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The voice was not loud, but the words that were spoken were unusually unpleasant to the ears. Immediately, Xiao Xin and Huo Xiao, who did not want to give way, frowned as they simultaneously turned to look at the door.

He saw a handsome youth of about fifteen or sixteen years old standing at the door. The shallow lightning inscription on the youth's forehead was especially eye-catching. Wasn't it Xiao Yao who had quietly followed him over?

However, before Xiao Xin could say anything, the flames on the side snorted. It seemed that if Xiao Yao wasn't a child, they would have erupted already, "Hmph!" To use a little child to shout and shout. I didn't expect that you, Xiao Xin, would be trash to this extent. It seems that the decline of your Xiao family was not a coincidence! "

Xiao Xin's fatherly love deeply moved the fatherless Xiao Yao of his previous life. Moreover, no matter what, Xiao Xin was his father in this life, so Xiao Yao, who had suddenly gotten angry, did not care about anything and started cursing loudly, "Damn bamboo, did you eat breakfast in the latrine? Your mouth stinks!"

What kind of person was Flame? In the Huo family, he was absolutely steadfast. Now that he had been insulted by a child like Xiao Yao, a wave of anger instantly rose within him. Seeing the murderous look in Huo Yan's eyes, Xiao Xin hurriedly said: "This is none of your business, let's go back quickly."

However, just as Xiao Xin was about to say something, Huo Yan's clothes, which were a combination of east and west, fluttered in the wind. A strong wave was released from his palm towards Xiao Yao. In the blink of an eye, it had already heavily struck Xiao Yao's chest.

"Ugh ~"

Xiao Yao, who was hit by the attack, was stuck in his chest. He let out a muffled grunt and was sent flying like a kite with its string cut, heavily smashing into the wall behind him and letting out a muffled bang.

Seeing his son being beaten, Xiao Xin, who always had a calm face, finally could not hold it in anymore, "Huo Yan, don't go too far!"

With a cold snort, Huo Yan pouted and said with a disdainful look, "I'm just helping you educate your son, so that he won't be a small child in the future. Besides, I'm bullying you, so what? What can you trash father and son do to me? "

Now that he had been scolded with a finger, Xiao Yao, who hated being insulted the most in his previous life, suddenly became angry, as if he had forgotten all the pain in his body. "Which bastard let you out just because his crotch loosened!"

Xiao Yao's voice could be said to be hoarse. Even the grudges from his previous life, from being inexplicably killed at home, were vented out by this angry rebuke.

The superpower road and the language of the earth were the same, of course there wouldn't be much of a difference in scolding. Huo Yan's face suddenly turned ashen.

However, just as Huo Yan was about to attack and teach Xiao Yao, whose eyes had already turned red, he suddenly discovered that the shallow lightning inscription on Xiao Yao's forehead had actually flashed a ray of light.

At the same time, the feeling that time had stopped filled the entire hall. Even the fiery-haired young man who always bragged that his Discipline was the strongest in the city had stopped moving uncontrollably.

However, this feeling disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. In just an instant, Xiao Yao, who was struggling to stand up, had once again collapsed onto the ground. An extremely unhealthy defeated look surfaced on his face.

"This... "This is …"

Although it only lasted for a split-second, even if Xiao Yao was not there, Xiao Xin was certain that this was a special ability. This meant that the Xiao family, which once again had a special ability soldier, could finally turn the tables.

In that instant, the status of the Xiao family rose sharply. Logically speaking, even if Xiao Xin didn't reveal an expression of ecstasy, he should still be feeling gratified. However, no one noticed that Xiao Xin's eyes were full of worry and even had an apologetic look mixed within.

The black streak of flames on Xiao Yao's face no longer bothered to consider why Xiao Yao's Discipline would have such an effect on him. He stared at Xiao Yao with unwillingness in his heart, wishing that he could swallow him alive.

However, even if he was unwilling, so what? Huo Yan clenched his teeth as he stared at Xiao Yao. He immediately threatened, "Alright …" To think that your Xiao family, which has produced two generations of Muggle people, would have a day where you would be able to make a comeback. However, Xiao Xin, you better pray that your son will live for a hundred years or else … "As long as I don't use my superpower to purchase your Xiao family, even the Power Alliance doesn't have the right to interfere!"

"Well, Pheasant, let's go!"

Seeing that things were not going well, Huo Yan decided not to bother with the flies. He stood up and let out a cold snort before walking out of the guest hall. Because of the existence of the Adept Union, he definitely wouldn't be allowed to use force against a family that already had a special ability soldier. Otherwise, the Huo family wouldn't be able to survive until the time came.

"I was so angry at this little rabbit that I nearly forgot my proper business!" Just as Huo Yan walked to the door, the anger in his head was gradually suppressed. Suddenly, he thought of something and loosened his tight face. He then looked at Xiao Xin with a smile that was not a smile, "Xiao Xin, how about we make a bet?"

Xiao Yao and his son completely ignored the suggestion of the flames. Xiao Yao also forced himself to stand up and walked to Xiao Xin's side.

However, Huo Yan didn't seem to care. Instead, he returned to the room and said, "This useless daughter of mine has just been trained to recruit new students. She has detected a special ability in her body."

