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Faced with Li Sisi's questioning, Xiao Yao mysteriously smiled and said, "I'll take you to an interesting place."

While he was speaking, Xiao Yao seemed to be doing it casually but he was actually doing it intentionally. He grabbed Li Sisi's silky, flawless hand and easily ran away. Evidently, Xiao Yao had done this countless times in his previous life.

Amongst Li Sisi's pursuers, there was no lack of people with swords that were biased. Perhaps their acting wasn't bad, but as inexperienced as they were, they didn't know that eyes were the window to the soul. In the end, without exception, they were pulled into the eternal blacklist by the intelligent Li Si.

Xiao Yao, on the other hand, was different. Having experienced two lifetimes, he had long since gotten used to shuttling between the sophisticated women on Earth. He had long since gotten used to the control of his expression. Only then did Li Sisi, who always played with boys, feel great waves in her heart. Even Xiao Yao's action of taking the initiative to grab her jade hand could only lead to a cry of surprise. After struggling slightly, she threw her noble etiquette to the back of her head, leaving Xiao Yao to "abuse" her with great interest.

What is a wild girlfriend? No matter what kind of lady she looked like, she liked excitement and violence. Since he had chosen to use his sword as a tipping point, Xiao Yao planned to go to a place where no man would bring his beloved girl — a casino.

Sweet 'n' Sour Town wasn't too far away from Hundred Treasures Academy. It would arrive in less than an hour, and on the way, Xiao Yao naturally wouldn't give up his previous life's skill of flirting — playing the flute.

Because everyone didn't know how to hide their Discipline at the beginning, they were all aware of it. Xiao Yao also knew that in their class alone, including the youth who came with Huo Wu, there were at least five people in the class who possessed a special ability. Thus, when Xiao Yao summoned his own weapon, he did not avoid it in the slightest.

The melodious sound of a flute rang out, causing the boring journey to become even more wonderful. It had to be said that in a place like this where the music industry was not well-developed, coupled with Xiao Yao's decent technology, it was extremely easy to get engrossed in it. This made Li Sisi's curiosity skyrocket.

The gambling house in Sweet Town was as lively as ever. Before the trade opened, Xiao Yao was immediately infected by the thrilling and sweating scene. However, this time, Xiao Yao did not have any intentions of changing his chips.

This was because Xiao Yao's purpose of coming this time was only to pick up girls. After that, he would mercilessly abandon Li Sisi, who seemed to ignore all men, as revenge for being beaten up as soon as he arrived.

It wasn't because Xiao Yao was narrow-minded, but because he firmly believed that there was a god in the first three feet of the mountain. Also, Xiao Yao, who was used to seeing girls on Earth, had long scoffed at true love.

"Xiao Yao, where are we?" Li Sisi, who exuded an aristocratic air, was clearly from a big family. Even if she was a wild and barbaric girlfriend, she would never have come to a casino!

In Liu Sisi's eyes, Xiao Yao, who had always maintained a certain mysteriousness, was no exception. She revealed an expression that could only be understood and not told, "Let's go in and take a look. We might even get an unexpected harvest!"

Xiao Yao couldn't help but think of the first time he had met the dean. He thought to himself that if he could meet another head instructor, that would be great fun. Shaking his head, which was filled with wild thoughts, Xiao Yao pulled Li Sisi, who still didn't know what was going on, into the room.

It may be difficult, I must say, to teach a man manners, but liberating nature is easy." Deep in her heart, Li Sisi, who was like a wild and barbaric girlfriend, only maintained a momentary blank look before her face was filled with excitement. He looked around with curiosity. He no longer had the same immaculate indifference that he always had because of his family education.

This was also the reason why the gamblers were paying attention to the gambling house. Otherwise, with Li Sisi's bewitching beauty and temperament, she would have suffocated this noisy casino …

"When I, Xiao Yao, was on Earth, I could be considered to have passed through thousands of flowers and bushes. If I don't get involved, I don't believe that a young girl like you won't be able to handle me!" Xiao Yao's confidence came from the fact that he knew that the more girls that he could "pretend" on the surface, the more interested he would be in new things. As for Xiao Yao who came from Earth, what he lacked the most was new things.

Seeing the curious smile on Li Sisi's flawless face, Xiao Yao's face once again revealed the crafty smile of an unscrupulous uncle. However, this smile only lasted for a moment because Li Sisi, who had rushed into the crowd, had an unnatural expression on her face as she retreated in Xiao Yao's direction.

Xiao Yao, who didn't understand why there was such a huge disparity between the two sides of Li Sisi, asked with some doubt, "What's wrong?"

Li Sisi didn't answer immediately. She first looked behind her, which couldn't help but make Xiao Yao sigh. Could it be that this little girl had done something dishonest and now felt guilty?

After a final glance, Li Sisi let out a sigh of relief. She turned to the confused Xiao Yao and said softly, "I just saw the academy's instructing master."

"No way!" It seems like my mouth has always been bright! " Xiao Yao was also stunned when he suddenly heard this news. However, he quickly revealed a sinister smile. In Xiao Yao's opinion, the dignified dean had been tricked by him. A head instructor was nothing more than a bird!

Astonished, Li Sisi looked at Xiao Yao's happy smile. Even though she thought that she was smart, she still didn't quite understand, "What are you laughing for …" That evil smile? "

"How can you say that? I am the purest! " With an innocent Xiao Yao's face, he ignored Li Sisi's strange face, which was on the verge of vomiting, and dived into the crowd.

Sure enough, on Soo Ha's game table, Xiao Yao saw a fat "Mediterranean" male between middle age and old age. He was the Director of Education for the first time during the school opening ceremony.

"Looks like the academy's upper echelons like this. However, it seems like my chance has come again!" With a plan in his mind, Xiao Yao had already put aside his sister's matter at the back of his mind. From his point of view, taking care of this girl was secondary. What he really cared about was the bet with the Huo family.

Because no matter if it was for the sake of his father, Xiao Xin, or for the sake of his own reputation, Xiao Yao definitely could not lose. And the differences in the system would make the upbringing of the academy more important. Now that he had gotten hold of this weakness, as long as Xiao Yao used it, he wouldn't have to worry about being unable to get the best training. It could be said that he had put in a lot of effort!

With a plan in mind, Xiao Yao pulled Li Sisi's lily-white hands and left the casino. At a corner, he gave a brief summary of his plans.

The dumbstruck Li Sisi suddenly realized that after their first meeting, she, who had always been in the lead, had been led along by the nose by this enigmatic youth in front of her. Even her usually confident mind seemed to have lost its ability to think. "Threatening him? You must be joking! "

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