Supreme Conquering System/C14 Come Come System Let's Have a Talk
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Supreme Conquering System/C14 Come Come System Let's Have a Talk
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C14 Come Come System Let's Have a Talk

He sat high up in the sky, looking at the clouds.

This was Qin Yi's current state!

Anyone in front of him would lower his head to him, even the Heavenly Tao!

Countless goddesses and fairies danced and sang just to please him.

All the enemies in front of him would be annihilated by the invincible army under his command!

Within All Heavens and Realms, I am invincible!

The universe and the earth were my subjects!

An indescribable feeling of excitement surged in his heart.

Qin Yi stood up from his throne and was about to speak to his citizens.


And then he woke up…


Early morning.

Qin Yi lay on the bed, with a look of pain in his liver.

Anyone who had such an experience would be like Qin Yi.

In his dreams, he was almost invincible, but somehow he woke up.

This feeling was like walking into a room on a wedding night, excitedly lifting the red cloth cover of the bride.

Only to find out that you are dreaming, you do not even have a girlfriend in reality!

The two feelings could be said to be the same.

Qin Yi was currently in this state, and he felt at a loss.

Even though it was just a dream, he was already infatuated with that feeling.

He was drunk on the knees of beautiful women, awakening to power!

All Heavens and Realms all submit under his feet!

Immortals, deities, and devils were just his subjects!

He could command all realms, even the Heavenly Tao!

The forces under his command had already spread throughout All Heavens and Realms and every single land was his territory!

A single word could determine the life and death of countless living creatures!

One sentence could determine the rise and fall of all realms!

A single thought could stir the clouds in the sky!

This kind of powerful feeling caused Qin Yi to be obsessed with it, or it could be said that anyone would be intoxicated by it.

The images in the dream seemed to have actually happened before, overlapping with reality and making Qin Yi lost his mind.

The real dream gave Qin Yi a feeling that he had experienced all of these things.

But Qin Yi understood that this was just a dream.

Perhaps, this dream had something to do with the System!

A glint flashed past Qin Yi's eyes, and the strong sense of loss in his heart had long ago been firmly suppressed by him.

"System, tell me honestly. Was last night's dream related to you?"

"Bingo! Host's thoughts are correct. It is a dream that I constructed for you."

"It really is you. Can't you just let me properly act tough?"

The corner of Qin Yi's mouth twitched, and he immediately lost his cool. He did not expect the System to admit it so shamelessly.

When he thought about his dream from last night, Qin Yi was driven mad.

This damn System just can't let me stay in my dreams and continue acting all the pretentious!

If the System had not attached itself to his soul, he would not have hesitated to pull it out and give it a beating!

"Host, you really dare to think about it. The dream from last night is not something that you can obtain just because you want it."

The cold mechanical voice of the system clearly paused for a moment before it spoke with a hint of helplessness.

"What's so special about last night's dream?"

The System's clueless words startled Qin Yi, and he was a little confused.

"Please check for yourself."

After saying that, the System's voice turned silent.

No matter how Qin Yi called out, the System did not answer, only leaving Qin Yi confused who could not figure it out.

"Last night's dream? Dream?"

Qin Yi muttered and thought.

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