At this point, Huo Yan didn't give up and looked at the girl beside him with a proud expression. He then continued, "Since your son has a special ability, why don't we have them set a four year agreement." After four years, both children will be twenty years old. If your son loses, then your Xiao family will be incorporated into our Huo Family.

It was only at this moment that the Xiao family's father and son finally noticed the young girl beside Huo Yan. Xiao Yao's gaze bloomed with a strange light as he thought to himself, "Exquisite!"

The young girl was only fifteen or sixteen years old, but she had abnormally hot development. She was not the least bit inferior to an adult girl. A head of fiery red hair was even more eye-catching. The only flaw was that the girl's brows were always tightly knitted, as if she was born with no idea why she was smiling.

In his' past life ', Xiao Yao often visited places like the Diya Bar. He had seen countless beauties. This girl might have made Xiao Yao's eyes light up, but she wasn't crazy enough to do things that would be merciless to him.

"Fight with you? Then I would be so tired that I would be like a dog. To learn some bullshit superpowers, do you think I'm a retard? It seems that with my current ability, I can use it however I want. In the future, won't I be able to dominate the casino and become a gambling god? "When the time comes, you will have a large amount of silver in your hands. What kind of expert wouldn't submit to my money?"

However, just as Xiao Yao curled his lips in disdain and was about to open his mouth and refuse, Xiao Xin, who had been thinking for a long time, suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Alright, we agree to this matter!"

As he said this, Xiao Xin didn't hesitate at all. He grabbed two pieces of paper and began writing furiously. He then pushed the paper and brush toward the flames.

"Haha, good, great! I like it!"

He hadn't expected that Xiao Xin would be so straightforward. However, things went according to his plan, and Huo Yan just smiled and didn't think too much about it. After looking through the contract, he lifted his pen and wrote the two words, 'Flames', beside Xiao Xin's vigorous and robust name.

The quiet girl at the side also quietly came over and signed with the word 'soft' and 'strong' on it.

"Whatever you want, I won't agree to it!"

A hooligan might not be a real villain, but Xiao Yao was clear on the difference between him and a saint. He, Xiao Yao, could not do this for someone who only had good feelings for him and brought him trouble.

"Although today, I have truly met the tutors of your Xiao clan …" As Huo Yan spoke, he had already cast his gaze towards Xiao Xin beside him.

As expected, Xiao Xin expressionlessly took a step forward and whispered into Xiao Yao's ear. Xiao Yao's expression changed when he heard this. He tightly clenched his fists before finally nodding. After glaring viciously at the father and daughter pair, he finally dragged his tired body to sign his name.

Huo Yan didn't care what Xiao Xin said; he just wanted the result. Seeing that the contract had been successfully signed, he picked up the one that belonged to him, and a crafty smile appeared on his face.

"Pheasant, let's go!"

After picking up the signed contract, he walked out of his room in high spirits. However, as he neared the door, he suddenly turned his head around and smiled with undisguised pride. "Oh right, I forgot to tell you. My daughter had a pure fire attribute Discipline during the superpower test!"

Huo Yan's words were clearly meant to intimidate the Xiao family's father and son. However, the two of them still acted as if they did not hear anything after Huo Yan's words. Their faces were calm. Xiao Yao's calmness came from his fearlessness.

As for Xiao Xin's reason, only he himself knew. In short, in less than a day of contact, Xiao Yao discovered that his father, the merchant who spoke nonsense and saw everyone speak, was getting more and more mysterious. It was as if his heart was hiding some huge secret.

Only after the father and daughter left did Xiao Yao finally let go of his arms. With some doubt, he asked, "Father, what is a pure supernatural ability?"

Among special ability soldiers, there were usually two types of special abilities within their body. However, there were always exceptions. A physique with only one attribute, like the Fire Child, was known in the superpower world as a physique that was rarely seen in a hundred years.

As the saying goes, 'mixed things are better than specializations'. A Discipline like this, because of its unique ability, would produce twice the results with half the effort. The speed of its growth was extremely terrifying.

Hearing how powerful his superpower made Xiao Yao's scalp tingle. He cursed under his breath, "I didn't expect that I would be in so much trouble before I even had the chance to enjoy the life of a rich merchant in this crappy place!"

Xiao Xin shook his head expressionlessly, "It's hard to defend against an arrow that will pierce the spear. If you don't agree this time, you will have to live in fear from now on." Besides, was pure Discipline really the strongest constitution? This is just the ignorance of the world. "

For some unknown reason, when Xiao Xin said those words, Xiao Yao felt an indistinct aura emitting from his fat body. This feeling was thousands of times more unbearable than the pressure that the police on Earth gave him.

However, Xiao Yao was more interested in what Xiao Xin had to say, so he used a doubtful tone and asked, "Father, what did you say?"

Hearing Xiao Yao's words, Xiao Xin realized that he had misspoken. He waved his hand and said, "Tomorrow, I will bring you to test your superpower. If you have anything to say, we can talk about it in the future!"

Xiao Xin's gaze suddenly became deep as he slowly walked out of the living room. He muttered something Xiao Yao didn't understand, "I hope those fellows have already forgotten about the Xiao family. Otherwise, from today onwards, Yao Er will …" "Ai …"

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