Supreme Conquering System/C20 Young Man You Still Have a Sister That Can Topple Cities and Overthrow Countries
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Supreme Conquering System/C20 Young Man You Still Have a Sister That Can Topple Cities and Overthrow Countries
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C20 Young Man You Still Have a Sister That Can Topple Cities and Overthrow Countries

In the Drunken Fragrance Inn.

Martial Cultivators from all over the Unfailing Dynasty had brought news from different counties.

After finding a seat, he asked the waiter for a pot of Drunken Fragrance Wine.

Qin Yi then began to drink by himself, with Byakuya standing behind him.

Qin Yi's appearance did not interrupt the Martial Cultivator's bragging.

Although Qin Yi and Byakuya seemed to have extraordinary statuses, to these Martial Cultivators who were travelling far and wide, it would not affect them at all.

"Have you all heard about the Capital City?"

Just then, a table full of Martial Cultivators chatting caught Qin Yi's attention. The one who spoke was a skinny Martial Cultivator.

"You said the matter in Capital City. You are saying that the First Prince removed the title of the Princess Qingcheng in front of the civil and military ministers.

And the matter of forcing the Princess Qingcheng to marry Wang Lei, the son of General Wang Chongshan?"

A Martial Cultivator at the same table asked.

"Right, right, that's the matter. Right now, it is sweeping through the entire Capital City like a storm."

The skinny Martial Cultivator said while shaking his head.

"What do you mean like a storm?"

The other fat Martial Cultivator, who had obviously never heard of this matter, became interested and hurriedly asked.

"This wine!"

The skinny Martial Cultivator kept his mouth shut and pointed to the empty wine pot in front of him.

"Hahaha, this is a small problem. Waiter, give me another pot of Drunken Fragrance Wine!"

The corner of the fat Martial Cultivator's mouth twitched as he scolded him iron rooster.

However, the thin Martial Cultivator's words had indeed scratched the itch in his heart. The fat Martial Cultivator had no choice but to yell at the waiter.

He knew, however, that this skinny Martial Cultivator in front of him had been staying in the Capital City the whole time. Maybe he knew some unknown secrets.

"Brother Feng, you can say it now, right?"

When the waiter brought the wine over and filled the cups of each of the three, the fat Martial Cultivator impatiently asked.

"Brother Ren, you've asked the right person. I happen to know some insider information about this matter."

The skinny Martial Cultivator took a sip, with his face full of enjoyment, and triggered the curiosity of Martial Cultivator before speaking.

"You know about the Ninth Prince, right?"

The skinny Martial Cultivator said mysteriously.

"I know. Is the Ninth Prince that was demoted to this Yuanjiang City?"

The fat Martial Cultivator nodded. This matter was spread widely at that time, so he had heard some rumors.

"What does this have to do with the Princess Qingcheng?"

The fat Martial Cultivator asked with doubt.

"You don't know about this, right? Princess Qingcheng is the sibling of the Ninth Prince!"

The skinny Martial Cultivator poured another cup of Drunken Fragrance Wine and drank a mouthful in satisfaction before continuing.

"So there's actually such a relationship!" The fat Martial Cultivator suddenly realized.

"Of course it's not only these relationships. Do you know why the Princess Qingcheng would lose her title as a noble?" The skinny Martial Cultivator continued.


"Because of his brother, Princess Qingcheng talked back to the First Prince.

She scolded the First Prince in front of all the officials. At that time, she was truly heroic and did not yield to anyone.

First Prince was left speechless, and he became angry on the spot.

That's what happened next."

The thin Martial Cultivator threw out a heavy bomb.

"To publicly contradict the First Prince, and humiliate the First Prince?"

The fat Martial Cultivator stared and exclaimed.

Now, the fat Martial Cultivator finally understood why the Princess Qingcheng was stripped of her title.

The Princess Qingcheng's title was bestowed by the Old Unfailing Royal Monarch, and was not something that an ordinary person could touch.

But who was the First Prince? The Old Unfailing Royal Monarch was heavily injured, and the first prince was the leader of the imperial court. He could be said to be the future Unfailing Royal Monarch!

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