Supreme Conquering System/C10 Do You Still like This Young Man Killing People and Leveling up
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Supreme Conquering System/C10 Do You Still like This Young Man Killing People and Leveling up
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C10 Do You Still like This Young Man Killing People and Leveling up

Inside the study.

Qin Yi gasped.

Mister Blossom on the ground was coughing blood with weak breath, disheveled hair and his face swollen like a ball.

No matter how weak Qin Yi was, he was still at the fifth stage of the acquired stage. After being slapped by Qin Yi consecutively, Mister Blossom was in a daze.

"Hahaha, you just swagger around by virtue of this guy.

But he, on his own, could not to help you cope with the First Prince.

First Prince's power is not something you can defend. I am just a step ahead of you on the path to the hell! "

Mister Blossom roared out as he struggled to came to his senses and stared at Qin Yi furiously..

Mister Blossom no longer begged for mercy as he knew that Qin Yi would not let him off and had already prepared to die.

It was a pity that he was unable to see the scene of Qin Yi's death.

"You are right. Very soon, I will send the First Prince over to be your companion on the road to the hell.

Before that, I’ll use your life as my steppingstone! "

After that, Qin Yi wielded his sword and pierced it through Mister Blossom's chest without hesitation, which took away his life.

"You …"

Mister Blossom opened his eyes wide and looked at Qin Yi in shock. He did not expect Qin Yi to make a move so quickly.

Dark red blood slowly flowed out from the wound on his chest, gone with Mister Blossom's vitality.

Suddenly, his eyelids grew heavier and heavier, and what he saw shocked him even more.

The aura around Qin Yi's body abruptly rose explosively!

Fifth level of the Acquired Stage, no, sixth, seventh…

Was it an illusion?


Such a thought flashed through Mister Blossom's mind, and he finally lost consciousness.



As Qin Yi pierced his sword into Mister Blossom's chest, hot blood spurts out from the body on the ground.

He killed him!

This was the second time that Qin Yi killed someone by himself since he was reborn in this world.

However, Qin Yi was not flustered at all but rather calm.

Perhaps it was because his body had always valued violence!

Furthermore, this was a world of fight!

Here there were countless countries fighting each other, and only the powerful Martial Cultivator could display themselves and earn a big name.

The weak would only be killed!

Only those with great power and influence could live freely in this chaotic world!

So, Qin Yi chose to fight!

Fight against people!

Fighting against the Earth!

Fighting against the Heaven!

Fighting till the last!

Fight for a bright future!

Mister Blossom was the steppingstone for him to enter this world of fighting. How could he be disturbed!

"First Prince, it won’t be long before your death!"

Qin Yi said resolutely and looked determinedly in the direction of the Capital City.

Just then, the system sounded out in Qin Yi's mind.

"Ding! Congratulations to the Host for killing an elite at the third level of the Inborn Stage.

Seven levels above the Host; experience points and killing points will be extracted. "

"Ding! Congratulations to the Host for obtaining 500 experience points and 32 killing points. "

A trace of ecstasy flitted across Qin Yi's face. At the same time, a wave of pure energy surged and flew through every inch of his body swimmingly!

In an instant, with the entrance of the pure energy, Genuine Qi in Qin Yi's body violently increased by leaps and bounds!

Within just a moment, the tens of threads of the Genuine Qi had increased to hundreds of threads, or even thousands,

which filled Qin Yi's entire Dantian like fog.

Following that, those Genuine Qi charged at the seven meridians and eight veins that hadn’t opened up!

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