Supreme Conquering System/C2 What Do We Do If Our Men Are Weak We're Online so It's Quite Urgent
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Supreme Conquering System/C2 What Do We Do If Our Men Are Weak We're Online so It's Quite Urgent
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C2 What Do We Do If Our Men Are Weak We're Online so It's Quite Urgent

"Anyone that insults the young master is my enemy. I will do my best to pave the way for my young master!"

Byakuya’s voice was clear and strong, and his words was filled with the killing intent.

Of course, those words made Qin Yi feel pretty good.

This was his subordinate, whom he would never doubt about loyalty.

"Byakuya, I will definitely kill this First Prince, but not now."

However, Qin Yi shook his head and rejected Byakuya's suggestion.

"Our current opponent is not the First Prince, but the Black Wind Robbers.

The Black Wind Robbers is the largest group of bandits around Yuanjiang City.

At the same time, they also the main culprits that had disturbed the peace and stability of Yuanjiang City.

But who would have thought that the First Prince would blame me for that."

Qin Yi knew very well that Byakuya was out of protection for him to say those words without second thought. However, their main opponent by then was not the First Prince.

"These bandits are truly annoying. They simply do not have the nerve to fight head on with me.

On the contrary, they always took advantage of my absence to rob the villages around Yuanjiang City.

If I could find their lair, I would have taken down all of them! "

Hearing that, Byakuya said angrily. It was obvious that he was still angry with the Black Wind Robbers.

"You know, harassment is what the bandits excel in.

Moreover, Black Wind Robbers was of the best bandits, so they naturally won't fight us head on.

However, now we can take this opportunity to lure them out and destroy them in one go."

Qin Yi's gaze swept across the edict, and a slight smile dawned on his face.

"Young master is the wise one!" Byakuya flattered.

"Byakuya, since you are not familiar with this world, the first thing you should do is to recover your strength.

After all, you are the main force to annihilate the Black Wind Robbers."

Qin Yi suddenly turned to talk about Byakuya's injury.

"Thank you for your concern, Young master. I had almost accustomed to this body. In another three days, I would totally accustom to it." Byakuya replied.

"Good!" Qin Yi was immediately lit up.

He was well aware of Byakuya’s strength. Byakuya at his peak was literally terrifying.

Because after he came to this world, Byakuya’s body was reconstructed, his strength sank to the lowest point.

That’s also why at this period Qin Yi endured all the insults to avoid troubles. He was waiting for Byakuya to regain his strength.

Now he learned that there were only three days left before Byakuya could fully recover his strength, how could he not feel overjoyed?

"However, after this subordinate arrived in this world, I can’t hear the response from Senbonzakura anymore.

Even if I call its real name, I can’t activate its Shikai.”

Byakuya said and shook his head.

"Can’t activate Shikai? Even Shikai can’t work?" Qin Yi frowned and questioned minutely.

"Yes, and my spiritual pressure has also been suppressed to the level of a seated officer." Byakuya nodded slightly as he replied.

"No wonder the System displayed that." Qin Yi frowned and said softly.

"Young master, what displayed?"

Qin Yi's words made Byakuya feel confused.

"Nothing. You could leave me. Take care. I will find a way to solve your problem."

Qin Yi changed the topic.

"Yes, young master." Since Qin Yi did not say anything, Byakuya did not ask more.

Then, Byakuya gave a respectful salute, and in the next moment, he disappeared from where he stood like a ghost.

However, Qin Yi was not surprised. He frowned and called out softly in his heart, "System, show me the interface!"


With a light sound, a square-shaped transparent hologram appeared in front of Qin Yi. This was set according to Qin Yi's habits, so it’s the most comfortable was of operation for Qin Yi.

Furthermore, no one else could see the System hologram except him.

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