Supernova/C0 ~~•Chapter 1•~~
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Supernova/C0 ~~•Chapter 1•~~
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C0 ~~•Chapter 1•~~

Mummy please, please!!,a young girl around 15 or 16 could be seen pleading a woman old enough to be in her mid thirties.

"Don't start again" her mother groaned as they walk into their parlour it design in a modern and ancient way weird right😉. A man could be sighted rocking a wooden chair reading the current newspaper, as soon as he heard his wife and child voice, he rose up his head.

"Every morning, you are always begging her for something, tell

me and I will grant your wish" he said as he adjust his glasses.

"Are you sure pappie?" She asked excitedly

"If am sure will I say I will grant your wish!" he said raising his eyebrows.

The young girl pretends to be thinking and finally talk

"Okay if you are sure, pappie I will love to spend my holidays with Nana and pops"

"Is that all?"

"Yes pappie, will you allow?"

"Your wish is granted"

"I know you will sup...... Wait did you just say my wish is granted" she said excitedly

"Well I did" her father grinned

She hug him and went out humming and skip happily.

Immediately she went out, her mother turn to her husband frowning

"Darl, frowning does not suit that beautiful face of urs" the man said smiling

She blushed but quickly regain herself "don't use any sweet words to me, how could you accept to do her wish, when you know she will be going to that dangerous town, you better go and tell that you are giving her false hope". She said angrily

"Darl, calm down ,don't you see the eagerness in her eyes, even if we do not allow her to go, she will always find a way to go there alone with or without our permission, at least we will know about her where about so don't let us tamper with the prophecy, it will always find a way to come to pass no matter what we do." The man said

"But I don't want her to get hurt, that world is too dangerous for her" the woman said tearily

"Don't worry darl, the gods will protect her, he kissed her forehead.

Alyssa's POV

I went to my room happily, I brought my bags and pack my clothes and shoes also the things I will need.

"Finally am going to meet grandma, or is it grandma am excited to see or going to the town. I don't even know why am excited to go. I shrug at the thought then I went to shower and wore my PJs then I fell asleep.


"Alyssa, Alyssa,Alyssa" a voice said gently

"Oh great one" with respect sounding in it's tone

"Come take your place" the voice said again

"Take it now"

"It's time" it shouted boldly.


I woke up panting and started fiddling my bracelet ( I do that anytime am afraid, nervous or angry it calms me down). I glance at my clock, it just 12:05, I really do need to stop watching horror movies, am happy that the dream is not as terrifying as the other ones.

I took a sleeping bag with a pillow and went to the veranda since its raining, I don't know why I find pleasure in watching the storm, the flowers bloom, and the trees wither away and grow, also burn when being strike by thunder, it gives me unimaginable happiness, weird right. Well you can't blame me am weird. During cold season I don't feel cold like am immune to the weather even during hot season, its like am not human, so weird. Not quite long the rain stopped,The moon was now visible. I looked at, it felt as if the moon is smiling at me. I don't even know how I fell asleep but I know that I slept comfortably without having strange dreams.


The sun shone brightly on my face, I woke up due to the sun rays reflecting on my face. I stood up, pack the sleeping bag and went to my room. I unclad myself and covered my body with towel then entered the bathroom. After bathing, I apply my body cream, I put on sweat pants and a baggy hoodie then I curled my hair and pack it in pony tail. I took my luggage downstairs to the car since am going today Yippee!!!!. I went to the dining room to eat breakfast, I met mom and dad there already eating.

"Good morning mom and dad" I said as i peck their cheeks.

"Morning dear, how was your night?" Mum said smiling

" It was fine mum"

" I can see someone is happy today" my father grinned

" Am going to your town for the first time, so am happy" I said smiling.

"Is that only your reason you are happy?"

"No, Pappie that's not the reason, am excited to see grand pops and Nana ( that's what I call my grandparent) but maybe I am very excited to go to your town" immediately I said that my mum mood change, don't know why.

"Why can't you stay hun, you can video chat them instead of going to see them" mom said sadly

"Mum, I know you will miss me, that's the way I miss Nana and grand pops, I want to spend time with them also"

"Baby, they could come here" my mum said trying to convince me

"No mother, nobody is coming here am going there and there is nothing you can say or do to convince me of not going" I said angrily.

"I am not trying.....

" you are not trying to but you are doing it, let's end the discussion here, I will be waiting in the car" i cut her off. I don't even know where that boldness came from.

Alyssa is going to her parent's town

What do you think will happen there🤔

Stay tuned in next chapter

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