Supreme Conquering System/C12 Killing a Monster and Using Godly Equipment Was Impossible
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Supreme Conquering System/C12 Killing a Monster and Using Godly Equipment Was Impossible
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C12 Killing a Monster and Using Godly Equipment Was Impossible

"I never thought that Mister Blossom was actually a genius." Qin Yi was shocked, feeling extremely surprised.

Indeed, judging from Mister Blossom's face, he was only about 20 years old, but he had already reached the Third Level of Upper Heaven Stage.

It was just that right now the dust had settled and the dirt had returned to earth. Mister Blossom was already dead. No matter how much of a genius he was, he already had gone with wind.

His only use was to strengthen Qin Yi's determination for Tao.

After looking at Mister Blossom for a while, Byakuya took out an item that looked like a ring.

After that, Byakuya took the ring, walked to Qin Yi's side, and respectfully handed it to him.

"Is this a Storage Ring?"

Qin Yi took the storage ring and checked it. He raised his eyebrows.

The Storage Ring was made from precious Void Profound Stones. It contained a huge amount of space and was used by Martial Cultivators to store items.

Because of the high cost, the Storage Ring is expensive, and not everyone could own it.

Even Qin Yi, who was the Ninth Prince of the Unfailing Dynasty, only had one Storage Ring.

Of course, this was also because Qin Yi was not welcomed within the Royal Household From Unfailing Dynasty.

He never thought that the Mister Blossom would actually have a Storage Ring. Thinking about the Third Level of Upper Heaven Stage, Qin Yi was not surprise at all.

The ring was faint and gave off a sparkling light.

On the inside was engraved two words--low grade.

Storage Rings were divided into low, middle and top grade according to the size of space, with the small, medium and large space respectively.

The Storage Ring in Qin Yi's hand that he obtained from the Mister Blossom was a low grade Storage Ring.

The way to open Storage Ring was very simple. One activated the Genuine Qi and stabbed it into the Storage Ring, and the scene inside the ring was immediately revealed to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi looked around, and inside the storage ring, there were many things well arranged.

There were a pile of gold, a pile of square stones that were emitting spiritual energy, and two books.

Qin Yi directly ignored the pile of gold. Even though he was currently lonely, he was still from a royal family. He did not lack gold, silver, and treasure. Naturally, he did not fancy this pile of gold.

Instead, it was the pile of white stones that attracted his attention.

With a thought, one of the white stones appeared in Qin Yi's hand.

"This is the Spiritual Stone?"

Qin Yi played with the white stone that was as large as his thumb in his hand, sizing it up.

The so called Spiritual Stone was used by the Martial Cultivator to support their cultivation. Its value was even more expensive than gold.

Spiritual Stones were also divided into low, middle and top grades according to the amount of spirit energy they contained.

Amongst the Storage Ring, there was a pile of low Grade Spiritual Stone.

After looking carefully for a while, Qin Yi lost interest.

With the help of the system, he did not need to cultivate arduously. The Spiritual Stone in his hands was useless.

How could the spirit energy contained within the Spiritual Stone compare to the speed of the system's infusion?

There was no need for him to let go of the basics and pursue the spirit energy of the Spiritual Stone.

"Byakuya, is the Spiritual Stone useful for you to recover your strength?"

As he said that, Qin Yi threw the Spiritual Stone in his hand to Bai Yu.

"If I had another thousand Spiritual Stones, I would be able to recover the strength of a Lieutenant."

Byakuya received the Spiritual Stone, held it in his hand, and carefully felt it for a bit before speaking to Qin Yi.

"Good!" All these Spiritual Stone are yours! "

Qin Yi immediately revealed a smile. It seemed like the Spiritual Stone was not useless.

As long as they could recover Byakuya’s strength, these Spiritual Stones could be considered to be useful.

Qin Yi immediately threw the Storage Ring over to Byakuya. He already had a Storage Ring on him, so this Storage Ring was just right to be given to Byakuya.

As for the two books, Qin Yi took a look and lost interest.

The Secret Books were used by Mister Blossom to change his appearance. They were useless to him.

He didn't have to look at it.

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