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Supreme Conquering System/C16 An Enchanting Concubine She Really Is
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C16 An Enchanting Concubine She Really Is

The fact that Qin Yi took Liu Yiyi from Liu Family as a concubine could be said to have caused a huge uproar within the Yuanjiang City.

The young miss of Liu Family was the number one beauty in Yuanjiang City. Her name spread far and wide, and was the dream lover of countless people.

Qin Yi was just a prince who had no power.

The marriage of the two caused countless of young talents within the Yuanjiang City who chased for the young miss to hate Qin Yi.

Even in the Mijiang City where the Yuanjiang City was located, there were still people who thought about Qin Yi.

It was undeniable that Qin Yi did a good job in killing himself.

Offending the First Prince and also offending the young talents in Mijiang City, is he not courting death?

To be honest, Qin Yi did not want to lie down in this muddy water.

But Old Master Liu offered a price that he did not want to reject.

Therefore, Liu Yiyi married Qin Yi.


"When I heard that you were injured, I specifically sent Xue'er to see you."

Liu Yiyi pulled Song Xue'er and entered the room. After she closed the door, her attitude immediately turned cold.

The bright smile had already disappeared from her face. It was not as cold as ice or frost, but it was still considered neither hot nor cold.

Qin Yi did not say a word and he was already used to this kind of situation.

In the end, Liu Yiyi marrying him was just submitting to the arrangements of the Old Master Liu.

She herself did not approve of the marriage and besides, she was opposed to it.

But Liu Yiyi was unable to reject Old Master Liu's request, so she agreed in the end.

However, ever since she had become Qin Yi's concubine, Liu Yiyi appeared to be very dignified and proper in front of outsiders, showing her affection.

But when she was with Qin Yi alone, she would feel much colder.

"Xue'er, you're here."

Qin Yi did not mind Liu Yiyi's attitude, but smiled and looked at the lady dressed in the Maidservant clothing beside Liu Yiyi.

"Young Master."

Xue'er bowed and said gently.

As the young miss’s personal Maidservant, she had interacted with Qin Yi more than Liu Yiyi.

And because they had been in contact for so long, Xue'er did not have any antipathy towards Qin Yi.

Sometimes, she even thought that her young master was actually not bad, as he was not as terrible as the rumors said outside.

"Xue'er, there's no need to trouble you. I have pretty much treated the wound."

Seeing Xue'er busily putting down the medicine she carried, Qin Yi could not help but to ask.

"Young Master, you're a man, and you don't know any medical skills either. You're too careless, and it's very likely to treat your wounds badly.

If you do not treat the wound well, it will be bad to have sequelae."

Unexpectedly, Xue'er's small face turned solemn as she said this in all seriousness.


Qin Yi smiled and extended his left arm to be taken care of by Xue'er.

Xue'er immediately took out a tool and carefully treated Qin Yi's wounds again.

For a time, the room fell into silence.

Xue'er was treating Qin Yi's wounds, while Liu Yiyi stood at the side with an absent-minded expression.

Since Qin Yi had nothing to do, he focused and started to study the system.

This way, the only sound that could be heard in the room was that of Xue'er taking care of wounds and flipping through her tools.


Suddenly, Qin Yi gasped.

It turned out that when Xue'er was dealing with his wounds, she had accidentally touched a part of Qin Yi's wounds.

Qin Yi could not sense the pain immediately, and then he screamed in pain.

"Ah, Young Master, are you alright?"

Seeing Qin Yi screaming in pain, Xue'er immediately said, and her hands started to move in a flurry.

"It's okay, Xue'er. No need to be in a rush."

Qin Yi said and comforted Xue'er.

The warm smile on Qin Yi's face immediately calmed her down again.

Just as Xue'er wanted to continue to treat Qin Yi's wounds, a pair of white lotus-like arms took the tools from her hands.


Xue'er was startled, and stared blankly at Liu Yiyi.

This was the first time in a long time that the young mistress was concerned about her young master.

"Don't think too much about it, I'm not concerned about you.

Xue'er did things carelessly. I was just worried that she might not be able to treat your wounds. "

Liu Yiyi held the cloth and carefully bandaged Qin Yi's wounds, not forgetting to explain everything.

"Oh, I see."

Qin Yi looked at Liu Yiyi who wanted to cover herself up, and smiled indifferently.

"What are you laughing at? If you laugh again, I'll tear your mouth apart!"

Qin Yi's laughter made Liu Yiyi's face flush red, and she cried out.

"And you, Xue'er. Do not laugh!"

Then, Liu Yiyi turned and glared at Xue'er who was secretly laughing with her mouth covered.

"Okay, I won't laugh."

The smile on Qin Yi's face froze, and he forced himself to stop smiling as he spoke.

"If Young Master doesn't laugh, I won't laugh either."

Xue'er said with a smile in her eyes, looking serious.

"Humph. Stupid girl. I go back and then take care of you."

Liu Yiyi glared at Xue'er again, as if she was speaking that.

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