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Supreme Conquering System/C44 City Guard Liu Run You're Going to Die
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C44 City Guard Liu Run You're Going to Die

Within the City Governor's Mansion.

Qin Yi led a large group of people and strolled in the City Governor's Mansion.

The City Governor's Mansion was extremely large, and it was one of the largest houses in the entire Yuanjiang City. There were many luxurious stuffs including artificial hills and rivers in City Governor’s Mansion.

It could be seen that City Governor Liu was also a very carefree person with a noble taste. The interior decoration of the mansion was very meticulous.

When he saw the decoration within the City Governor's Mansion, Qin Yi couldn't help but brood over this.

The city governor of a small city could actually own such wealth and family property.

No one would believe that he didn’t commit corruption.

The salary of a City Governor was only a thousand tael of silver per month. In the eyes of ordinary people, this amount of money might be a lot.

But compared to this property, it was but a drop in the bucket.

According to the law of Unfailing Dynasty, a mansion allocated to the City Governor would not be so luxurious!

Such a large City Governor's Mansion was worth no less than hundreds of thousands tael of gold.

Where could such a large fortune have come from? It must have come from the common folk of Yuanjiang City.

The moment the men of Yuanjiang City entered the City Governor's Mansion, they realized this as well, and their eyes all became red.

This damned Dog Officer!

He took care of his own pleasure, deceived the people, and treated the people as if they were not human beings!

He used their daughters in exchange for the gold, silver, and jewelry of nobility. He was hateful, hateful!

A wave of anger instantly spread throughout everyone's hearts!

Qin Yi remained silent and didn't say a word as he took everyone else to slowly walk forward.

Not long after Qin Yi and the rest stepped into the City Governor's Mansion, the City Governor Liu also received the news and rushed over.

"The Ninth Prince, what do you mean by this?"

When City Governor Liu appeared and saw Qin Yi leading the group of people, he was startled.

"City Governor Liu, God knows everything people did. Today, I come to seek justice for the people of Yuanjiang City!"

Qin Yi's eyes turned sharp; his words became extremely unyielding.

"Yes, Dog officer, return my daughter to me!"

"Damn it, Dog officer, return my family's lives to me!"

" The Ninth Prince, you!"

Facing Qin Yi and the rest's questioning, City Governor Liu's face changed.

The situation in front of him had completely taken him by surprise.

In the early morning, he had sent the First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers with several tens of elite soldiers to the City Lord’s Mansion to escort Qin Yi, which was the order from the First Prince.

Why did Qin Yi suddenly appear inside the City Governor's Mansion and bring a large group of people with him?

Could it be that something happened to the First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers?

Just as he was thinking, City Governor Liu saw the First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers was hold in hands by Byakuya like a dead dog.

City Governor Liu's pupils shrank. He was the First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers?

At this time, the face of the First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers was covered in blood. The blood in his broken arm was still dripping, making him look extremely miserable!

He was no more like a high-spirited Upper Heaven Warrior, but clearly like a stray dog!

City Governor Liu frowned. That matter was obviously certain; why did such a huge change occur?

With the First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers’ cultivation and tens of elite soldiers, it was enough to take down Qin Yi.

The result was completely different from what he had expected!

Qin Yi was not captured. On the contrary, he took people to denounce them for their crimes!

The First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers was like a dead dog in the hands of Qin Yi's men, and all of the soldiers had disappeared!

At that moment, City Governor Liu didn't know what to do.

"City Governor Liu, I would like to ask you a few questions!" Qin Yi suddenly said.

" The Ninth Prince, ask away."

Hearing that, City Governor Liu immediately suppressed the panic in his heart and said calmly.

City Governor Liu thought that he should first avoid this crisis no matter what happened.

However, would he really be able to escape this calamity?

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