Supreme Conquering System/C46 Bai Zhan Had Become Very Familiar with This Business
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Supreme Conquering System/C46 Bai Zhan Had Become Very Familiar with This Business
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C46 Bai Zhan Had Become Very Familiar with This Business

One fleet slash!

A Blade Qi, like a three-meter-long white silk, slashed down from the sky, carrying enormous rage, towards the target.

Under his rage, Byakuya did not hold back and used his blade to stab towards City Governor Liu's Dantian!

A man who was on the verge of death actually dared to resist. Did he really think Byakuya was just a decoration?


With a light sound, the Soul-cutting Sword pierced straight through City Governor Liu's Dantian!

The surging Genuine Qi within City Governor Liu's body was like a gush of air, pouring out from his Dantian!


With the reverse flow of his Genuine Qi in his meridians, City Governor Liu felt his feet go flabby and he fell onto the ground, spitting out another mouthful of blood!

Byakuya 's expression did not change. He took another step forward and slashed out once more.

The blade shadows split apart, slashing out with four afterimages. City Governor Liu's tendons in his hands and legs were all cleaved!

Byakuya is an expert at this job!

There was no need of Qin Yi's instructions. Byakuya did not take City Governor Liu's life but merely crippled him.

Qin Yi crossed his arms over his chest and stood there quietly with a cold smile on his face.

City Governor Liu had a good plan, but he did not expect that Byakuya, who worked for Qin Yi, would be so strong.

He didn’t expect that his cultivation would be ruined by a single slash. He did not even have the time to react!


Byakuya lightly landed on the ground. He stepped on City Governor Liu's body with his foot and carried the First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers with his hand. He seemed to be a black-robed God of War that no one could defeat!

The entire City Governor's Mansion suddenly sank into a deathly silence. Everyone was dumbstruck as they watched. City Governor Liu, who was stepped on by Byakuya, was extremely shocked.

If when Byakuya easily defeated the First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers before, people were not much impressed.

That was because although everyone knew that the First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers was strong, they couldn’t estimate how strong he was.

But the City Governor Liu was different!

City Governor Liu was the number one master in name in Yuanjiang City and his fame continued for more than ten years!

For those who lived in Yuanjiang City all year round, the reputation of City Governor Liu was like thunder in their ears.

But now, the City Governor Liu that they viewed to be invincible was easily trampled by Byakuya.

This contrast made them feel that this was surreal.

" Byakuya is mighty. Long live the Ninth Prince!"

" Byakuya is mighty. Long live the Ninth Prince!"

After a while, the crowd burst into cheers.

As long as the City Governor Liu was defeated, everyone would be benefited from that.

Everyone became excited. They had such a strong master and the brilliant Ninth Prince.

The good future of Yuanjiang City was not far off!

At the very least, the criminals surrounding Yuanjiang City will not be a threat to them any longer.

"City Governor Liu, killing people to hide the truth is not a good habit!"

Qin Yi walked to the front of City Governor Liu and lowered his own body. He then smiled and slapped City Governor Liu's face.

" Your Highness, this is equivalent to a conspiracy!

Carelessly humiliating and severely injuring an imperial court official are both heinous crimes that will be sentenced to beheading!

Even if you are the Ninth Prince, you cannot reduce your crimes! "

City Governor Liu's face flushed with anger and awkwardness. Being slapped on the face by Qin Yi like this made him extremely humiliated.

After all, he was the City Governor and he was extremely shrewd. Even now, he quickly recovered his composure and opened his mouth to threaten Qin Yi.

"Hahaha, are you a responsible governor of Yuanjiang City?

You, as the City Governor, exploited your people rather than improved their well-being!

Instead of keeping the city safe for people, you actually colluded with the Bandit to cause a disaster!

You, as a City Governor, did not respect the loyal people. Instead, you wanted to murder me!

These three heinous crimes shall take away your life! "

Qin Yi suddenly stood up and laughed out loud.

His resounding words pierced straight at the weak spot of City Governor Liu's heart, causing him to break out in a cold sweat!

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