Supreme Conquering System/C19 A Combination of Labor and Liveliness Is the Law of Kings
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Supreme Conquering System/C19 A Combination of Labor and Liveliness Is the Law of Kings
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C19 A Combination of Labor and Liveliness Is the Law of Kings

It seemed that the dream he had last night had indeed improved his mental state and improved his comprehension ability by leaps and bounds!

Previously, when Qin Yi woke up, he had guessed that the reward in the dream created by the System was related to one's mental state.

Although he was no longer in the dreamland, he still had the mental state of seeing everything as ants and being in control of everything.

Because of this mental state, he had undoubtedly raised Qin Yi's horizons by too much.

Correspondingly, Qin Yi's comprehension ability had also increased greatly!

Qin Yi revealed a trace of uncontrollable joy on his face.

In terms of cultivation, he was not worried at all for the System.

As long as he did his best, he would be able to obtain enough killing experience and raise his cultivation.

What he lacked was the comprehension towards the Martial Arts. Although the killing point was useful in raising the realm of the Martial Arts, Qin Yi did not want to spend too many of his killing points on it.

Killing points were extremely precious, and many of the system's functions required them.

This included the recovery of Byakuya's strength and the awakening of the slumbering Senbonzakura. Without exception, all of these required killing points.

Therefore, Qin Yi wanted to accumulate killing points. For the time being, he did not want to spend it on himself.

At this time, the improvement in his mental state and comprehension ability was like a timely rain, complementing Qin Yi's weakness.

Qin Yi was very sure that for a long time, he wouldn't need to spend any killing points on Martial Arts.

This way, the precious killing point could be saved for other use.

Following that, Qin Yi practiced Heaven Breaking Sword Arts a few more times.

This time, Qin Yi's comprehension of the Heaven Breaking Sword Arts did not change too much.

When one reached the late stage of the Martial Arts, breaking through would be even more difficult. Even if Qin Yi's perception soared, he would still not be able to break through in a short period of time.

Time flew. Only when the servants came to call did Qin Yi stop his cultivation.

After lunch, Qin Yi meditated in the study room.

After calling Byakuya, the two of them walked out of the mansion.

Walking on the street, the pedestrians who saw the two of them avoided them and looked at them with reverence.

With a single glance at the two of them, it was clear that they were not from ordinary family.

One was dressed in a white robe, with sharp eyebrows and starry eyes. It was obvious that he was a Young Master with a servant following behind him.

When the Young Master was travelling, most of the commoners would choose to avoid him. They did not dare to confront him.

"Young Master, where are we going?"

Byakuya followed behind Qin Yi. The black robed man giving off an unapproachable aura.

"To Drunken Fragrance Inn."

Qin Yi did not turn back as he led Byakuya along a familiar path.

Drunken Fragrance Inn was the most popular restaurant within Yuanjiang City, and the business of Liu Family, Yuanjiang City.

Drunken Fragrance Inn was most famous for a type of fine wine — Drunken Fragrance Wine. Many Martial Cultivators who came to Yuanjiang City would choose to buy a bottle of top-grade fine wine.

Therefore, the Drunken Fragrance Inn's business had always been one of the supporting business for Liu Family. It was where the majority of the spending of the Liu Family disciples came from.

Ever since he had arrived at the Yuanjiang City, Qin Yi would come to the Drunken Fragrance Inn every afternoon to sit for a while.

He would listen to the conversations in Drunken Fragrance Inn between the Martial Cultivators, and understand some of the changes in Unfailing Dynasty.

Qin Yi's power was currently still weak, and he simply did not have any sources of information.

If he wanted to obtain more information, he could only choose to scout in the Drunken Fragrance Inn.

Drunken Fragrance Inn.

The place was bustling with noise, as countless Martial Cultivators came and left in admiration.

In this place, there were all sorts of people. Many Martial Cultivators would come to the Drunken Fragrance Inn to taste the first grade Drunken Fragrance Wine, whenever they passed by the Yuanjiang City.

This was also the reason why Martial Cultivator from all over the world talked loudly here every day.

It also gave Qin Yi the chance to understand the current situation of the entire Unfailing Dynasty.

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