Supernatural/C8 The End?
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Supernatural/C8 The End?
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C8 The End?

A short time had passed, but they were done recovering. The reaction Daniella had to seeing her friend alive was still fresh in their minds.

Clara had a lot of catching up to do and she was eager to hear the stories. Some were really interesting others weren’t, but she was really happy to have her friend back.

And as a bonus after meeting Danny’s parents and explaining, everything that happened she was allowed to stay on earth.

Veronica actually did something good though. The popularity Danny had now didn’t go away and the makeover she had really looked good on her.

Now they were on the roof eating lunch.

“So” Danny began. “Kieran really cares for you”.

Clara swallowed and fixed a flat stare on her face.

“Honest. If he didn’t care he wouldn’t have taken you to his house, he gave you his bed and he resuscitated you every day. He wouldn’t do that if he didn’t care”.

“He doesn’t care Daniella”.

“How can you say that Clarissa?” Danny asked still thinking they were just playing around.

“It’s just guilt” she whispered going back to her feet.

“Guilt?” Danny asked confused.

“Yes Danny. You know Kieran and I have history” she said softly.

“Yes but-“

“And not the good kind” she cut her off.

“I promise I’m not looking into your mind. Can you tell me what happened?” she asked.

“I don’t like Kieran and it’s for a whole good reason. Home world is not like earth. A quadrant can wake up and decide to attack another one and that was what Luvina did. They decided to attack Sava and part of the few people that attacked were Kieran and his family”.

“Oh” Danny said shifting closer. “I’m so sorry Clara. I didn’t know, we don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want-“

“No! I have kept it in for a very long time. I didn’t have anyone to talk to about this and now you’re here” she said with a smile.

Danny smiled. “Okay you can continue”.

“Luvina attacked Sava. I was young at that time, but was old enough to do battle. That was the first time that I followed my parents to battle and I was excited”.

“That battle was my first and my last” she stated her eyes looking up at the sunny sky. “We didn’t stand a chance. Luvina rained down fire on us and there was nothing we could do. We had a lot of animals, but we didn’t have a dragon”.

“When I came to, I was surrounded by dead bodies and the one that caught my eye was my parents”. She took a deep breath. “I burst into tears on the battlefield and then someone must have heard. A boy walked up to me his weapon spinning fast. I was sure I was a goner, but he just walked past me without a care”.

“After that day, I moved to Tempa. Those guys who attacked were never found and I devoted my time to training and reading. I studied that seal for years waiting for the day I’d get to use it. When I find Kieran’s parents, that’s what I’m going to do to them, but now I don’t know if it worked”.

“You trained hard for this, so I’m sure it’ll work. But I never knew that’s what happened to you. I’m really sorry” Danny said.

“Don’t be. You’re not the one that killed my parents”.

Danny took a deep breath. “So what now?”

“I’m going to keep telling you to stay away from him. You may think is bad boy personae is really cute, but Kieran is evil. He was and always will be. He’ll snap one day and that day I’ll be ready and hopefully his parents will be there. I’ll be there to remove their supernatural powers”.

“Okay, enough of that. You’re back we’re meant to be having fun”.

“Well I wasn’t expecting this from you. What happened?” Clara asked getting on her feet tossing the remains of her lunch in the trash.

“Veronica did a lot that I didn’t notice. Some were bad and some were good, but she did teach me some stuff that I like. The world doesn’t revolve round a book and sometimes you just have to cut back and have fun”.

“So Veronica accomplished what I couldn’t” she pouted.

“Well when you put it that way yes” Danny laughed.

“Stop that or I’ll think that you are turning evil”.

“I can’t when I have you to keep me in line” she said holding her hand out for Clara to pull her up. “So are we guardians of earth now?”

“It doesn’t work like that Danny. Never mind that” she said pulling her to the door seconds before the bell rang.

“So do you really think that Kieran likes Stephanie?” Danny asked with a sheepish smile.

Clara scoffed and walked away.

“Wait Clara, I’m sorry” Danny said running after her.

