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C10 Blinding lights

“Father” Stephanie said with a bow.

“You’re late” her sister said.

Stephanie just focused her attention on her father.

“Yes. Looks like there has been a change of plans”.

“What happened?” she asked.

“It seems you will be accompanying me to the summit this time” he said slowly.

Stephanie’s head shot up.


“You all will” he said.

That went downhill fast.

“It’ll be a good idea teaching the ice children simple diplomacy”.

“Wonderful news father. When do we leave?” she asked.

“Soon” and he made a gesture with his hand that he was done with all of them.

The three siblings made their way out of the throne room.

“Thanks” Stephanie murmured.

“What was that?” Sapphire asked.

“You’re not going to hear it again so don’t bother” she said already marching down the hall.

Sapphire just smiled and looked at her brother who just smiled back.

“So you’re going to be in Tempa tomorrow?” Kieran asked the hologram on his wrist.

“Yes” Stephanie replied. “I won’t be needed. Father won’t notice if I’m there or not so we could hang out…..”

“That sounds nice” Kieran said though he looked bored she could see the excitement in his eyes.

“With Clara” she completed.

“Sure” he said.

“I also know that she brought Danny” she said.

“And how do you feel about that?” he asked her.

“Well I owe her my life, but I’m not going to tell her that”.

“Tomorrow then?” he asked.

“Tomorrow” and the hologram disappeared.

Kieran smiled.

The next day Clara woke up with a stupid smile on her face and she suggested that they go to the amusement park.

Something told her that it wasn’t going to be like earth amusement parks.

And she was right.

The star attraction was called Prime eyes.

Her and another person would be put in a capsule and be shot out of his eyes like they were lasers and be passed through hoops that would throw them around until they were back to where they started. Behind the president’s head.

“Well wasn’t that nice” Clara said when they got off.

“Yes it was” Danny said. She couldn’t control her smile anymore and her hair too.

“You want to go on others?” she asked.

“Yes” Danny replied already being pulled by Clara.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“You wear the helmet and you have laser vision and you try to shoot as many dragons in the simulator” Clara explained.

“What about that?” Danny asked pointing to another.

“That’s just a hover board game” she said brushing it off”.

“Well…..what’s that?” Danny asked pointing far away.

“That’s the point” she replied.

“Why that name?” she asked.

“Because it’s where all planets of home world meet”.

She looked at the pillar of absolute energy glowing green. They were multiple screens showing the news of…..

“Isn’t that Victor Prime on the news?” Danny asked pointing at a screen like a child and she pushed the hand down.

“It is!” she squealed jumping on the spot like a kid. “My stars I almost forgot” she said.

“What?” Danny asked annoyed not liking that she didn’t know what was going on.

“Today is the day of the summit” she said. “And we need to get there”.

“I got it” Danny said.

Her back glowed purple and white and brown wings shot out.

“You do spend all your free time practicing” Clara cooed her ears and tail springing out.

Danny pulled a little on her whiskers.

“I’m going to get there first” she said flapping her wings no longer on the ground.

“Do you even know the way?” Clara asked.

“Yes” and her eyes were glowing black.

She flapped her wings and Clara watched her go.

If Danny thought that she would just beat here there and see Victor Prime first, she was highly mistaken.

Clara crouched down a little her tail swinging slowly and she was off onto the canopies and then on the roof and then on the wires running on her hands and feet.

She could already see Danny.

“You know Owls aren’t meant for speed, right?” Clara asked as she was by her side.

“How did you get here so quick?” Danny asked.

“Should you really ask me that? Clara of Sava” she stated and she jumped down twisting athletically.

Danny didn’t have time for that.

She used her eyes to see how far she still had to go and it was the building just opposite the museum. She knew the fastest way and she took a detour.

While running, Clara kept getting assaulted by green again.

She stopped to clear her head and for a moment she didn’t know where she was. Turning around a hover board was heading her way and she just stood there.

