Supreme Conquering System/C3 Young Man Don't be Afraid You Deserve to Own a Killing Point
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Supreme Conquering System/C3 Young Man Don't be Afraid You Deserve to Own a Killing Point
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C3 Young Man Don't be Afraid You Deserve to Own a Killing Point

When the System hologram first appeared, he thought it was his illusion.

It was only when Byakuya appeared that he finally believed that all of this was true.

After the operation interface of System appeared, he looked at it expertly.

"Host: Qin Yi

Cultivation: Fifth Level of Acquired Stage

Experience: 0/100

Martial Arts:

1. Qing Ling Martial Art (High Mortal Realm, Entry Level)

2. Heaven Breaking Sword Arts (Intermediate Mortal Realm Sword Art, Entry Level)

Secret Arts: Zero

Divine Power: Zero

Treasure: Zero

Killing Point: Zero

Mission: 1. Killing the First Prince of the Unfailing Dynasty: Difficult mission;

Description: As a royal family member, the First Prince of Unfailing Dynasty has framed the host multiple times, so the host should kill this guy for building up his reputation;

Reward: Royal Monarch's Dragon Sword.

2. Eliminating Black Wind Robbers: Simple mission;

Description: Black Wind Robbers have long threatened the peace of the host’s territory, so the host should eliminate those vicious guys and restore the peaceful life of residence.

Reward: One Summon. "

Supreme Conquering System!

This the name of the System on Qin Yi. As the name implied, the purpose of the System was to assist Qin Yi in conquering his enemies, or to be more specific, conquering everything!

The greatest strength of Supreme Conquering System was to summon all sorts of people to assist the host in conquering everything.

These people might come from the anime Qin Yi had seen in his previous life, or even from the novels he once had read in his previous life.

Qin Yi had already seen the profoundness of Supreme Conquering System as Kuchiki Byakuya was summoned by the System.

"Character: Kuchiki Byakuya

Identity: Captain of the 6th Division in the Gotei 13 of the Bleach World;

Cultivation Level: Captain (In Weak State)

Weapon: Senbonzakura (In Deep Sleep)

Skills: Hakuda, Shunpo, Kido;

"Talent: Go Dutch"

Qin Yi's eyes glanced the interface of Byakuya’s attribute, and focused on the state he was in.

"Weak state, unable to perform Shikai. Is this the Heavenly Tao Suppression the System spoke of?" Qin Yi thought about what the System had said before.

When he summoned Byakuya, the Syatem said that because Byakuya originally lived in a world that had a different cultivation path from this world, he would be affected by the Heavenly Tao Suppression.

However, thanks to the System, the suppression was eliminated, but Byakuya’s strength was severely depleted, which meant that he needed to start cultivation again.

That would not bother Qin Yi. Byakuya was a talent and he had cultivated to be a captain, so it would be easier for him to recover to that state.

He was more concerned about the state of the Senbonzakura.

The Senbonzakura was Byakuya’s soul-cutting sword, which had contributed greatly to his strength.

Being able to use the power of Senbonzakura meant a lot for the strength of Byakuya.

If with Senbonzakura, Byakuya could even split mountains or sever rivers easily.

Byakuya without it, though still strong,would lose the terrifying strength that could overturn river and sea.

"System, how can I help Byakuya recover his full strength?" Qin Yi asked from the bottom of his heart.

"Host, there are a lot of ways. First, the killing point can not only raise the host's cultivation level, Martial Arts level, Secret Arts level, etc.

And meanwhile, it can also help Byakuya recover his strength. "

The cold voice of the System sounded in Qin Yi's mind.

"Killing point. You spoke of the killing point for many times. How can I get it?" Qin Yi raised his eyebrows and asked.

"Get from killing. The host can acquire the killing point by taken the life of elites." The System replied.

Hearing this, Qin Yi pondered quietly. From the words of the System, he could tell that the killing point would be extremely useful.

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