The door opened and Stephanie stood there with a bored look.

“Speak of the devil and he appears” Danny murmured.

“I’m a princess not a devil” Stephanie supplied.

“Why are you here your highness?” Clara asked with a bow.

Stephanie rolled her eyes. “I’m here for two things. First to tell you Danny that you did okay in battle”.

Danny smiled.

“Not great, but manageable. You didn’t die and that is a good thing. I saw what you did and you have a really good power. It’s a shame that it’s with someone like you”.

“Thank you, I guess?” she was really confused.

“Don’t mention it”.

“What’s the other thing?” Clara asked.

“This” she replied walking up to Danny and giving her one on her cheek.

“OW!” she yelled in pain. “What was that for?!” she yelled.

“I didn’t forget that little stunt you and that psycho pulled when she was still here. And I said I’d get even”.

“Great! So does that mean we’re friends?” she asked.

Stephanie laughed. “Like I’d ever be friends with you”.

And she turned away.

“But you’d make a good ally” she said softly over her shoulder. “I’d like to fight by your side one day and hopefully against you”.

“Me too” Danny said with a small smile before Stephanie walked away.

“Stephanie doesn’t joke with that. You better not ruin what you have”.

“I won’t” she smiled goofily.

Veronica stared down at her brother. He wasn’t dead, he was just really cold. His hair had turned white, so had his skin and his lips. The only thing keeping him alive was the tube they had kept him in. It wouldn’t keep him alive, but it would make the process slower.

“There’s actually nothing that can save him?” Ronnie asked Andy who was beside her.

“Not for him or for you” he replied.

“There has to be something. There has to be a seal that can give me my powers back and there has to be a legendary fire that can melt the ice killing my brother”.

“V, there isn’t” he stated without any emotion. “And can you sit down, you look like you’ll break any moment”.

She glared at him and turned back to the tube.

“They’ll get what’s coming to them. I can feel it”.

“Sure you can” he agreed holding her shoulders pushing her to a chair.

“And something tells me it isn’t so far”.

After class, Danny made her way to the forest. This time alone.

There had been a tingling sensation on her hip for some time now, but she just blew it off. Then from tingling it turned to itching and then burning.

It wasn’t painful, it was just distracting and she hated it.

No one was around so she could see if she got a human rash or something.

She pulled her skirt just a little and she wasn’t prepared for what she saw.

“A tattoo!” she yelled.

That’s what the whole fuss was about.

How did that happen? When did she prove herself?

Looking closer it was a bird. An owl.

She was so excited. Should she call Clara now or check out her bird herself? She decided on the latter.

He took a deep breath and her palms glowed purple. The summoning seal appeared on the ground and erupted purple light. When it cleared, a beautiful white and brown owl stood there in all its glory with very intelligent pitch black eyes.

“You called” the owl spoke and it was a she.

“I’m Danny” she introduced herself.

“I’m Willow. How can I be of service?” she asked.

“Well this is my first time. What do you suggest?” she asked.

“I could take you flying or if….”

“Flying sounds nice” she cut her off.

“Here or Tempa?” Willow asked.

“The whole of home world would be nice” she said approaching her bird and jumping onto her soft back. “You smell nice” she murmured.

The ground glowed purple and soon she felt herself being sucked in and soon there were in the sky of home world.

She sat down comfortably.

All what had happened was real. She didn’t know anything at first, but now look at her.

She knew about this place she knew absolutely nothing about months ago. She never knew she’d meet another supernatural like Clara which was now a best friend. A soon to be boyfriend Kieran and an ally like Stephanie. She never knew that she’d encounter an enemy like Veronica and her brother and actually live to tell the tale.

If she could go back in time to tell her past self, she wouldn’t believe. Now it all seemed like a dream, but she knew it wasn’t.

“So Willow, any special powers?” Danny asked.

“I can fly really fast and others you have to discover for yourself”.

“Well then, to a long lasting relationship”.

“To us” Willow replied.

The End.

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