Strong arms encircled her middle pulling her out of harm’s way.

“You trying to kill yourself cat?” Kieran asked.

“No I would never do that” she said confused. “What happened?” she asked.

“You almost got your head chopped off” he said.

“No I…..did I do that?” she asked.

“Yeah, but knowing you, you probably wanted something out of it”.

She didn’t notice that they were approaching the crowd for the summit.

Danny was already there.

The Elementans were the first to arrive with their ice carriage. Animals Tempans had never seen before pulling the sparkly carriage.

They stopped at the front of the building and the door opened fog coming out of it and the King stepped out first in all his royal glory. His ice crown and his blue and white robes. He didn’t bother to wave or look at any of them but they still cheered.

“Sapphire!” Tempans cheered as they saw the crown princess of all of Elementa. She had her hair braided with snowflakes designing her hair and some of it on her skin. But people knew it was makeup and not actual ice adorning her snow white skin. She was dressed in the best furs just for today making her look like a movie star and her crown to top it all off. She waved which made them go crazy and smiled at herself which she could now see on every screen.

She blew a kiss and the crowd could see her lips in the air made of tiny ice particles and it went towards all of them hitting them with cold air. She followed her father.

Stephanie came out not really caring, but they still cheered none the less. She loved the cheering, but she wasn’t going to let that show. That’s not what a warrior princess did.

Her brother was right behind her and their carriage was off.

“I never knew Stephanie had a sister” Danny said.

“She doesn’t talk about her…..much” Clara said.

“Well she is really pretty” she said.

“Yeah she is and really strong too” Clara praised.

“And that kiss she blew was so cold and yet so hot” Danny said all smiles and Kieran just quirked a brow at her.

“I’m best friends with Clara” and she turned back to watch.

“Who do you think is next?” Danny asked.

“Sava” Clara replied with pride.


Everyone looked up to see a flock of colorful birds descend slowly with a carriage in tow.

“Sava!” Clara yelled making other people yell.

She watched her current leader get off and his guards follow him behind and in front.

They stopped and the leader turned to the crowd

“Sava!” he yelled.

All the Savans who had left their home just to come to see this took a deep breath and yelled…..

“SAVA!” They all yelled.

“A very lively leader isn’t he?” Clara asked.

“Yes” Danny replied.

“So you understand yeah?”

“Yes. Elementa has a King, Sava has a Leader, Luvina has a……I’m not sure”.

“They’re here” Kieran said looking up at the sky as it darkened and it got windy fast.

A hovercraft floated down and it was black and green.

The door opened and a woman dressed in all black.

Her hair black and her makeup. A man followed her.

People did still cheer. They must have been Luvinans or people from other planets too and not everyone liked good. It was the same here as it was the same on earth. People too wanted to be villains.

“So next is…..”

“Victor Prime!” Clara yelled and she jumped again.

Danny was a girl yes, but she didn’t stop her eyes from going to her friend’s chest which just kept bouncing.

Her hand went to her chest unconsciously.

The man also came in a very long hover car and Danny had to cover her ears because the screams seemed to have quadrupled.

“Victor Prime!” some yelled.

“Mr. President!” others yelled.

“I love you! Look at me! I love you most in the whole world!” Clara said still jumping.

If this was earth, she was sure that Clara would take off her top. Maybe Savans did that.

The president waved at all of them and people were swooning and fainting.

The man turned his long jacket turning with him and making his way into the building. The door closed with a loud BANG.

“Is that it?” she asked.

“Well they won’t show us the meeting if that is what you’re asking” Kieran replied.

“Then what do we do now?” Danny asked.

“We can try out that new game they made just for today” Clara said.

“What is it about?” Danny asked.

“A game skilled Tempans made just for the summit. You get transported into the game and fight against any leader of your choice”.

“That’s nice. I’m really digging that Luvinan woman” Danny said stepping onto the platform.

“The Supreme overlord” Kieran corrected.

