Supernova/C9 ~~~• Chapter 4•~~~
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Supernova/C9 ~~~• Chapter 4•~~~
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C9 ~~~• Chapter 4•~~~

*********** Narrative's POV***********

Alyssa's father walk towards the gate contemplating whether to ring the bell or not. It's been long he left this town, 16 years he chuckled, "time really run fast" he said to himself. He never thought he will come back here maybe he did but if not for the fact that his daughter want to come here, he won't be here. He finally gather courage to ring the bell. The sound of the bell is rich and exotic one can easily know that the owner is wealthy. A voice boomed out of nowhere but he knew it came from the building. "Do you have an appointment with our Master?" He recognize the owner of the voice.

"Do I need an appointment to see my father ?,Old pa"

Instantly, the security guard knew who he is, because it is only one person that call him that. "Is that you little boy?"

"Yeah, it is me but am not little, am a man" The gate opened with full force, an old man putting on a security uniform came out, one can easily tell that he is excited. "It's really you, I have missed you, everyone here even your father" he said smiling

"if he misses me there is a thing called telephone, he could call but he didn't"

"Well... He quickly cut him off " let's just drop the topic here, I really want to see my father or did I need an appointment to enter?"

"What do you need it for , it is your father's house, enter"

He entered, "Thank you, so I will see you later"

"You must, we have a lot to catch up after all this years" he smiled at the old man then walk away. Looking at the environment bring back all the childhood memories he spent here both happy and painful memories. A maid sighted him and recognize him she quickly went to the house to inform her master about his son's arrival. Walking from the gate to the main building is exhausting, one can easily burn fat walking that distance. He entered the house and was greeted by the servants of the house "Greetings to you young master" the maid who sighted already inform the other servants about his arrival. Even though he does not like being called that but he can not deny the fact that he miss being called that. "Greetings" he responded to their greetings.

Meanwhile, a man could be seen meditating, he looks like he is in his thirties but looks can be deceiving. He heard a knock " come in". The maid who saw Alyssa's father earlier came in "Greetings to you master" she bowed her head, she dare not look at him in his eyes unless she want to be dead.

"What can I do for you?"

" I came to inform you about the arrival of young master"

"Okay" he dismissed her, he was happy that one of his sons came to visit him.

The maid left the room and went to the garden since that is where her madam is. She saw her trimming the flowers, she takes delight in taking care of the garden. "Greetings to you ma'am"

"Greetings, what do you seek for?"

" I don't seek for anything ma'am, I came to inform you about young master arrival "

"Which of them?"

"Third young master"


"Yes ma'am"

"Okay, you can go" she dropped the gardening and went to wash off the dirt on her body.

💥 Ace's POV 💥

Being here brings lot of memories both happy and sad. "I heard one of sons is here I wonder which one" the voice that i did not wish to hear, my father the man of the house. He was walking down the stairs like he own the world. "Ace" my mum screamed running down the stairs, she pushed the old man but he quickly prevent his fall how I wish he fell I would have laugh. " You are really here, I miss you so much" she rain kisses allover my faces. Always dramatic.

"Ace?!, are you really here?" My father asked in a surprise tone

"No my second" I did not say it aloud, I don't want to die young. "Hey father, I mean greetings to you father" I bowed

"I see you have gotten use to the outside world and forgotten our culture...." Culture, culture that's all he knows, This is the reason why I left this town apart from protecting my daughter, when he want all of his children to focus on studying this town culture, this man never change, I hope he does not do the same to my daughter.

.....anyways why are you here?"

My mum roll her eyes "oh please don't act like you don't want him here"

"Am not acting" he said with a stern voice

"Lies, when last did you sleep in your room"

"Am just coming from there"

"You think I don't know that every night you go to his room and cry yourself to sleep, you and I know that you miss him.... She grinned ....and now he is here, you want to push him away agaaain.

The thought of my dad missing me makes me happy. " Anyways, am not here to stay, I only came here to drop my daughter"

"Alyssa is here?" Father asked smiling

"My granddaughter is here and you did not inform us about her arrival" mum said

"Well, I just did" I shrug

"Oh my god I did not prepare anything , hey you and you follow me she said pointing at the two maids cleaning the pantry then she walk away with the maids following her.

"So, where is she?" Father asked

"I left her outside"

"You left her outside, don't you know that anything can happen" he said and walk away, I followed him, have never seen him so happy.

We met my wife and daughter hugging themselves, thank god they settle before leaving. Father cough a little to gain their attention and it works.

"Am sorry, did I disturb your lovey dovey ?"

"Grand pops" she screamed as went to hug him

"You did not inform me that you are coming today, I could have prepare for you. He said

"Am sorry"

"Anyways how are you?"

"Am fine"

"Greetings to you father" my wife said using her right hand to her forehead while bowing

"Greetings" grandpa raise his hand to greet her back

"Is that the way you guys greet here?"

"I see you did not teach my granddaughter our culture Tonia" he said adjusting his glass.

I hope this man don't force my daughter to do anything she won't like, if not for the fact I don't know anyone, I won't bring her here.

"I did not see the reason, dear father in law" mum said

"Can't you thin...." Alyssa cut him off, thank god cause they are going to bicker and is going cause a big havoc the last time was not funny at all.

"Mum do tell me about this town that's what make me eager to come here, also am eager enter inside, its been a long day" she said smiling

"Okay let's go inside, can I?" He said gesturing towards her bags.

"There is no need, it's kinda of heavy"

"Well this old man is strong enough to carry heavy things" he said showing off his muscles then took the bags. Too cocky I roll my eyes at his words. Then they left, I walk towards my wife her eyes already watery "Hey is going to be okay, she will be safe OK?"

She wipe her tears "Yeah, I will see her again".

Not quite long father and mother came out

"Greetings to you mother" my wife greeted my mum

"Greetings Tonia" she smiled at her, unlike my dad she likes my wife

"Mum,we will be taking our leave now"

"Won't you wait a little bit"

"No mom, the journey is far and I am running a project I can't afford to lose a day"

"Okay, bye"


"Before you go, I want to say something" father said

"Go on" I said urging him to continue

"Well, the thing is, I swear am feeling hot, there is heat here" he said fanning himself

"Dad, we are in winter"

"Is that true, you can do it, well what I want to say us that ...what is your daughter powers ?"

"My daughter power?" I look at my wife hoping she will know

"Why are you looking at me like that?" My wife questioned

"You are the mother, what is her power?"

"So what are you then, you are not her father right? are you not suppose to know too?"

"I don't know"

"Well, I don't know too"

"What you are telling me that none of you don't know her power, am very sure she does not know about this world?"

"Well, she doesn't"

"Wait what?!," my mum hit him on his head " is that what you want to say?"

My dad sigh nervously rubbing the place that mum hit

"What I wanted to say is that am sorry, sorry for being a bad father and forcing you to do things you don't like, I hope you can forgive me?"

First time I am seeing my dad nervous,coming here is really worth it

"Well, I hold no grudges against you father, so you are forgiven"

"Really, Thank you" he said happily and hug me but quickly redrew himself and comport himself.

"So we will take our leave now, bye"

"Bye, and Tonia..."

My wife turned to him "I apologize to you about my rude remarks about you, the truth is that I respect and like you a lot,so am sorry, gosh apologizing is stressful "

She smiled "well apology accepted, please do take care of my daughter"

My dad smiled "I will, have a safe journey"

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