Supreme Conquering System/C13 Young Man Your Future Is Very Important
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Supreme Conquering System/C13 Young Man Your Future Is Very Important
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C13 Young Man Your Future Is Very Important


The cold wind blew. Cold and lonely!

But Qin Yi was burning with passion!

At night, after an entire night of messing up, Qin Yi asked Byakuya to take care of the corpse of Mister Blossom.

After that, he hastily bandaged the wound on his left arm and returned to his bedroom, putting on his clothes and sleeping early.

That night, he had a dream.

In his dream, he shook the world and looked down at the heavens.

Under the assistance of the Unparalleled Conquest System, he killed strong enemies and turned them into killing points and experience.

He had defeated a True Immortal with a fist strike!

He had slashed down the gods!

He had destroyed the Demon Lord!

Step by step, he ascended to the summit of the myriad realms, becoming Supreme which suppressed the heavens and earth!

In his dream, he had obtained the throne of Unfailing King.

Beside him, there were countless anime characters and novels characters that he was familiar with.

With the help of these people, he crushed everything in front of him and swept away all obstacles!

He conquered all enemies who dared to oppose him!

What First Prince, what Martial Arts Holy Land, what peerless empire.

In front of his invincible army, they were all ants.

The Unfailing Dynasty in his hands became stronger and more prosperous!

With the help of his invincible army, the entire Tianyao Continent was bathed in the glory of his Unfailing Dynasty!

And in the end, even All Heavens and Realms were still subservient to him!

The supreme experts of the various realms were all prostrating themselves at his feet, bowing down to him!

Countless phantom-like images flashed across Qin Yi's dream, as though they were real.

In the end, the scene within the dream stopped in a magnificent and towering hall.

This was a shrine built in the heavens. It was resplendent in gold and was surrounded by immortal qi!

White marble bridge, pavilions, and immortal halls were all standing around the grand hall.

Group after group of cranes, groups of unknown Strange Beast were flying wantonly in the sky…

Qin Yi was dressed in imperial robes and sat on top of the Dragon Throne, looking down on all living beings!

Below him stood his civil and military ministers.

The extremely resourceful and scheming Han Family's advisor, Zhang Liang!

The astute and resourceful counsellor Zhuge Kongming!

The talented Liu Ji!

The tyrannical overlord of the West Chu!

The unparalleled long spear, Zhao Yun the White Robe!

And Han Xin who was like a descendant immortal to the world!

There were even twelve guards in black robes, and Byakuya was among them!

There was also a large group of talented people whom Qin Yi was familiar with or not familiar with, who came from the time illusion!

These were all the support he had gained for conquering All Heavens and Realms!

Around these people, there were countless other shocking deities and immortals who also lowered their proud heads. They even crawled on the ground and kowtowed to Qin Yi!

This was Qin Yi's might!

His gaze moved past the objects in the hall and landed on the outside of the hall.

Qin Yi's gaze was deep as he saw the scene under the sky.

On the ground, countless powerful legions were gathering!

The dragon's might shook the heavens, blotting out the entire universe.

Countless True Dragons were soaring in the sky, some occasionally landing on the ground and taking the shape of human.

These were all troops that came from the Dragon Clan, commanded by Qin Yi!

Demonic Qi soared to the sky. Blue Wolfs howled to the moon and tigers roared in the mountain forest.

Countless Demon Clan Experts whose bodies were covered with dense amounts of Demonic Qi looked up at the sky and their eyes filled with endless reverence, and looked at the shrine where Qin Yi was at.

These were the armies that came from the Demon Clan, an army that could cut through thistles and thorns for Qin Yi!

Demonic qi spiraled in the air, demons flapped their wings, and magical beasts treaded on the sky.

Countless Devil Clan soldiers formed formations under the lead of the Devil Clan Commanders, and waited quietly for Qin Yi's orders.

This was an army that came from the Devil Clan, an army that could swallow the entire world for Qin Yi!

Shape-eyed soldiers wore armor, holding spears, and their faces were brimming with endless worship.

This was an army that came from the Human Clan, an army that could help Qin Yi expand his territory!

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