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Supreme Conquering System/C18 A Cool Reward You Deserve It
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C18 A Cool Reward You Deserve It

This time, his understanding of the Heaven Breaking Sword Arts surfaced in his mind.

What he didn't understand before was now clear. The so-called bottleneck didn't seem to exist in front of him.

The Fine Steel Sword in Qin Yi's hand danced non-stop, Flying Star Slash, Sky Crossing, and Scarlet Cloud Thousand Li!

The three moves that Qin Yi had been unable to control in the past were now being displayed naturally as he danced. There was no feeling of stagnation at all and it was only natural that he had mastered them all, as if he had already completely mastered these three moves.

Time and time again, Qin Yi immersed himself in the world of sword techniques. And the sword techniques of the Heaven Breaking Sword Arts became more and more proficient.

Gradually, Qin Yi's sword movements became faster and faster. When he moved, he was like a dragon overturning the seas and rivers.

The entire martial arts field was filled with sword gleams that pierced the eyes.

The fine steel sword flashed, and suddenly it was like a silver snake spitting its tongue out as it pointed into a huge black rock standing on the right side of the field.


The black rock that was stabbed by the steel sword was broken in the blink of an eye. The spider-web-like cracks began to appear on its surface.

"Did I do this?"

At this time, Qin Yi also regained his senses and his eyes opened wide, looking at the fine steel sword in his hand that had pierced into the rock mound stone in disbelief.

Qin Yi had bought the rock in front of him for his cultivation.

The rock was a type of extremely hard stone. If one wanted to destroy a rock with one strike, he would have to reach at least Upper Heaven Stage.

Under Qin Yi's sword strike, it actually broke through the defense of the rock. It could be seen how powerful his sword strike actually was. Impressively, he made contact with the destructive power of the Upper Heaven Stage!

"System, display the operation panel."

Qin Yi could not wait and called out the system.

"Host: Qin Yi

Cultivation Level: Ninth Level of the Acquired Stage

Experience: 100/200

Martial Arts:

1. Green Spirit Art (High Mortal Realm, Entry)

2. Heaven Breaking Sword Arts (Intermediate Mortal Realm Sword Art, Mastered)

Secret Arts: None

Divine Powers: None

Treasure: None

Slaughter Points: 63

Mission: 1. Killing the First Prince of Unfailing Dynasty: Difficult Mission;

Description: As the same Royal Family, the First Prince of Unfailing Dynasty has framed the host multiple times, so the host should kill this bastard to gain its reputation for righteousness.

Reward: Dragon Sword King Tao.

2. Extinguishing Black Wind Robber: Simple Mission;

Explanation: Black Wind Robber has long violated the peace of the territory under the command of the host, so the host should step down and exterminate this kind of vicious person, and should even make the people under his command live in peace.

Reward: One Summon."

"Sure enough, my guess is right!"

Qin Yi's eyes burned with passion as he stared at the Heaven Breaking Sword Arts.

According to the system's classification, whether it was for cultivating sword skills or for cultivating some other kind of Martial Arts, one's mastery of the Cultivation Arts was divided into five levels.

From the entry, it was followed by proficiency, master, perfection, and beyond perfection.

Bearing in mind the moves of the Martial Arts does not mean that you have truly mastered it. Only when the Martial Cultivator is able to display the power of this martial art can he be considered to have leant it.

Yet Qin Yi actually skipped a lot, and he improved the Heaven Breaking Sword Arts directly from the entry level into the master level!

Just how shocking was this!

Even the top geniuses of Unfailing Dynasty would not be able to so shocking!

Just by practicing the sword once, one could step into the master level from the entry level!

If this news were to spread, it would be enough to shake the entire Unfailing Dynasty!

"Of course, my guess isn't wrong!"

Qin Yi muttered, and could not help but smile.

In the time of one morning, the Heaven Breaking Sword Arts had broken through two levels!

This was something that Qin Yi didn't dare to think of before. Even an exceptional genius of the Unfailing Dynasty would not likely be able to break through as easy as eating or drinking!

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