He returned to his seat at the back.

"So handsome!"

"He's crafty!"

"Then what's the point of studying when you have so much money!"

"This is called experiencing the lowest level of life. What do you know?"

"You actually look down on my dirty clothes. Let me tell you, that must have been worn by a famous designer. It was only to keep a low profile that it looked so inconspicuous."

When Guan Fei heard this, he could not help but curl the corner of his mouth. He looked at the school uniform that had been washed until it was white and was secretly pleased with himself. I didn't expect that after I became famous, your value would also skyrocket.


Guan Fei was resting with his eyes closed, enjoying the flattery of his classmates beside him. He was in a very comfortable mood.

Suddenly, a loud noise broke the silence in the classroom. The door was kicked open.

"Guan Fei, where did you hide your son of a b * tch?"

"The rest of you, get lost!"

When the people in the classroom saw that a few bullies from the school were looking for trouble, they hurriedly ran outside. If they remembered this, even if they did not die, they would lose a layer of skin.

The little bully was led by Niu Ben. Relying on the Wang family's background, the school teachers did not dare to interfere, and the students did not dare to offend him. According to rumors, there was a boy who accidentally touched Niu Ben. In the end, he was beaten up for three whole months, and in the end, he was forced to transfer schools.

Guan Fei did not expect Niu Ben to find someone to take revenge so quickly. It seemed that the attack just now was still too light.

"Didn't you just show off? Kneel down and beg me now, perhaps you will suffer less."

Niu Ben kicked the table in front of him to the side and stared coldly at Guan Fei.

The incident at the sports field had caused him to lose face. If he did not regain his face, he would not be able to have a foothold in the school anymore.

"Didn't I kick you comfortably just now?"

Guan Fei shook his head. He was not confident at the moment. The Light Speed Fist was a skill that consumed energy. It had already been used on the field.

Currently, he only had 40 Strength attribute. Not to mention teaching a lesson, Niu Ben alone could flip him over.

"If it wasn't for your sneak attack, do you think you are qualified to fight me?"

Niu Ben flung his face, showing off like a proud peacock. If he really had a tail, he would definitely be able to show off.

"I don't know who obediently gave us pocket money every month back then!"

One of the subordinates who followed him twitched his mouth. Was such a trash worth such a grand occasion?

"That's right. Kid, let me tell you. In the future, I'll double every month. Otherwise, I'll beat you up every time I see you."

Another subordinate also began to jeer.

The students outside the class were also a little nervous. They had heard about what had happened at the sports field, and they also wanted to see Guan Fei. Was he really that strong?

"You like money? That's easy!"

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