Supernova/C7 ~~• Chapter 4•~~
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Supernova/C7 ~~• Chapter 4•~~
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C7 ~~• Chapter 4•~~

Alyssa's POV

The environment looks beautiful. When we entered, I was feeling this creepy vibe and a sense of belonging I shrug it away after all is my parent's town. Not quite long, the car stopped. I wind the window down, since it looks blurry so I can have a better view of the environment. My mouth gape open in admiration at the sight of the building in front of my eyes, the building is huge,magnificent , it is well structure. It looks as if they spent years in constructing it. It's so beautiful. I was still admiring the house until the statement uttered by my dad jolt out of my thoughts.

"Welcome home"

"Wait what?, this is grandpa's house?"

"Yeah, it still look the same as I left it as far I can remember" he shrugs like it is nothing

Okay this is not what I was expecting, I was expecting a small cottage or an hut surrounded by chickens, cow, pigs you know all those farm animals, everywhere will be filled with muds, maybe no electricity, water. Okay that's one is a little extreme, I don't come here to suffer. I was just expecting maybe a bungalow or a duplex not a freaking mansion or did I really die and wake up in heaven?

"Anyways, I will go inside the house to inform them about our arrival, so you guys should wait here okay?" My dad said

"Okay dad"

My dad nod his head then walk away leaving only me and my mum. The silence was really creeping me out, this is time I really need a sibling someone to disturb, but there is no one. Am bored, is my mom really annoyed with me , cause other days when we are alone, we joke a lot, now she is quiet.

"Hey mum"

"Why don't you bring your luggage down since we have been staying in the car for a long time so you stretch your leg" she said without looking at me and walk out of the car.

I sigh, I came out bringing out my luggage. I looked at her, now or never.

" Mum are you angry at me?"

"No, why do think so?"

"Well, you are not your usual self, and you are not talking to me. If it because of the incident that happen at home, am sorry. Is just that I really want to come and you were trying to stop me from going for no reason. Look at this place, it's heaven or did I really die and wake up heaven ? I could stay here forever. Why do you ever leave mom?

Immediately I said that, her mood instantly change. I mentally roll my eyes. Her and change of mood. I better apologize quick

" What I want to say is that am sorry for talking back to you rudely"

"There is no need for you to apologize to me, am the one that suppose to apologize, am the one trying to stop you from fulfilling your destiny, am....

Who told this woman I want to fulfil destiny here

"Mum, when I said am going to stay here forever, I don't really mean it, am just staying for some time with grandpa and i will be back mum, am not spending my eternity here, am no more little again but am still your girl"

"Corel town really looks like heaven but it is not, i left to protect you and I can't bear to lose you, I was only trying to stop you from coming here to protect you but I tend to forget you are not a little girl anymore, my little girl" she said tearily

"Protect me from what mum?"

"This word.. She said looking round, you know it's different from the outside world, it's so different, hope you will be able to cope with,am sorry for keeping you away I was just only protecting you" this thing is getting emotional, I don't even know I was crying till she wipe it with her hands

'Hey, don't cry okay? Am not going stop you okay. So take your place" she said trying to smile but it is not working.

"You know mum, what you said make me remember my dream, a voice was chanting take your place great one"

"You do dreams"

"Yeah, and it is terrifying, sometimes I dream that this world is being destroyed, commotions everywhere then I saw me, my hair colour is white my eyes are glowing, I look different like I can't actually recognise myself but I feel that it's me, I was in the middle of the commotion. I can't seem to remember all the details. It's weird"

"And you did not tell me all these"

"Well I don't see the need of telling you, my nightmare is the consequence of watching horror movies in the before going to bed, I really need to stop"

"How I wish it was like that, but it is not, promise me you will be safe, promise nothing bad will happen to you"

"Mum, am not going for war"

"Just promise me"

"I promise, mum"

She unhook her necklace and put it on for me, on the pendants there was symbols inscribe on it, it makes it looks beautiful.

She smiled looking at the necklace on my neck " it fit you more, my mother gave me this necklace when she left, she told me it is a linage necklace, it makes you feel the power of mother earth but I feel her presence when am with the necklace anytime am miss her"

"So why did you give me?"

"It's kinda of an assurance that you will be safe and mother earth will protect you" she smiled.

" mother earth?"

"Yeah, that's what my mother told me" she shrugs

"Okay,I love you mum" I pecked her forehead

"I love you too" she hugs me

We heard a little cough , we turned towards the disturbance which make us to drift apart.

"Am sorry, did I disturb your lovey dovey ?"

"Grand pops" I screamed as I went to hug him

"You did not inform me that you are coming today, I could have prepare for you. He said

"Am sorry"

"Anyways how are you?"

"Am fine"

"Greetings to you father" my mum said using her right hand to her forehead while bowing

"Greetings" grandpa raise his hand to greet her back

"Is that the way you guys greet here?"

"I see you did not teach my granddaughter our culture Tonia" he said adjusting his glass.

"I did not see the reason, dear father in law" mum said

"Can't you thin...." I quickly cut him off, it seem grandpa and mum don't like themselves.

"Mum do tell me about this town that's what make me eager to come here, also am eager to enter inside, its been a long day" I said smiling

"Okay let's go inside, can I?" He said gesturing towards my bags.

"There is no need, it's kinda of heavy"

"Well this old man is strong enough to carry heavy things" he said showing off his muscles then took the bags.

Grandpa does not even look old, he looks like he is in his thirties and mum told me grandpa is in his 70's. It did not even show. I wonder who give birth to who, my dad look like a retired police officer. We entered into the house, wow it looks more beautiful than the outside. Am still wondering if I really died😅.

"Welcome young madam" they align at the left and the right dressed in the same uniform.

"Hi" i waved at them what I don't know what to say to them, one of the maid quickly went to meet grandpa and collect my bags from him.

"My baby!!!" Someone squealed like literally squeal. I was twirl around, am think am going to faint. "Hey Nana" I smiled at her

She rain kisses all over my face

"I can't believe you are here...." Me too can not believe am here

.....when the maid first told me that my son is here I was excited but when your father told me you are, I was overexcited" ( I can see that)

"You looks so beautiful, now I know beauty runs in the family" she winked at me

"You must be exhausted, go have your rest" she called a maid "lead her to her room, she looked at me "follow her, she will lead you to your room, let me go and see your parents " she said as she walk towards the door stop and turn to me "Alyssa"

"Yes Nana"

"Welcome home" she smiled at me then walk away

I smiled and look round the house and said to myself "Yeah, am home".

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