Supreme Conquering System/C48 What Should I Do in the Face of Such a Crazy Evil Official
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Supreme Conquering System/C48 What Should I Do in the Face of Such a Crazy Evil Official
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C48 What Should I Do in the Face of Such a Crazy Evil Official


A wail came from beneath Qin Yi's feet. City Governor Liu could no longer bear the pain.

To a Martial Cultivator, the shattering of Dantian was a terrible blow physically and mentally.

Then, he suffered from two successive kicks from Qin Yi and Byakuya, which gave him more torture.

"Your Highness, please spare my little life.

I swear I'll never go against you again.

You can take whatever you want in the City Governor's Mansion, especially the treasures..

I only hope that Your Highness can cool down and let me go."

City Governor Liu endured the pain and said with a flattering look.

City Governor Liu was very generous according to his words, but the reluctance on his face was obvious.

To him, who viewed money as his life, taking his property was tantamount to cutting his flesh!

However, in order to survive, he had no other choice.

A trace of hatred flashed past his eyes as he blinked.

“I will give you this money first. When I find the First Prince and borrow some reinforcements, you will die no matter who you are. I believe that the First Prince definitely can kill you!”

City Governor Liu thought that he had concealed his expression well, but it did not escape Qin Yi's sharp eyes.

Qin Yi sneered, and the homicidal intent in his eyes slowly condensed!

Of course, he would not let City Governor Liu go.

It is necessary to remove the source of the trouble!

Qin Yi was very clear of this logic.

Furthermore, City Governor Liu was an Upper Heaven Warrior. If Qin Yi Killed him, he would obtain killing points, killing experience, and the support from the common people of Yuanjiang City.

Why wouldn't he do this?

Qin Yi indifferently glanced at City Governor Liu, who was begging for mercy. Qin Yi kept quiet and waited for Byakuya patiently.

Very quickly, Byakuya returned with the First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers, and an account book in his left hand.

When Byakuya appeared with the account book, City Governor Liu's face became even paler. His wish to escape went broken ruthlessly.

Qin Yi received the account book and immediately thumbed through it.

As he read line by line, Qin Yi's gaze couldn't help but become sharp and the aura he was giving off became heavy at the same time!

A sense of oppression from Qin Yi caused everyone present to feel slightly stifled.

"City Governor Liu, good for you!"

Qin Yi said faintly as he half-closed his eyes.

City Governor Liu was simply crazy. Qin Yi had really underestimated the City Governor Liu's greed!

"Someone, come!"

Qin Yi closed the account book in his hands and shouted coldly.


Hearing Qin Yi's shout, Liu Yiyi quickly walked to his side.

Originally, the servants of the City Lord’s Mansion wanted to step forward but were stopped by Liu Yiyi.

In fact, Liu Yiyi was curious about the accounts that had infuriated Qin Yi.

"Say it out loud; let the people of Yuanjiang City learn what kind of Dog officer their City Governor is!"

Qin Yi didn't care who came to receive the account book and directly throw out the account book..

"Yes, Husband!"

Liu Yiyi took the account book and turned to the first page. She got angry instantly!

Liu Yiyi finally understood why Qin Yi was so angry!

"In January, 995 of the Unfailing -Dynasty Calendar, the Xu Clan, one of the largest clans in the east of the city, clashed with the Li Clan, one of the largest clans in the west of the city. They sued each other.

The Xu Clan paid five thousand gold ingots for this case, and the Li Clan paid three thousand gold ingots.

The Xu Clan's reward was more generous, so the verdict was that the Xu Clan was victorious!

Confiscated the property of the Li Clan and gained 30,000 gold ingots and 100,000 fine silvers.

Sold eighteen members of the Li Clan and earned three thousand fine silvers.

"In total,38,000 gold ingots and 13,000 fine silvers earned!"

Liu Yiyi enunciated each item on the account book clearly. More sentences were read, more anger on her face !

"In May, 995 of the Unfailing-Dynasty Calendar. forty thousand gold ingots were paid as tribute to the County Governor.

The County Governor was joyful, bestowing 3000 strong soldiers!

With these three thousand elite soldiers, I can do whatever I want in Yuanjiang City, hahaha! "

" In March, 996 of the Unfailing-Dynasty Calendar, I heard that County Governor liked beauties.

So, I invited the Black Wind Robbers to help me secretly abducted the beauties inside and outside Yuanjiang City and offered them to the County Governor.

All women who could be called as Beauty would be abducted.

As long as I pleased the County Governor, I will be able to get promotion and make a fortune."

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