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The opening ceremony of a school was basically carved out from the same mold as Earth. It was nothing more than a speech by the leader, and finally, it was about the history of the academy … However, what made Xiao Yao curious was that the dean, who had been humiliated by him, did not say anything.

In fact, the principal, who held the highest authority in the academy, had a very high position in the country. How could it be so easy for him to show his face? As for the last time he wanted to see Xiao Yao, it was because he heard that Xiao Yao had suddenly thought of something. After two fortuitous encounters in a row, one could not help but recall that Xiao Yao and this Principal were fated to be together.

Under the scorching sun, the opening ceremony of the new semester of the Hundred Treasures Academy was finally tormented through the morning. After having just eaten a few mouthfuls of rice in the cafeteria, Xiao Yao, who had clearly felt that he had become much darker, ran into Dan Teng, informing him to go to the academy's special ability training grounds in the afternoon. Xiao Yao rolled his eyes at this and completely gave up on the idea of meeting with Zhou Gong.

In the last two days, Dan Teng had also asked Xiao Yao about his decision from the dean. Xiao Yao also answered truthfully, but the reason was just to make it up. After all, Xiao Yao couldn't possibly tell his teacher that the godlike dean in his heart was actually a gambler, right? Xiao Yao was really afraid that Dan Teng wouldn't be able to accept it. If he had a heart attack or something like that, it would be hard for Xiao Yao to send him to the infirmary.

After the opening ceremony, Xiao Yao, Bi Yuntao, and the other two people in the class were assigned to one of the bedrooms. Bi Yuntao had a lecherous smile on his face as he put his arms around Xiao Yao's shoulders and said, "Boss, that spicy girl's hand feel is pretty good!"

"Sigh!" Xiao Yao helplessly sighed in his heart. He rolled his eyes at Bi Yuntao and said, "I'm the purest of all. How can you ask me such a question?"

As soon as he finished speaking, Xiao Yao ignored the vomiting of the three people beside him and hurriedly left his room, rushing towards the superpower training field. What was worth mentioning was that after returning to the Principal's office, the first thing Xiao Yao saw was the murderous gaze from Huo Youcai.

However, Huo Zhi also clearly knew that he was not Xiao Yao's opponent. As a result, he didn't lose his reason and went to Xiao Yao to tear him apart, only coldly spitting out the word "hooligan".

This time round, from then on, Xiao Yao was directly crowned as the boss of a hooligan. At the same time, Xiao Yao also developed the mantra of following him around for the rest of his life, "I am the purest person here." Of course, every time he said those words, countless people would vomit every time they heard it.

Due to his interest in new things, this was his first time learning superpowers. The distance between Xiao Yao and the special ability training field was quite long, and he was practically jogging.

Xiao Yao, who had thought that he had arrived early, saw that Dan Teng was already standing in the middle of the training field. In front of him, there were three men standing between the young man and the young man; they were obviously his three seniors.

As Xiao Yao walked and panted, just as he came to a stop, he heard a voice that was neither angry nor annoyed: "This kid arrived late on the first day. What do you think we should do?"

"It's time to fight!"

The voices of these three people were in unison. Even if the troops called out their names, it wouldn't be more than this. Xiao Yao was starting to doubt if the four of them had already rehearsed themselves and were waiting to plot against him!

However, before Xiao Yao could react, TengYi's voice rang out again: "Since that's the case, what are you waiting for? Don't tell me you want me, a teacher, to personally take action?"

"Wait... and so on... What do you want to do... Are you for real? "

While Xiao Yao was retreating and talking, the fists of the three people had already been thrown at him without any trace of politeness. An expert would know whether or not it was true the moment he made a move. It was true that Xiao Yao had never trained in superpowers before, but he could feel that with his superpowers and physique, the trio's fists were intermixed with the aura of their superpowers.

At this moment, the first thought in Xiao Yao's mind was to recall the first sentence his boss had told him since his first day as a hoodlum on Earth — if you want to hit someone, you must first learn how to take a beating.

Right now, Xiao Yao was completely certain that all of this was secretly arranged by his heartless mentor. However, since he had thought this through, Xiao Yao held his head and squatted. He clenched his teeth and punched and kicked like raindrops. He knew that Dan Teng cared about him and wouldn't really hurt him.

However, Xiao Yao discovered that the three of them seemed to have become addicted to the fighting. Not only did they not seem to have any intention of stopping, instead, their punches became faster and stronger.

One had to know that not many bullies had good tempers. On account of the fact that they were old, Xiao Yao lowered his head. Who would have thought that these people would be able to make even more progress and make Xiao Yao really angry.

"Are you bastards done yet?!"

Xiao Yao's body, which was originally hot from running, suddenly felt a wave of heat under his rage. Following Xiao Yao's voice, a wave of heat exploded from within Xiao Yao's body. If one were to pay close attention, one would definitely discover that the shallow mark between Xiao Yao's brows had also become much brighter, becoming even more eye-catching.

The three seniors, who had been punching and kicking Xiao Yao just now, stopped in the air. If one were to observe carefully, they would notice that the surrounding roads were completely devoid of any traces of wind.

Xiao Yao, who had already been enraged, stood up and was about to swing his fist at a senior brother in front of him. However, just as Xiao Yao raised his fist, a feeling of heaven and earth spinning filled his mind. Then, with a "bang" sound, he fell heavily onto the ground.

At the same time, the three students, who seemed to have been struck by the Body Freezing Technique, instantly returned to their original state. Their punches continued to follow the same trajectory as before.

From beginning to end, his research had never left Xiao Yao as he kept a close eye on his every move. Until that few seconds change, his eyebrows suddenly twitched as if he had discovered something. "Bring him back to my room."

After an unknown period of time, Xiao Yao, who had lost consciousness, gradually opened his eyes. In the blink of an eye, he saw a tall and skinny man standing in front of the window.

"I'm your student, and that's how you f * * king play with me!"

The pain that came from all over his body made Xiao Yao, who had just come to his senses, immediately remember the scene of him being beaten up by his three senior brothers. When he saw the mastermind, he couldn't help but curse loudly.

It was obvious that he had already expected Xiao Yao's excitement. On the contrary, Dan Teng showed the demeanor of a superpower master: "Did you know? "The reason why pure Discipline physiques are called genius physiques is because, in addition to possessing extremely high levels of growth, they also have their own special abilities."

After pausing for a moment, Dan Teng continued, "But what about your physique that is even rarer than theirs? I don't believe that a physique that has reached that level would be inferior to a pure superpower. However, after what happened a moment ago, there seems to be an idea going on! "


Faced with Xiao Yao's unconscious question, Tengshan turned around, revealing a teasing smile, "So this is just an experiment designed to satisfy my speculations. Basically, it has nothing to do with you. If you don't feel uncomfortable anywhere right now, just prepare. In another hour, you will have your education class. "

Where is the discomfort? Right now, it could be said that there was no place in Xiao Yao that felt comfortable at all! He decided to close the both of them. He lay down on the bed and started to straighten his body, with the intention of staying here and not leaving. Although he didn't say it explicitly, Xiao Yao knew that his experiments were all for his sake. However, this didn't affect his disdain for him. It was like a torrential river flowing endlessly.

He immediately smiled confidently and took out five different colored books from a drawer on the side. He said to his bed, "This place is where the five elements of a Human Grade superpower technique are located. Choose one for yourself!"

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