“Why not all of them?” Clara asked.

“Can you handle them Clara?” Kieran asked and Danny could hear the teasing tone in his voice.

“I can handle everything” Clara said already cocky.

“Okay, you ready?” the Tempan in charge of the game with a crazy hairstyle asked.

“Yes” we are Danny replied and they were hit with a beam.

Soon they were in the game which looked really like the real world. An arena of some sort.

Kieran and Clara transformed and surprisingly so did Daniella.

“So you’ve been training?” Clara asked spinning her staff.

Daniella smiled doing a twirl. “How do I look?” she asked.

“Like you were meant to be here” she replied.

“They’re here” Kieran cut in.

“Just her?” Clara asked looking at the Luvinan woman who had both hands on her waist making her curves stand out more.

“She’s a beaut isn’t she?” Danny asked.

“Yes, but be careful” Kieran said.

The woman didn’t seem to notice them. When she did butterflies made of smoke were fluttering round her.

“Don’t let them touch you” he warned.

“Why?” she asked.

One of the insects touched a tree close to her and it withered immediately and crumbled.

“That’s why” he replied.

Clara’s staff disappeared and she had a whip with her now. “Got it” and she was off.

She ran and the woman was just standing there not caring that someone was running towards her with deadly intent.

“Above you!” Kieran yelled and she was pulled back immediately.

The Savan leader all animal was crouched down like a tiger waiting to pounce on his prey.

“I don’t think we thought this through” Danny whispered.

“You think?” Kieran asked. “Only the strongest are the leaders on every planet”.

“Did it just get chilly?” Clara asked her ears standing to full attention.

“I think you meant hot” Kieran corrected.

The three didn’t have time to think. Who would when they had lasers and ice coming at them with full speed? They were hit and shot out of the game.

The Tempan in charge laughed at them as they dusted themselves off.

“Did you get hit for real Clara?” Danny asked.

“What do you mean?” Clara asked.

“I mean you’re……”

“No one gets hurt for real on any of the games” Kieran cut in.

Danny just let it go.

“Let’s just get something to eat” Clara said leading the way.

“I don’t see the need of me being here” the King said his voice all regal. Getting the attention and respect he rightfully deserved. All the leaders turned to him.

“And we do?” the Savan leader asked annoyed.

“Please calm yourself Agira. Everyone knows that you’re nothing but an undomesticated cat” he said placing his long fingers under his chin.

“Why you….”

“No fighting” Victor cut in.

“Silence!” the King commanded.

The only woman in the room sighed.

“There is nothing to talk about” he said flatly his voice going round the whole room. “And you all know it’s the truth. “It’s just to keep up the act so we don’t go into another war”.

“How very kingly of you” Agira said snidely.

“Is kingly a real word? Not only are you a complete barbaric savage with no class whatsoever. You are brain dead”.

A bird that no one noticed made its way to the ice king. He didn’t need to do much. He raised a finger and the bird was stabbed by a shard of ice. Stooping it in its flight before it could actually touch him.

Agira stood up.

That made icicles shoot out from the table making the hologram of the entire planet shaky.

That was able to make the others get defensive.

The Luvinan overlord had her butterflies fluttering above her. Victor Prime had the glass covering his eyes reflecting red. The Savan leader was growling.

“I advice all of you to calm yourselves” Victor ordered. “You are leaders and you are on Tempan grounds so anything you do will be considered a crime against my home”.

The ice went down, the butterflies went away and Victor calmed down and the Savan leader stopped growling and took his seat.

Victor sighed. “So how was your journey here?”

“Clara” Daniela called.

“Yes” she replied.

“I wanted to tell you something earlier”.

“What?” she asked.

“Your ears and tail were black at the tips”.

“What?” Clara asked trying not to laugh. “You know that can’t happen Danny. My fur color is gold not black. Are you imagining things or something?”

“No I’m not. I’m being honest they were black”.

