Supreme Conquering System/C11 Youngster Let's Level up
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Supreme Conquering System/C11 Youngster Let's Level up
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C11 Youngster Let's Level up




A few deafening sounds of explosions came out from Qin Yi's body.

The remaining three main meridians were opened in the blink of an eye. Six out of the eight extraordinary meridians were linked up, leaving only the two unopened.


Qin Yi's imposing manner also soared from the Fifth Stage of the acquired stage to the Sixth Stage, and then to the Seventh Stage… It only stopped when he reached the Ninth Level of the acquired stage!

That wave of pure energy also dissipated with it.

"Is this power? Is this the ability of the System? "

Qin Yi suddenly opened his eyes, the light in which is blazing like fire!

In the blink of an eye, he had broken through four acquired stage!

As long as Qin Yi was able to link up Ren and Du meridians to build up the bridge between heaven and earth, then he could be promoted to Upper Heaven Warrior!

This was the true ability of the System!

The ability to allow him to quickly become a peerless expert!

As long as he slashed down all his enemies and conquered them, he could own everything!

When I wield the sword in my hand, I shall slice through all the obstacles in front of me and reach the peak of ten thousand worlds!

At this moment, Qin Yi's thoughts were clear, and he broke free from the shackles!

Although Qin Yi was currently very weak and had not been promoted to Upper Heaven Warrior, and he only had one powerful warrior, Byakuya, following him.

But the System had given him hope and given him the chance to be above the common people!

Since he chose not to submit and chose to fight, then he would not regret it.

He already had an advantage that far exceeded that of an ordinary person, so there was no need for him to hesitate.

He only lives once. He should act as he whatever he wished. There was no need for him to be afraid of anything!

Furthermore, the First Prince would like to take any chance to give him a fatal blow at any time. He could not let his guard down!

"Congratulations, young master!"

Feeling Qin Yi's explosive aura, Byakuya lowered his noble head to show his submission.

"Hahaha, I'm afraid my strength is nothing worth mentioning in your eyes!"

Qin Yi looked at him and laughed loudly.

Without a doubt, In the previous battle with Mister Blossom, Byakuya had fully showed his true strength.

To be able to defeat a third stage Upper Heaven Warrior in one move meant that Byakuya’s power was most likely above the fourth stage of the Upper Heaven Stage.

This is already the result of he being suppressed to such a low level in every aspect, but he still possessed such power.

Qin Yi's was very excited. He was increasingly looking forward to Byakuya’s peak strength being restored.

Now, he had just obtained some killing points, which could be used to recover Byakuya’s strength.

"System, how many killing points do I need to have Byakuya recovered to his best fighting situation?"

"Ding! It would take 50 killing points to recover to the spiritual pressure of his lieutenant period.

It would take 200 killing points to restore the spiritual pressure of his captain period;

To wake up the sleeping Senbonzakura, you need three hundred killing points."


What the System said made Qin Yi smile bitterly.

He thought the thirty-two killing points he had gained are enough.

Who would have known that even allowing Bai Yu to recover to the Spiritual Pressure of the vice-captain was impossible, not to say allowing him to recover to his peak condition?

Qin Yi could only give up this idea.

"Alright, let me see what good stuff this Mister Blossom has."

Then, Qin Yi turned his attention to the corpse of Mister Blossom.

Mister Blossom was a third stage Upper Heaven Warrior, so he must have some valuable treasures.

"Young Master, let me do it."

Just as Qin Yi moved, Byakuya stopped him.


Qin Yi laughed. Since Byakuya was here, Qin Yi naturally did not need to do such menial work.

Since the Mister Blossom was already dead, his disguise was very easily torn off by Byakuya.

The true face of the Mister Blossom was also revealed in front of Qin Yi. It was actually a young man with delicate features, looking slightly feminine.

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