Supreme Conquering System/C1 Young Man Do Not be Afraid of Transmigration You Have the System
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Supreme Conquering System/C1 Young Man Do Not be Afraid of Transmigration You Have the System
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C1 Young Man Do Not be Afraid of Transmigration You Have the System

In the 21st century, “time travel” is a phrase often mentioned by people.

However, it is mostly related with fantasy, which meant that it has nothing to do with reality.

At least, Qin Yi had never thought that such a magical thing would happen to him!

Moreover, he turned into the Ninth Prince of the Unfailing Dynasty, who was born in a royal family with noble lineage! Numerous honors had fallen on him.

It had to be regarded as a type of luck.

As a graduate out of work, Qin Yi definitely was blessed to become a prince of a dynasty.

Even if this Ninth Prince was not well regarded by people at all,

But the identity should allow Qin Yi to live a prosperous and carefree life.

Be it so!

Qin Yi was not too concerned about people’s ignorance. Wouldn't it be better to be a carefree prince?

However, despite of Qin Yi’s intention to be carefree, some people didn’t think so and tried all means to frame him.

When Qin Yi had only lived in this world for less than a month, a highest royal order from the Unfailing Dynasty dislodged Qin Yi to the Yuanjiang City.

Shortly after that, another edict was issued to send Qin Yi to the border!

"Edict from the Unfailing Royal Monarch: I heard that the demoted prince Qin Yi was poor at managing Yuanjiang City. The city had been overrun by the thieves and brigands so that the residence were annoyed and discontent.

I was in fury, and issued this edict--Qin Yi, the ninth son of mine, shall head to the borders of the empire within half a month for three-year labor as a warning! "


"The First Prince just came off too pushily. I’ve just arrived at Yuanjiang City, but he wanted to kick me out already!


How dare you abuse the Royal Edict so blatantly? Do you really think that all the officials of Dynasty are blind?! "

In a simple but elegant study room, Qin Yi, the white-robed young master, said with a vague smile while playing with the Edict in his hand.

With a closer look, unwillingness and fury, as well as a bone-piercing killing intent could be felt in Qin Yi's eyes.

"People in the Capital City say that the Ninth Prince was intellectually lazy, but they don’t know that the prince actually had no other choice!

Without power, strength, or an influential background of his mother, a prince would end up being a playboy or a ghost! "

Qin Yi let out a light sigh, and casually threw the Edict in his hand on the desk as he closed his eyes for sleep.

For a time, silence filled the study room.

A breeze blew through the red window, rustling the slats of window.

The night wind gradually turned cold, but what was even colder was the human heart!

"First Prince, are you really unable to tolerate a useless prince like me?"

After a long while, Qin Yi finally opened his half-closed eyes and muttered.

"Young master, now that these people dare to insult you like this, I’ll kill each of them when I came back to the Capital City!"

Suddenly, a firm and strong voice was heard beside Qin Yi.

It turned out that there was a cool man, who had a face with hard edges, beside Qin Yi.

His black robe allowed him to blend perfectly into the darkness, making it impossible for anyone to notice him.

If it was not the words of this person, ordinary people wouldn't notice him. It was as if he was the embodiment of the dark night.

Qin Yi lifted his head to look at this person, and the corners of his mouth couldn't help but reveal a slight smile.

Although he, Qin Yi, had no power or influence, he still had the System.

More importantly, he had the powerful subordinates the System summoned for him!

Countless of powerful subordinates once lived in Qin Yi’s Fancy World in his previous life was what made Qin Yi fearless, also what would ensure him a carefree and a wonderful life!

This cool man was an expert summoned by the System.

Kuchiki Byakuya from the Bleach World!

His blade flashed rapidly like the falling rain of Sakura!

This was Kuchiki Byakuya, who once was the captain of the 6th Division in the Gotei 13 and now is Qin Yi's greatest strength,

Kuchiki Byakuya previously lived for the decayed system of nobility, but now he lived for Qin Yi!

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