Supreme Conquering System/C4 Beautiful and Enchanting Concubine Not Bad
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Supreme Conquering System/C4 Beautiful and Enchanting Concubine Not Bad
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C4 Beautiful and Enchanting Concubine Not Bad

Killing point.

Whether it was for the increase in his own strength or the recovery of Byakuya’s strength, he had to get the killing point.

"How does the System tell that the life I have killed is an elite?" Qin Yi asked.

"Host, please explore on your own." Then, the System stopped answering questions.

Qin Yi laughed bitterly. He did not know why the System always refused to explain the judgement of an elite to him.

Qin Yi was not antagonistic to killing, and especially he had never shown mercy to his enemies.

He had already killed some guys ever since he came to this world. He had once killed a group of bandits on his own.

The group of bandits had ten members but provided him with ZERO killing point.

Even though one of them was at the same cultivation level as him, he still didn’t provide any killing point either.

Could only those Upper Heaven Warriors, the powerhouses whose life had transformed, be considered as the elites?

Qin Yi's face turned unsightly as he knew that challenging an Upper Heaven Warrior on his own was like committing suicide.

Unless with the help of Byakuya, he couldn’t stand a chance to defeat or kill an Upper Heaven Warrior.

Even without his soul-cutting sword, Byakuya should not be weaker than an Upper Heaven Warrior.

Qin Yi's eyes lit up, and immediately asked, "System, if it is Byakuya killed an elite, would I obtain the Killing Point?"

"No." The cold and mechanical voice of the system dispersed Qin Yi’s joy.

"Well, I knew it won’t be that simple." Qin Yi murmured as he was slightly disappointed.

If it were that easy to get the killing point, then the killing point would not be so valuable in the system.

Most functions in the system cannot be activated without the Killing Point.

"Darling, it's late. Why are you still awake?"

Just while Qin Yi was still deep in thought, an extremely soft and pleasant female voice rang out outside the door.

This voice, soft and sincere, was extremely attractive; even Qin Yi’s heart missed a heartbeat.

"Darling, may I come in?"

Outside the study room, the sweet soft voice was still calling out.

"Come in!"

Hearing this voice, Qin Yi's expression remained the same, but his eyes flickered with light.


The door of the study room was pushed open, and a graceful figure entered the study.

Qin Yi slightly lifted his eyelids as he looked at the person who walked over. It was a rosebud young lady.

In a snow-white robe, the wrapped figure was actually perfect. The sexy curve of the hourglass figure was vividly displayed.

When Qin Yi Looking up, there are her delicate face, big soulful eyes, straight nose, and her slightly open cherry lips. What a gorgeous lady she is!

Anyone who saw her would exclaim: Such an amazing beauty!

But Qin Yi's expression was indifferent. He looked at the approaching person without emotion or word.


Upon entering the study, the rosebud called out softly. With her fragrance, she quickly walked towards Qin Yi.

"Yiyi, don't come over." Qin Yi stopped the young lady.

"What's wrong, Darling? Are you detesting me?"

The young lady stared innocently with her big eyes at Qin Yi, which seemingly glistened with tears.

Seeing that, Qin Yi immediately smiled, “How would I detest you? It's just that I’ve caught a cold lately, and I don’t want to pass it to you.”

"How did you catch a cold? Please allow Yiyi to diagnose you."

The young girl immediately exclaimed and was going to diagnosis Qin Yi.

"Hold it!"

Qin Yi bellowed to halt this young lady.

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