Supernova/C6 ~~•Chapter 3•~~
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Supernova/C6 ~~•Chapter 3•~~
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C6 ~~•Chapter 3•~~

Alyssa's POV

During the journey, nobody talked to each other after what happened at home. The atmosphere was tensed between I and my parents, well I do appreciate the silence because I don't even know what to say to them. Up till now I don't know where the boldness came from to reply my mum back, i have never talk to her back, am the type that always do what my mum says. I put on my headphone before boredom kills me, then shut my eye.


It felt as if someone is hitting me, go awaaay you agent of disturbance, go awaaaaaayyyy.😩


That one stopped, another one came, is rain falling here, this is weird oh god 😔

Okay I don't understand again, why is weird things happening. The world is shaking now, after rain fell earthquake is happening, oh god save your people . We don't want to die younnnng.

I heard soft murmurs, the voice sound familiar but could not figure who own the voice.

"She is not waking up, no matter what I do, I hit her , shake her even sprinkle water on her, she still did not wake up. I don't know what to do". The person said worriedly, it sounds like a female voice

(After all that, the person did not wake up, when she is not sleeping beauty or maybe the person is a rock, they should better go and do check up for the person or give her true love kiss)

"Do you think she is in a trance?!" The same voice spoke panicking

"I don't think she is, let me try one of my tricks on her, she might wake up" a different voice spoke this time, it sounds manly.

"Which one?"

"Thunder slap"

"What!!!!!!!!! Do you want to kill her?!" The person screeched.

(Is the thunder slap dangerous like that? That person must be wicked, which one is even thunder slap? I pity the person sleeping)

"It can't kill her or it might, we can never know if we don't try it"

" I don't even want to know, am not taking that chances, is there not less dangerous tricks that you can do?"

"I assure nothing bad will happen to her even though am not 100% sure but still nothing will happen to her and there are not other options, my other tricks are more dangerous than this one and maybe it won't hurt her for the fact that she is my blood"

"Am not sure about this, is our daughter's life we are talking about, don't you remember the last time you use it, you put the person in a coma, coma, commmaaaaa. So what do you think will happen if you use it on her Huh?"

"Okay, I get your point, don't need to emphasize on it. But that time I was angry, trust me when I say nothing will happen to her or don't you trust me?"

"I do trust you, is just that.......

"Then let me do my stuff, okay?"


The person was mumbling incoherent words that I could not comprehend.

I was thinking about the person sleeping until something or i meant someone cut it off.

It felt as if am being strike to death, like billions volt of electricity entered me. Somebody should tell me if I offend thunder, right now am seeing death waving at me, am going home somebody, the gate of heaven is close😕. I did not even know my eyes were closed till I open it.

"Am in heaven?, I look round, saw cars trees birds...... Are there cars in heaven too, wow heaven is modernised"

"Thank God you are awake, I thought you are going to sleep forever" the person chuckled ( what's funny, am being slap by thunder, I swear it hurts. ) I turned my head towards the direction of the voice, then it dawn to me that voices I heard were my parent's, no wonder it sounds familiar.

"Pheew , am not in heaven" i sigh in relief, "so I was the one sleeping? Am the rock, I should have woken up when I heard their voice" I screamed in my head

"Darl, you see it works" my dad feeling so proud of himself

My mum rolled her eyes at him, (that slap hurts.)

"Dad, is there a fucking electricity in your hands, it felt like am being strike by thunder, billions volt of electricity is in body. Mum why do you even trust him?, am going home already, the gate of heaven is coming closer" I said sobbing

My dad chuckled, (is it suppose to be funny) "It is not that painful"

"Yes dad, is not that painful" I said sarcastically.

"Darl, you see I told she won't be hurt, she confirmed it herself" he said looking at my mum

"Dad, don't you understand when someone is being sarcastic, what I said is an irony, iiiiiiiiroooooony. The slap hurts" I whined as I rub my my face.

"For a moment, I thought I lost my touch but I still got it mehn" my dad said as he high fives himself. My mum glared at him

" I meant sorry, here take some ice pack to reduce the pain" he said as he took a block of ice from the cooler and wrap if with a nylon since there is none , so he improvise.My mum collected it from him glaring at him. She took it from him and use it to rub my face.

"Sorry dear, let me help you rub the ice pack on your face, it will reduce the pain" she said as she rub it on my face

"We are sorry, we woke you up like this, is just that we try waking you up normally but you did not respond so your dad suggested that he should try waking you up which he did." she said

" I can't blame her, am not normal at all, am a rock" said in my head

"Well on the bright side, it did work" my dad said earning an eye roll from my mum

"Hope the pain has subsidies?"

Even though, it still hurts I can't say so it will make my mum feel guilty the more " No mum, it's no more painful"

"That's nice" she smiled, I took my time to look round the environment then I saw a big gate, something was written on it. " Welcome to Corel town".

"Wait , are we there already?"

As if my dad read my thought, "we are already there, that's why we woke you up so you can see the entrance "

"Oh,okay" the gate was huge and is really pretty, wonder how the environment will be like. We enter the car and drove in. I turned back to see the gate one last time.

"You have entered Corel town, welcome".

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