Supreme Conquering System/C49 The Enemy Still Had a Trump Card What to Do
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Supreme Conquering System/C49 The Enemy Still Had a Trump Card What to Do
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C49 The Enemy Still Had a Trump Card What to Do

"In September, 996 of the Unfailing-Dynasty Calendar, I ordered the First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers to massacre the people in the outskirt of Yuanjiang City.

I made the Ninth Prince the scapegoat. This would give the First Princess an excuse to kill him!"

All the crimes were heinous !

Liu Yiyi was already unable to continue reciting them. Her small fair hands were angrily clenched as she glared at City Governor Liu.

The small account book had dozens of pages.

On every page was the crime committed by City Governor Liu!

Playing with the law! Trading people as he pleased! Colluding with their superiors! Trading soldiers! Colluding with the Bandits, plundering the citizens, and framing the Royal Household!

Every single one of those felonies was enough to halt his officialdom and take his life!

There were dozens of such crimes!

At this time, there was no need for Liu Yiyi to continue reciting them. Everyone was glaring at City Governor Liu in rages.

This Dog officer was simply treating himself as the local tyrant of Yuanjiang City, acting wantonly and recklessly!

He never took the people of Yuanjiang City and the laws seriously!

All he could think about was money and power!

"Dog officer, you deserve to die!"

"Pah! Damn it, if I don't kill this Dog officer, I will become a bastard!"

"Kill this Dog officer!"

The faces and necks of the Yuanjiang City men immediately reddened. Their towering hatred could not be concealed at all!

"Shut up, a bunch of Pariah!

I did this for the sake of Yuanjiang City!"

City Governor Liu roared. His pale face displayed traces of abnormal redness.

"Oh? City Governor Liu, tell me, which part of your scandal is beneficial to the citizens of Yuanjiang City!"

Qin Yi stared at City Governor Liu coldly, and his ice-cold intent to kill City Governor Liu was completely exposed.

"I …"

Facing with Qin Yi's question, City Governor Liu had no answer.

"Long ago ,the first emperor of the Unfailing Dynasty prayed for peace and prosperousness of our country!

It is precisely because of corrupt officials like you that the wish of the first emperor has failed!

As the grand grandson of the first emperor, I will fulfill his wish!"

Qin Yi held his sword, pointed it straight at City Governor Liu, and said loudly.

"Your Highness, no, no!

I beg you, please let me go!"

City Governor Liu screamed in fear and struggled under Qin Yi's feet, trying to escape.

But, how could Qin Yi let him escape? With just a bit of force from Qin Yi, his chest collapsed!

"Cough, cough!"

City Governor Liu coughed blood nonstop, and he seemed to be in a dire situation, as he looked at Qin Yi with fear.

Qin Yi's blade was getting closer and closer, and the despair on City Governor Liu's face became denser and denser.

"Your Highness, Your Highness!

You can't kill me!

No, no, you can't kill me!

I have already sent someone to notify the Iron-Armored Army that is stationed outside the city."

City Governor Liu shouted crazily. As though he just recalled that he still had 3000 strong soldiers, and his face revealed a look of ecstasy.

"As long as I die here, all of you will accompany me in death!

Three thousand soldiers of Iron-Armored Army will slaughter all of you!"

City Governor Liu's tone became unyielding all of a sudden, revealing his arrogance!

Indeed, he had the qualification to be so arrogant!

The three thousand soldiers of Iron-Armored Army were all experienced and strong. He had used 40,000 tael of gold ingots to buy them from the County Governor.

Normally, they spent thousands of tael of fine silvers everyday maintaining their military supplies.



Many of the men of Yuanjiang City had their expressions changed as they shouted in rage.

"This is bad! Husband, show mercy!"

Liu Yiyi's beautiful face also changed, and she quickly spoke to stop Qin Yi.

3000 strong soldiers were invincible!

Especially these three thousand soldiers were veterans who had truly experienced warfare. They were indeed invincible!

At the very least, it wasn't something that Qi Yi and his men could withstand!

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