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In Xiao Yao's knowledge, he had never defined himself as a good person, but he had also never thought of himself as an evil person. Regardless of what the other hooligans were like, in his eyes, hooligans were reckless people who did not want to be subservient to others and only did what they thought was right or worth doing. The past few days of Xiao Yao's rebirth had brought out his personality without a doubt.

As for why Bi Yuntao showed such a frightened expression, it was because he saw a ball of dark blue flames in the air behind Xiao Yao. In this gloomy and terrifying forest, if one must define this ball of flame, then it could only be described with one word — ghostfire.

According to Xiao Yao's memories, he still hadn't realized that white phosphorous would ignite on its own. Xiao Yao's afternoon preparations were to rush to Sweet Town and buy some white phosphorus. Taking advantage of the summer heat and the lack of ventilation in the forest, it was very easy for them to reach 40 degrees Celsius.

After calculating for a bit, Xiao Yao purposely delayed the time to turn around. Coincidentally, when he turned around, the white phosphorus that he had fixed in the air just happened to be completely burned off.

Behind Bi Yuntao, Xiao Yao revealed a crafty smile. However, his tone revealed a strong sense of disbelief. "What the hell? Did a wild beast pass by? Your eyes …"

However, before Xiao Yao could finish his words, the corner of his face violently twitched. This was because he could see a ray of eerie blue light from very far away.

Xiao Yao was afraid that one place wouldn't scare the people that came with him. Indeed, there was another place with white phosphorus in front of him. However, Xiao Yao could swear to the heavens that this wasn't the place he was currently looking at.

"Oh my god, there's a ghost!"

Finally unable to endure the visual and mental torture, Bi Yuntao immediately cried out in alarm. Ignoring Xiao Yao, he turned around and ran in the direction he had come from. Perhaps it was because of his extreme fear, but as he walked, he even gave off a faint aura.

Xiao Yao, who had been in this world for a few months, was very familiar with this aura. He was startled awake and was immediately stunned by Bi Yuntao's excessive actions. His face immediately trembled before he pointed to the air.

However, Bi Yuntao's matter didn't affect Xiao Yao in the slightest. This was because his performance had long been within Xiao Yao's calculations. However, the following matter left Xiao Yao with a choice. Should he leave with them, or … He decided to investigate where the unknown flame was.

Xiao Yao, who still had a basic understanding of superpower paths, stopped in place for a moment. He wanted to leave several times, but he had already taken several steps back. In the end, he gritted his teeth and stomped his foot on the ground. Under the influence of his curiosity, he headed in the direction of the flames.

His sight was always somewhat bewitching. It had clearly been in front of him from the start, yet Xiao Yao had walked for nearly an hour and still only felt that the ball of fire was right in front of him. If not for the wild beasts that were occasionally repelled by Xiao Yao's superpower, he would have suspected that he had run into the legendary Wall-Hitting Ghost.

The Heavens did not disappoint those who had worked hard for it. After roughly another hour, Xiao Yao, who had wanted to give up several times on the way, but continued to advance due to curiosity, finally saw the faint blue flames slowly approaching.

When Xiao Yao finally saw hope, his eyes brightened as he quickened his steps and started to jog. As the flame in front of his eyes grew closer and closer, the fear in Xiao Yao's heart had already been completely overwhelmed by surprise and curiosity.

Just when Xiao Yao estimated that he and that ball of flames were at most fifty meters apart, the center of gravity beneath his feet suddenly became unstable as he flew up into the air. By the time Xiao Yao's dazed brain had reacted, his body had already landed on the ground with a plop. It could be said that he was extremely happy!

"What the hell!"

The moment Xiao Yao fell, he realized that he had tripped over an unknown object. Rubbing his aching body, Xiao Yao cursed in his heart. Relying on his senses, he kicked at the thing that tripped him.

It would have been better if Xiao Yao hadn't kicked him. With this kick, Xiao Yao's expression instantly became ugly. Because with this kick, a sound of something cracking and rolling was suddenly heard.


Xiao Yao suddenly had a bad premonition. He instinctively swallowed a mouthful of saliva before slowly raising his head. Borrowing the weak light from the blue flames, he looked down.

When Xiao Yao saw what was beneath his feet, his face immediately turned ashen. His already stiff head seemed to have been controlled by some kind of magic as he scanned the surroundings.

The forest entrance to the Hundred Treasures Academy was terrifyingly quiet. With Li Sisi in the lead, a dozen or so youngsters stood guard at the entrance with serious expressions on their faces. Even Bi Yuntao, who had entered the forest with Xiao Yao, was among the crowd.

However, Bi Yuntao's originally rosy face had already turned extremely unhealthy pale. His neatly combed golden hair also appeared somewhat messy.

At first, when Bi Yuntao, who had just ran out, said that there was something behind it, the crowd did not believe him and instead pointed their middle fingers at him. However, after an hour had passed, the crowd finally realized that something was amiss. After all, Bi Yuntao had rushed out first and Xiao Yao had already won. There was no need for him to stay here for so long.

The more they thought about it, the more afraid they became. However, Bi Yuntao embellished the situation and in the end, did not go in with them to look for Xiao Yao. From their point of view, their lives were all precious gold. There was no need to risk it for someone they had just met for a day.

In about an hour's time, dawn would arrive. Li Sisi, who was at the root of everything, finally opened her mouth and said, "It seems like it's very likely that something has happened to him!"

"Then what should we do?"

Everyone was well aware of this matter. Now that Li Sisi had revealed it, the originally solemn atmosphere had instantly been suppressed. Everyone looked at the people around them.

After pondering for a moment, Bi Yuntao, whose complexion had yet to recover, said, "There are dangers everywhere inside. It would be useless if we were to go. We should hurry back and inform teacher." "Although we will definitely be punished, a student suddenly disappeared from the school and we will be investigated for it one day!"

Bi Yuntao's words immediately resonated with everyone as they ran towards the Hundred Treasures Academy. No one suggested leaving anyone behind to guard the entrance, as they knew that no one would be willing to stay.

However, as they were leaving in a hurry, they did not notice a figure slowly walking out from the entrance of the forest.

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