“Cats don’t shed their skin or just change color and there are also not birds that their feathers fall off. They’re mammals and you are just seeing things”.

“Maybe you’re right, but I know what I saw”.

“You’re just tired and your mind are playing tricks on you” she said massaging Danny’s shoulders. “Maybe we should go home” she suggested.

“When I just arrived?”

Everyone turned to see Stephanie.

“You made it” Kieran said with a small smile.

“Yeah, but I won’t stay for too long. This summit is going to be different from the rest with the way things are going”.

“How are they going?” Clara asked.

“Not good” Stephanie sighed.

“Nice to see you again Stephanie” Danny said with a smile.

“You too”.

“So where are we going to go?” Clara asked.

“You really want to try this game again?” Danny asked as they were transported in the game staring at all four leaders.

“I would have suggested the club, but it’s still day time and I don’t want to make headlines” Stephanie explained.

Clara stumbled.

Danny held her. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah I just got dizzy all of a sudden”.

“You probably caught a human disease” Stephanie joked.

“I’m not a human so I don’t get sick!” Clara snapped.

“Easy kitten. Put those claws back in” she whispered.

Clara pushed Danny back and squatted. Her ears and tail popping out and Danny looked and they weren’t black.

“Weird” she murmured.

“I’m going first then” Stephanie said and pushed her leg back to have leverage to jump, but something shot past her.

Looking closer it was Clara.

“When did she get so fast?” Kieran asked.

“Doesn’t matter” Stephanie said before jumping high up colliding with the Savan leader. Her sword hitting his battle axe.

Clara ran and she tripped on ice. Her eye would have been impaled on an icicle which would have shot her out of the game, but she shot her hand out doing a flip. Her whip came out passing through the king causing the hologram to glitch.

A chakram shot past her towards Victor prime. His lasers hit it, but that didn’t melt it. Maybe because it wasn’t real. Kieran sent another one that passed through his head.

Danny stood before the Luvinan overlord and sighed. Her telepathy wouldn’t work on a hologram because it had no mind, only programming. She wasn’t one for physical combat. Why did she get this woman?

They were thousands of butterflies fluttering over the woman dangerously. They looked so menacing. Danny just went invincible before they passed through her.

They regrouped. All except Clara.

“We take them out with a combined blast!” Stephanie barked.

“Where’s Clara?” Danny asked.

Clara stood in the middle of the field and then there was a tiny flash of green and then a blast that came from Clara which not only hit the holograms, but also the people behind her and they were pushed out of the game.

“You won?” the person in charge was shocked.

Looking into the screen Clara just stood there with her eyes unfocused.

“I’ve never seen her release a blast like that” Kieran said.

“She just has a lot of bottled up rage. I’m heading back before my father kills someone”.

“Okay. I-we’ll see you later, right?” Kieran asked.

“If I have some free time on my hands” and Stephanie walked away.

Daniela ignored them and watched Clara. Something wasn’t right, but she just couldn’t place her finger on it. There was something wrong with Clara, but at the same time she was still herself. Even without the spacing out.

This called for more observation.

Clara stepped out as the winner and she caught the look in her eyes. She was observing them with something close to disgust? Maybe it was a Savan thing. And then that look was quickly replaced with her normal look.

“You won” Kieran said.

“Yes I did. What were you expecting?” she asked pleased.

“Are you okay Clara?” Danny asked in her mind.

“I’m not so sure Danny. Something is definitely wrong!” the worry in her head didn’t visibly affect her anyway. She kept smiling.

“What is it?” Danny asked.

“I can’t hear Celeste anymore!”

“Who’s Celeste?” Danny asked confused.

“My spirit animal!” she cried. “I can’t hear her anymore. I think something is wrong! Is something wrong with me Danny?!”

“None that I can sense. Maybe she’s just tired and you have been spacing out. I think you just need to rest”.

“You sure?” Clara asked and Danny nodded.

“Kieran we’re done for the day” and she pulled Danny close and they were gone.

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