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C17 Young Man the System Won't Screw You over

In the room.

Soon, the room was back to silence. Liu Yiyi was currently treating Qin Yi's wounds.

The corner of Qin Yi's mouth held a light smile. Looking at the busy Liu Yiyi, he felt warmth in his heart.

Only, Qin Yi didn't notice Liu Yiyi's gaze, which would occasionally land on him; it was complicated yet confused.

After two months, Liu Yiyi still found it hard to accept her becoming Qin Yi's concubine.

She even felt as if she was in a dream.

Which young girl didn't have feelings for romance, and which young girl didn't have dreams?

They were looking forward that in the future, their husband would be outstanding, tough and mighty.

In Liu Yiyi's eyes, her future husband was not only a hero who reigned the mountains and rivers with his fists.

At the very least, he would need to be a Martial Cultivator with outstanding martial power, or a literary talent good at writing.

And Qin Yi did not look like neither of them.

After observing for the past few months, Liu Yiyi was able to discern that Qin Yi was not as unskilled as the rumors claimed he was. But that’s all.

He had no achievement both in martial cultivation and in literature!

The only thing that could be used was his identity as the Ninth Prince.

Other than this, Liu Yiyi did not see any sign of her future husband from Qin Yi.

Could it be as the outside world had guessed that she would have to wait for Qin Yi to be killed before she married someone else?

Liu Yiyi looked at Qin Yi with a complex expression. Her mind was in complete disarray.

Reason told her that this was the best plan.

However, Liu Yiyi was not that kind of heartless person.

Marry a chicken, be with a chicken; marry a dog, be with a dog. That’s the rule of being a wife.

She was not a wife waiting to see her husband killed.

And Qin Yi was far from her expected future husband.

Liu Yiyi was unwilling.

Suddenly, with a glance, Liu Yiyi saw Qin Yi's confident and unrestrained smile. She could not help but feel shocked.

Perhaps, it wouldn't be bad if he was given a chance!

In the end, Xue'er bandaged Qin Yi's wounds.

Liu Yiyi then left with Xue'er, leaving behind only a gust of fragrant wind.

From start to end, other than their exchanges at first, Qin Yi and Liu Yiyi did not have much else to communicate with each other.

Looking at the back view of the two, Qin Yi sighed.

All the people in the world came and go only for benefits.

Born in this cruel world, Liu Yiyi was undoubtedly a sacrifice in the transaction of benefits between him and the Old Master Liu.

To be honest, he admired this woman with a strong personality.

She looked charming on the outside, but her heart was unshakable.

Not every woman could bear all of this sudden.

Suddenly getting married to a famous good-for-nothing prince.

Even with Old Master Liu's persuasion, this was not something that an ordinary woman could endure.

Forget about it. In the future, I will allow you to live a glorious life!

Qin Yi stood up, and looked deeply at the direction that Liu Yiyi had left in.


Martial Arts Field.

This was a vast field that Qin Yi had created specifically in his residence for training.

As a prince of Unfailing Dynasty, no matter how poor he was, an ordinary person could not compare with him.

The residence where Qin Yi was standing was the best proof.

Moreover, Qin Yi was the supreme ruler and City Lord of Yuanjiang City.

A mansion in a bustling area could take up to an area as large as four to five ordinary houses.


Qin Yi stood quietly in the middle of the field and took a deep breath. At some point, he had been holding onto a fine steel sword.

He closed his eyes to meditate.

He recalled the sword technique, the Heaven Breaking Sword Arts in his mind.

The Heaven Breaking Sword Arts was divided into nine moves. The hardest three moves to master were the last three moves: Flying Star Slash, Sky Crossing, and Scarlet Cloud Thousand Li.

Qin Yi had trained the Heaven Breaking Sword Arts for four years already, but he had yet to grasp the last three moves either. It could indicate how difficult they were.

Then, Qin Yi brandished the Fine Steel Sword in his hand, allowing the Heaven Breaking Sword Arts to wield it easily.

Qin Yi moved quickly, and the Fine Steel Sword in his hand seemed to be releasing coldness.

Qin Yi had already practiced Heaven Breaking Sword Arts more than a thousand times, and he had long memorized all nine moves.

However, the feeling in his cultivation this time was completely different from before.

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