Supreme Conquering System/C41 Angry Public Opinion Duty-bound Young Man
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Supreme Conquering System/C41 Angry Public Opinion Duty-bound Young Man
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C41 Angry Public Opinion Duty-bound Young Man

"City Governor Liu is not fit to defend Yuanjiang City!"

"Dog officer, you are not worthy of being the guard of Yuanjiang City!"

"Pitiful as my Ru Hua, she was actually sold by the fucking City Governor to a noble official!"

"No wonder a rapist could commit such a heinous crime. It was the City Governor Liu who acted on his own!"

"My poor daughter, I have no idea where you are going to suffer!"

Without more guidance from the servants of City Lord’s Mansion, the public opinion had completely changed.

The citizens of the Yuanjiang City were already shouting loudly, as if they were crazy!

Especially those parents who had lost their daughters. Some of them even cried to a faint.

The crowd became excited!

Many men of Yuanjiang City were already tightly grasping the tools in their scarily veins-bulging hands,

"Everyone, don't believe it! This is a slander!"

Those soldiers of City Governor's Mansion were also shouting loudly, wanting to salvage the situation.

However, these people weren't blind. They were able to tell what was right and what was wrong.

They had their own conclusion as to whether the First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers' words were true or not.

More importantly, the people had their doubts about the big case half a year ago.

Now, when Qin Yi had helped them unravel it, they naturally would not believe the lies from these soldiers of City Governor's Mansion!

These words had aroused the strong homicidal intent and hatred in their hearts!

"Bastard! City Governor! I can't take it anymore! I'm going to destroy City Governor's Mansion. What a pity that my Ling’er, who was only thirteen, was trafficked by him! "

"Let's go, let's go! Fuck. Given that this Dog officer won't let us survive, I won't let him survive!"

"For my dead family, I will not let this dog City Governor go!"

"The village was fine. But because of this Dog officer, it's ruined, hahaha!"

More and more people gathered on the street. Many men in Yuanjiang City came here as soon as they heard the news.

When they knew what has happened, they were immediately enraged!




The men in Yuanjiang City never lack in bravery, and the boundless hatred within their roars was the best proof.

Everyone's eyes were bloodshot, conveying their intent to kill City Governor Liu!

Never look down on these men in Yuanjiang City. Because people of the Unfailing Dynasty respected martial arts, these men who live in Yuanjiang City could play some martial arts.

Not strong, but not weak neither!

Among them, there were many experts in Acquired Stage, and there were even some at the ninth level of Acquired Stage!

If these people attacked the City Governor's Mansion, which had no Upper Heaven Warrior to defend, they might even succeed.

However, the City Governor Liu was an Upper Heaven Warrior. So, these men would definitely not be able to survive.

"Silence! Everyone."

Qin Yi did not want them to die in vain, so he shouted loudly, and with the support of his Inner Qi, his voice overshadowed the voices of the rest of the people.

Everyone became quiet as they looked at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi's previous actions had won their hearts.

It was because of Qin Yi that they were able to break the City Governor Liu's deception towards them and know the truth.

"Even if you go and succeed this time, you won't be able to escape death eventually. Is it worthwhile?"

Qin Yi's expression was solemn as he asked.

"Of course, it is; how could it not be worthwhile? If this kind of Dog officer cannot be killed by me, wouldn't he feel too lucky?!"

"So, forget about my death!"

"Kill the Dog officer and restore my Yuanjiang City!"

The men of Yuanjiang City shouted, and roared.

"Good! I appreciate your kindness!"

However, this time, leave it to me. I, as the Ninth Prince of Unfailing Dynasty, would not tolerate this person continuing to act however he pleased!

Today, I will definitely destroy City Governor's Mansion and kill City Governor Liu to return justice to all! "

Qin Yi's sincere tone affected everyone at present.

"I vow to behead the Dog officer for a better future of Yuanjiang City!"

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