Supernova/C1 ~~•Prologue~•
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Supernova/C1 ~~•Prologue~•
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C1 ~~•Prologue~•

In a hospital, a woman with beads of sweat on her face wailing could be seen.

I can see the baby coming, you can do it, just a little push ma'am" the doctor said.

"I can do it, I can do it" the woman wailed

The baby came out and the woman fainted due to stress.

"It is a girl, she is so pretty" the doctors there said happily that the delivery was a success after how many hours.

* Somewhere in a cave*

A man could be seen bending his head chanting some words then he felt sudden vibrations all over his body then he rose his head up, he notice some words written on the wall that he could not comprehend. After it was done sparkles of light emitted from the wall and went out of the cave, he followed it then it hit the moon what he saw was mesmerizing. He saw a moon shining so bright surrounded by stars twinkly round it like they were dancing, the light continued it's journey after hitting the moon, the man continued to follow it, he met himself in Corer hospital. The light stops till it reached ward 119, then he heard a cry of a baby, some words appeared again on the door then he understood, the prophecy had been fulfilled. He went inside and saw a man and a woman looking at the baby with love. They turned their heard towards the man and were wondering what a seer is doing here. The seer went towards the baby, chanted some words and kissed the child's forehead, he sensed a great power from the child then it dawned upon him who the child was. He took a bracelet and wore it on the child and dropped it in a cradle, while looking at the child with respect he said the prophecy had come to pass this shook the child's parent. The seer looked at them and said "she is a Supernova"

"But the the supernova is dead 1000 years ago, did he rebirth into our child?" said the father while shaking with fear

"Yes, the supernova died but your baby is not the same as the other ones" the seer said

"What other ones?"the mother questioned him

"There were other supernovas but they are dead ,every hundred years the title of the supernova is always given to another supernatural but after the last supernova, it was not given until now. So your child is the next supernova but there is a prophecy attached to it only the gods can protect her" the seer said as he left the ward

"Hun,what will happen to our baby now?" the mother said visibly shaking

"Don't worry dear as the seer said the gods will protect her" the father said and kissed the baby's forehead

"I know the gods will protect her, let us leave the city for safety, she's still a small child, she can't handle all these things" the mother said

"Okay, I will do anything to put your mind at rest" he said

"Thanks hun, so what shall we name her?"

"What do you want to name her?"


"Alyssa,I like it" the father looked at the child and said "Alyssa welcome to the world"

What do you think the prophecy can be?

Do you think leaving the town, will save her or will she ever come back?


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