Supreme Conquering System/C42 The Enemy Is Shy and Goes to Take off His Clothes
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Supreme Conquering System/C42 The Enemy Is Shy and Goes to Take off His Clothes
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C42 The Enemy Is Shy and Goes to Take off His Clothes

"Long live the Ninth Prince!"

"Long live the Ninth Prince!"

"Long live the Ninth Prince!"

The loud voice shook the sky. It was enough to overturn the clouds in the sky!

Countless people of the Yuanjiang City were kneeling on the ground, shouting "Long live the Ninth Prince!"

The people were like this. They would support whoever was good to them and never change!


The sound of the sword resounded. Qin Yi raised his sword high up, with its tip pointing straight to the sky!

"Everyone, I take this opportunity to swear to all of you that I will be no human if I don't kill this City Governor Liu!"

Qin Yi's eyes were deep, and the resolution in his words could not be doubted.

"Byakuya, follow me to destroy City Governor's Mansion!"

After that, Qin Yi lifted his foot and took the lead to rush towards City Governor's Mansion. Byakuya carried the First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers and followed him.

Liu Yiyi looked at Qin Yi's back, with her eyes brimming with energy and vitality. The infatuation in her eyes growing stronger and stronger.

"Everyone from the City Lord’s Mansion, follow me. Help the Ninth Prince!"

Liu Yiyi said to the servants of the City Lord’s Mansion.

Liu Yiyi led the servants of City Lord’s Mansion and quickly caught up Qin Yi.

Qin Yi looked back. Liu Yiyi smiled, and Qin Yi also smiled faintly.

Everything was within the silence!

Seeing that the people from the City Lord’s Mansion had followed Qin Yi, the men of Yuanjiang City could no longer sit still.

"The Ninth Prince is going to seek justice for us. How can we put Ninth Prince in danger?!"

"Everyone, follow me to give the Ninth Prince a hand!"

"Help the Ninth Prince kill Dog officer!"

In the midst of their loud shouts, the men of Yuanjiang City swarmed behind Qin Yi to the City Lord’s Mansion.

Even the young women and children wanted to follow. But they were stopped by the men.

Very quickly, all the people on the street walked out, leaving the soldiers of City Governor's Mansion who were looking at each other in dismay.

"The Dog officer is heartless. Brothers, I will not serve him anymore!"

After a short hesitation, one of the soldiers took off his armor and revealed his plain clothes.

This was a soldier from Yuanjiang City. His father was a villager from Yuanjiang City and died horribly at the hands of Black Wind Robbers a month ago.

The homicidal intent in his eyes was dense to the point that it couldn't be dispersed!

The hatred for murders who killed his father was irreconcilable!

The soldier then chased after the troop with big strides and a spear in hand.

"I’m in!"

"I’m in!"

"I’m in!"

That soldier was just the beginning. More and more soldiers took off their armor and left!

After a short while, only two soldiers that were dressed as officers remained.

"Alas, City Governor's Mansion has lost people’s heart. You and I will disperse as well!" One of the officers whose physique is beyond ordinary person said.

"No, no, no. What do you think of the Ninth Prince that we've met today?" The other valiant warrior looked at him with shining eyes and said.

"His methods are ruthless, and he has the potential to be a formidable person.

Unfortunately, he has no power and his foundation is insufficient. He only has a master called Byakuya. It is not enough to fight with the First Prince! "

The soldier thought for a while and said seriously.

"A formidable person? No. He is my Master of Destiny!"

The valiant warrior's eyes released a shocking light, and he looked straight towards Qin Yi who was walking forward in the distance.

"Do you know why I brought you to this remote city a few months ago and then joined this crappy City Governor Liu's team?"

The valiant warrior turned his head and smiled to the muscular soldier.

"I don't know about that."

The soldier was stunned as he rubbed the back of his head.

"My master once said that the Unfailing Royal Monarch would emerge in Mijiang County!

The chance for the rejuvenation of the Unfailing Dynasty is also within this small city! "

The valiant warrior said with a mysterious smile.

"What you mean is …"

The muscular soldier was shocked. He finally understood why the valiant soldier brought him to this Yuanjiang City a few months ago.

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