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Supreme Conquering System/C15 Hey Husband You're up
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C15 Hey Husband You're up

The System's words had already pointed out that the dream he had the night before was not a simple dream.

It wasn't just a dream to get him to act cool.

Furthermore, the System was not intentionally tricking Qin Yi.

There had to be something the System did not explain and something he did not understand.

Was the System trying to point him in the future through this dream?

No, no, no!

He had never doubted the power of the System.

Everything in the dream, with the help of the System, would eventually come true.

There was no need for the System to go through so much trouble just to create a dream and explain to him.

Then, what did the system not point out?

"Bingo! Host, you have won your first battle. Reward has been sent out! "

At this moment, a system notification rang out.

Reward? Dreams?

A light flashed through Qin Yi's mind.

Last night's dream was a reward.

Moreover, it was a huge reward.

He had already found some clues, and was just waiting to test it out.

If what he thought was true, then the reward he'd received this time was too great.

Qin Yi's eyes burned with passion, so he immediately donned on his clothes, and couldn't wait to go and test it out.

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded from outside the door.

"Husband, I heard that there was an assassin attacking last night, so I came to visit."

Her soft and gentle voice was extremely provocative, exactly the same as Mister Blossom's voice last night!

However, the owner of the voice was not as polite as Mister Blossom and directly pushed open the door and entered.

"Oh, Darling, you're up!"

At the same time, the owner of the beautiful voice revealed himself in front of the door.

A beautiful lady who looked from a poem or painting stood in front of Qin Yi's room.

This woman was dressed in a light blue Palace Dress, and her appearance was exactly the same as last night's Mister Blossom.

This was Qin Yi's concubine in name, Liu Yiyi.

A peerless beauty whose beauty could topple cities and topple nations actually became Qin Yi's concubine.

At that time, this event caused a huge sensation in the entire Yuanjiang City.

Although Qin Yi was a noble prince and born within noble family.

But everyone knew that Qin Yi had been demoted to Yuanjiang City.

Anyone with better eyes could see that Qin Yi was the prince who had been eliminated early in the competition for the throne of Unfailing Royal Monarch.

Even if the Ninth Prince who lost their power had royal blood, he still wouldn't be worth betting on.

Furthermore, everyone knew that the First Prince did not like the Ninth Prince, and this made everyone avoid Qin Yi even more.

One was a First Prince who was rising like sun and had great chance of reaching the peak of the Unfailing Dynasty.

The other was the unsatisfied Ninth Prince who was demoted by the king.

Anyone with a bit of insight would know how to choose.

Old Master Liu cheerfully found Qin Yi and made a marriage with him, marrying the great miss of Liu Family, Liu Yiyi, to Qin Yi.

Furthermore, she was a concubine, not a legal wife!

This made many of the leaders of the forces within the Yuanjiang City unable to understand why Old Master Liu wanted to gather around a man destined to die.

Yes, in the eyes of the masses, with the means of the First Prince, Qin Yi would die in a miserable way within half a year from within the Yuanjiang City.

Even if the Old Master Liu had any plans, it would all end in vain.

It was said that Qin Yi had unintentionally helped the Old Master Liu so that he was able to return home successfully.

The action of the Old Master Liu was just to repay the debt of gratitude.

It was only then that everyone understood and praised Old Master Liu for his scheming.

This Old Master Liu was indeed a fox who once held the position of Prime Minister. He was such a resourceful man.

Qin Yi was someone who was destined to die. After Liu Yiyi married Qin Yi, it wouldn't be long before she would be free.

This action could repay Qin Yi for his kindness, and could even earn a good reputation for his Liu Family.

However, it was a pity about Miss Liu Yiyi's reputation.

This made many of the young elites of Yuanjiang City grind their teeth in hatred.

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